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So funny story- at Origins, we played and there the siege scenario was actually marked as 'A'! I think all but one of our 6 wiped out in it dead. Total disaster. A couple days later we were having dinner at the bar next to where Mike and gang do their 'Origins at Night' podcast, but it would be a bit later. But they started to setup, and Mike saw us there and came over very nice and concerned and said they would be moving some of the gear around but he would make sure they didn't do anything around us, and not to be worried about it.

And I said "Mike, we played Fangwood A yesterday, and I don't think there's anything you could do to us that would be worse."

He immediately apologized said that was a mistake, the scenarios got mixed out of order, etc. But I told him that was fine, we played 'B' and that worked out well - which is what I assume is 'A' now. And even though A was a nightmare we commented that there were a couple completely new people at the table, and they had a great time regardless how it turned out. I do know the volunteer running the PACG stuff said later that she stopped running the siege all together, because everyone was getting completely destroyed. Unless someone asked for it, she was just using the non-siege scenario.

But that was a great moment at the Con, and it was as usual a great time.


I just got the game at gencon, and in the rule book under the 'suggested deck lists' page, Damiel and Feiya's item lists have 'Potion of Lucubration'. The Rules state you can only have 'Basic' trait cards as part of the character deck, but the cards from the Basic set and the Character Add-On sets all have it with the trait 'Elite'.

Is the card Basic, or are the Rules mistaken?