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I know that when you retrain a class level, you loose the class features that are listed for that highest level of the class you are retraining. My question is this, if that class feature includes an object, do you loose the object? A good example is I create a Gunslinger 1 and after playing for several games I don't really like it, so I am going to retrain. One of the 1st level gunslinger class features is Gunsmithing. I know I loose the gunsmith feat, but in that feature it also states that I gain a firearm. Would I not also loose the firearm chosen since it is part of that class feature? Or am I able to keep it and then down the road take the exotic weapon proficiency (firearm) feat and use it?

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I am looking for a program or app that will allow me to track when spell durations expire. The party is getting a lot of buffs and the the encounters have a lot of spell casting involved and as the GM I want to make sure that I am 1) keeping the players honest, and 2) keeping honest myself. I have a lot going on and would love something that I can add a spell to a list with the duration in rounds and just click a button to decrement the duration as well as a some visual or audio indication that the spell duration has expired.

I know I am asking for a lot, but does anyone know of something like this that can help?