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From my read of this, Mark, doesn't this essentially lock in the monk-bard as the ultimate multi-class build?


Oh in what way? It could be pretty effective, if also pretty MAD.

One action to inspire courage (wise sensei's advice), one action to flurry, one action to do whatever is required in the current situation.

This is obviously not for a caster-centric build, but for a battle-bard the two classes seem to compliment each other mechanically nicely. The monk part solidifies the bard as a melee combatant; the bard part escalates the combat effectiveness and significantly increases out-of-combat options.

Not to mention that "occult" seems a natural thematic fit for a monk.

I picture a monk 8 / bard 2 kind of split.

I thought it might be that; flurry+performance is indeed a potent combination. It's also pretty solid for other situations like fist ranger with pet (as someone else mentioned upthread).

Shelyn bless.

Thanks for the help you guys. I appreciate it. I think I get it now.

I have no idea how to calculate it. I've got some ideas though, and I just need some clarification.

Alright. Lets say I have 4 levels of Monk, and 6 of Bard. (Now is not the time to debate effectiveness of this.) My overall BAB would be +7/+2, correct? If I flurry, even if I take no more Monk levels afterwards, it will always add an extra attack, correct? At this moment, that would be three attacks. I have no idea what these three attacks are made at, even before bonuses from feats, strength, and other such things.

Allow me to make an educated guess however. My BAB from monk, for flurrying, is my monk level. So the first attack would be at +8, and then I get an extra at +8, because it works like TWF, and then do I add anything to the third attack? The chart on the monk page implies no, so a third attack at +2? But then, finally, since it's like TWF, I get a minus two on all of these?

So then it's +6/+6+0? Extending this into later levels, confuses me even more deeply...

Another thing I read, but was unsure of, is that the part of the monk's table that calculates Flurry BAB, only applies to a single classes monk, and is to be ignored? This same source went on to say that you simply add the extra attacks at levels 1, 8, and 15, as stated in the rules. Which also makes sense to me. The extra attack at level one being made at your first attack's bonus, the second extra attack at the second attack's bonus, and the third at the third.

Sooo, currently, that would be +8/+8/+3, but then, TWF, so -2 to all attacks... +6/+6/+1?

That second one seems most right to me, with the only major flaw in this logic being that the designers essentially wasted a column in the monk's class, solely to confuse me, I mean make single classes monks easier to understand.

If we take this into later levels, say by taking 4 more Bard levels, my Flurry would be at +9/+9/+4/-1? If instead I took 4 more Monk levels, would it be +10/+10/+5/+5/+0?

10 more Bard levels would net me a Flurry of +14/+14/+9/+4/-1?
10 more Monk levels would get me +16/+16/+11/+11/+6/+1?

It's all very confusing for me, but basically I was planning 4 Monk/16 Bard as the 20 level build. (Again, not the time.) So before Strength, feats, magic weapons, and whatnot, the +14/+14/+9/+4/-1 is accurate? Currently, it would be at +6/+6/+1?

(Edit: Deer Lord. Please, in the name of Erastil, forgive any bad math on my part. That's why I'm asking for help.)