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Darthdavid wrote:
If you mean the same as PF1 or 5e no. But you can easily flavor a fighter as samurai with katana and all.

The option to flavor one up is good. Thank you. I know challenge and its variations are core to the 1e Samurai. I am sure my player will appreciate a more thematic build if feats similar to 1e mechanics are not available. I will go ahead and grab a core HB and dig around.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Yeah, mechanically there is no Cavalier. But creating a Champion (probably Paladin) or Fighter who uses a katana is pretty easy, and will have some very similar thematic stuff available if you build for it.

What part of the Samurai class is important to you, both thematically and mechanically? We can probably suggest build elements to do some of the same stuff.

It is definitely more for thematic purposes than mechanical. I am currently running an underground campaign in 1e and when one of my players offered up the Samurai as a character option, I suggested that the core mounted feats of the class would be difficult in this campaign.

Since I am considering on running the new AP in 2e, I wanted to determine if it's a feasible option still. If I can dig in and combine feats to flavor up one, I think he will be happy with the changes.

Hello, I am looking pretty hard at making the transition from 1e to 2e. Samurai was an alternate cavalier option in 1e. With the way class feats work now, is a samurai "class" still an option.

Pathfinder is very new to me overall, so I apologize for any ignorance buried in this question.