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Hi, it looks like there was a printer alignment issue with my PACG Bard Character Deck. The text and artwork in the deck containing the character, weapon, spell, and armor cards is blurry (it has a certain "printed for 3D" look to it). Only the one deck is affected, but all cards in that deck are affected to some degree (varies from "barely noticeable" to "barely legible").

I purchased it from my FLGS, so do I need to take it back there or is this (preferably) something you guys can help me with directly?

Thanks in advance!

I was a bit bored at work today, and I ran across a comment in another thread about Shark Paladin playable character and thought it sounded intriguing. So, the creative juices (mainly caffeinated beverages) started flowing, and this is what I came up with.

So first off: yes, this character breaks a rule or two. Most notably: you start with your role card. The reason for this is that I wanted to simulate the shape change by having 1 character behave as 2 different but similar characters. Secondly, those who count boxes will notice there's 13 power feats on each side of the role card where there should be 12; this is because I've essentially replaced the role card with a standard power feat (also it's unlucky). Otherwise, I think I've kept it within spec.


Wereshark-kin Paladin

STRENGTH d10 ☐+1 ☐+2 ☐+3 ☐+4
DEXTERITY d6 ☐+1 ☐+2
CONSTITUTION d8 ☐+1 ☐+2 ☐+3
WISDOM d8 ☐+1 ☐+2 ☐+3
CHARISMA d6 ☐+1 ☐+2
Melee: Strength +2
Fortitude: Constitution +2
Divine: Wisdom +1

HAND SIZE (See Role Card)

Your role card is always available; display either side at the beginning of each scenario; if you would gain a Role, gain a Power feat of your choice instead.

Whenever you gain a Power feat, you gain one for both sides of your Role card.

WEAPON 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6
SPELL 2 ☐ 3 ☐ 4
ARMOR 3 ☐ 4 ☐ 5
ITEM 1 ☐ 2
ALLY 3 ☐ 4
BLESSING 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6
Favored Card Type: Armor

ROLE CARD 1 wrote:


HAND SIZE 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6
PROFICIENT WITH Light Armors, Heavy Armors, Weapons

At the start of your turn, examine the top card of the Blessings Deck; if it is Blessing of the Gods, flip this card its Bestial side (☐or banish a blessing).

Add 1 to your (☐Intelligence or) Wisdom (☐or Charisma) check.

You may discard the top card of your deck to add 1d6(☐+1)(☐+2) to your check; if that card was a blessing (☐or spell), recharge it instead of discarding it.

☐Add 1d6 (☐+1) and the Magic trait to your check to defeat a monster that has the Undead trait.

☐When another character at your location is dealt Combat damage, reduce that damage by 1.

☐When you discard down to your hand size, you may recharge up to 1(☐2) cards instead of discarding it.

ROLE CARD 1 wrote:


HAND SIZE 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6 ☐ 7
PROFICIENT WITH Light Armors, Heavy Armors, Weapons

At the start of your turn, examine the top card of the Blessings Deck; if it is anything other than Blessing of the Gods, flip this card to its Shape-changed side (☐or banish a Blessing).

Add 1 to your (☐Strength or) Constitution (☐or Dexterity) check.

For your combat check, you may recharge a card from your hand to use your Melee skill + 1d6 (☐+1)(☐+2)(☐+3); this counts as playing a weapon with the Piercing trait.

☐Add 1(☐2) to your check against a card that has the Animal or Undead trait.

☐When you would discard cards as combat damage, you may recharge the second card instead of discarding it.

☐If you fail to defeat a non-villain, non-henchman monster with the Aquatic trait, you may place it on top of your location.

This is a character I was designing back in December, before wandering off. I had tested it a few times in B/1, and I think I was happy with where I had left off. I have roles (Arcane Theurge and Divine Theurge) in progress, but want to nail down the base character first before moving any farther.

Feedback is welcome.

Althendir, Human Mystic Theurge

STRENGTH d4 []+1
DEXTERITY d6 []+1 []+2
CONSTITUTION d6 []+1 []+2
INTELLIGENCE d10 []+1 []+2 []+3 []+4
WISDOM d10 []+1 []+2 []+3 []+4
CHARISMA d6 []+1 []+2

HAND SIZE 6 [] 7 [] 8

When you reset your hand, you may recharge a spell or blessing.

You may treat your Arcane or Divine check to acquire ([] or play) a spell as either Arcane or Divine.

[] Add 1 to your checks to recharge spells.

SPELL 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10
ITEM 2 [] 3 [] 4
ALLY 2 [] 3 [] 4
BLESSING 4 [] 5 [] 6
Favored Card Type: Spell

SPELLS: Arcane Armor, Cure (x2), Detect Magic, Force Missile (x2)
ITEMS: Codex, Sage’s Journal
ALLIES: Sage, Troubadour
BLESSINGS: Blessing of the Gods (x4)

I purchased the PACG Adventure Deck 2 (Skinsaw Murders) from my FLGS, but they weren't sent the promo cards (Blessing of Zarongel) to go along with it (the distributor's fault, not yours). They've been trying to get the card for me ever since, but I'm starting to think it's never going to happen.

Is there any way I can get my hands on the missing card... other than resorting to ebay?

Secondary question: was there supposed to be a promo card with both the base game and character add-on deck? I bought both at the same time and got only the "Poog of Zarongel" card.