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Slayer class page displays archetype page for slayers.

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How many torcs is too many?

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First jetpack item. Huh.

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So this is my first year at this, and I don't know a whole lot about the voting process, but I notice the more I go along, the more I see item pairing with two items with similar functions/slots. Is that just coincidence, or by design?

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I'm noticing a definitely nonsmall number of alcohol-themed items.

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Honestly, the next anime-themed item I see...


Kain Darkwind wrote:
But mythic power attack...hmm. Do I use +4 damage per -1? Let's assume not, for a second."

Originally, I felt like you were going out of your way to dislike the feat -- and I still kind of do. I agree that the text is hilariously poorly written, but take a step back for a minute and remember power attack -- it's a relatively minor effort to figure this out.

But when I actually started rewriting the feat, I saw something I'd completely forgotten about.

Mythic Power Attack wrote:
In addition, the bonus damage from this feat is doubled on a critical hit, before it’s multiplied by the weapon’s critical multiplier.

I have to wonder what the thought process that lead to this was. Was the bonus damage not good enough? The ability to ignore the penalty for one entire minute too weak? The feat already makes Furious FocusM obsolete. [/cringe]

Warning: Edited Rant ahead:
This paragraph was originally one big rant I decided to remove. TL;DR: Sometimes things just slip through the cracks and I understand that better than some, but you guys are a team! That's got to mean something.

That said, though, to the naysayers, I say: have a little faith. Nobody's perfect and they're trying their best. I'm confident it'll get there one way or another.

My first thought when I cracked open the book, beyond the initial instinct to start making houserules adapting what I don't like to something more in line with my vision, was "Hmm, rules for Mythic Tier 11-20 would make for some pretty interesting deity rules."

Besides that, while I'm overall pleased at the system, some areas are definitely lacking—partly as far as game balance concerns go, some things I hope will be fixed in later revisiions—but also because things that would have been easy additions were omitted. Admittedly those are mostly modifications upon existing rules, but I don't know about you; the first thing I want to do when I'm done making something is figure out all the ways it can be used.