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Okay so first time posting here in awhile, but I've been lurking lately and have a couple of questions for the Alphas.

I know monks are complicated and all and will come later in the development cycle. My question is basically this, at the start of EE you will be able to train one of the four base classes (fighter, rogue, cleric, wizard) and when the new classes come out you will have to...

a. just redirect your training to that new class?
b. there be some kind of conversion process?
c. it's still up in the air?

If it's answer a: redirect your training. What would be the best class to focus on to be the most ready to covert to a monk? I am thinking fighter or rogue but not sure.

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I was just looking over the Sessions of my Pathfinder Society Character’s profile. I noticed I did not get credit for playing in the morning session of Silent Tide for Friday August 15, 2008. I for the life of me can’t remember my GM’s name though. What can I do to get this corrected?

Thank you


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Please suspend my subscription until further notice.

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I hate to cancel as I think you put out great products but please cancel all my Pathfinder subscriptions at this time. Hopefully I will be able to pick them up again soon.

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Well I just bought my first Pathfinder product, RotRL #1 Burnt Offerings. I have been reading through it and the RotRL Players Guide. I really like the world of Golarion and want to play in it. However, I am definitely going to be switching to 4E, so I started to look to conversion. Its not that I don't think a conversion could be done, it can but there are some things I am worried about.

My biggest concern is how will we be able to convert Golarion with the limited classes and new races of the first 4e PHB? We will have no Barbarians, Druids, Bards, Monks, and Sorcerers until who knows when. Also how will we integrate Warlocks and Warlords into Golarion?

Warlords don't sound too hard as they just seem like fighters with more leadership abilities, that shouldn't disrupt the flavor of Golarion at all. I guess Warlocks could be Chelish devil-binders but we don't know everything about Warlocks or devil-binders yet so thats a big maybe, and its probably not a perfect fit.

As far as races.

No half-orcs or gnomes as full race writes ups in the PHB. But will will probably see full write-ups from them in Dragon very soon after release.

I don't know everything about Golarion so I wonder if there are more types of elves. The new 4ePHB Elf seems to fit well with the elves I have seen presented so far in Golarion. So how do we represent Eladrins? Do they have a kind of high elf/wood elf split in Golarion?

Tieflings, I saw a mention of a Tiefling in Burnt Offerings so they definitely exist but I guess its a matter of making them a larger presence. Cheliax seems like a logical fit since they worship Asmodeus, I can imagine some of them coming from there.

Dragonborn, no clue. I would probably just leave them out in all honesty.

Anyone else been thinking about these issues?