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Mindblade Magus 1 | HP 10/10| AC:18 | T:12 | FF:16 | CMB: 0 | CMD: 13| Fort:+3 | Ref:+1 | Will:+3 | Init:+1 | Perc:+2 | Speed 30| DR 2/Piercing| Fire Resistance 5 |Psychic Pool 4/4


Chaotic Neutral



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 9

About Faith-in-the-Rain

Faith in the Rain:

Faith in the Rain
Female Hungerseed Tiefling Mindblade Magus 1
Chaotic Neutral Small Outsider (Native Outsider)
Initiative; +3 Perception +2

AC 18 touch 12 flat-footed 16
+10 Base - +1 dex - +1 Size - +1 Nautral Armour - +5 Armour
hp 10
Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +3

Speed 30 ft


knacks - Spells 4 - Unlimited Casts per Day
Prestidigitation - Create a variety of small but useful effects.
Detect Magic - Sense and understand magical auras.
Message - Send and receive a whispered message.
Mage Hand - Lift a small item.

1st Level Spells - Spells Known 2 - Spells per Day 2
Snowball - Ranged Touch Attack - On a hit the target takes 1d6 per level cold damage (max 5d6).
Grease - Create a 10ft square patch of difficult to move through grease.


Str 16 Dex 12, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 9
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 13

1st - Wasp Familiar - Gain a cat-sized wasp as a familiar.
Bonus Feats
Cunning - Gain +1 skill point per level. Campaign Trait.
Alertness - +2 to Perception and Sense motive. Only functions when Familiar is nearby.

Signature Moves - Gain one item worth 900g.
Born Rider - Gain +1 to Ride and Handle Animal.
Student of Philosophy - Use Intelligence instead of Charisma for Diplomacy (bar gathering information) and Bluff (bar Feint).

Hedonistic - If you fail to make at least 10gp or spend an hour on personal pleasures you might end up fatigued.

Racial Traits
Darkvision - See in pitch darkness 60ft.
Scaled Skin - Gain +1 to armour and Fire Resitance 5
Prehensile Tail - Use your tail to retrieve and use small items.
Vestigal Wings - +4 to fly.
Resilience - Gain DR2/ Piercing

6 per level
Acrobatics - +1 (+1 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill - Background Skill)
Appraise - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill )
Artistry (Design) - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill )
Bluff - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill)
Climb - +3 (+3 Str - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Craft (Tattoos) - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Rank - Class Skill - Background Skill)
Diplomacy - +7(+5) (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skil)
Disable Device - +1 (+1 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class)
Disguise - +0 (+0 Cha - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Escape Artist - +1 (+1 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill )
Fly - +5 (+1 Dex - 0 Ranks - Class Skill - +4 Racial Bonus)
Handle Animal - +0 (-1 Cha - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill - +1 Trait)
Heal - +0 (+0 Wis - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Intimidate - -1 (-1 Cha - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Arcana) - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Engineering) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Geography) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (History) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Local) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Nature) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Nobility) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Planes) - +7 (+3 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Religion) - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Linguistics - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Perception - +2 (+1 Wisdom - 1 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Perform (Dance) - +1 (+1 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Profession - +1 (+1 Wisdom - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Ride - +6 (+1 Dex - 1 Rank - Class Skill - +1 Trait)
Sense Motive - +1 (+1 Wisdom - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Sleight of Hand - +1 (+1 Dex - 0 Rank - Non-Class Skill)
Spellcraft - +3 (+3 Int - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Stealth - +5 (+1 Dex - 0 Rank - Untrained Skill - +4 size)
Survival - +1 (+1 Wisdom - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Swim - +3 (+3 Str - 0 Ranks - Class Skill )
Use Magic Device -1 (-1 Cha - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Languages English, Infernal, Draconic, Celestial, Spanish, French

Combat Gear Darkleaf Lamellar Armour with Armoured Kilt (+5 AC, +3 Max Dex, ACP 0)
Other Gear
|Funds 160gp - 0sp - 0cp

Special Abilities

Spell Combat - Cast a spell in one free hand and attack with a weapon in the other, both at a -2 to hit.
Psychic Pool - Gain Int +½ level in points. These can be spent to summon a light weapon (1 point), one-handed weapon (2 points) or a two-handed weapon (3 points) indefinitely as a standard action, and the points are returned once the weapon is de-summoned. These are +1 weapons, and gain an additional +1 at 3rd and every 3 levels thereafter.

With a name like Faith-in-the-Rain, the kind given by kind by possibly stoned parents, it is not too surprising that her skin tone is a sky blue. This has long since been added to with patterns and markings of white. Her hair is a long shock that tumbles down her back in whisps and waves, sometimes nearly reaching the ground. This is not hard, as Faith is only 3ft 5 tall, although all things considered a lot of people forget that..

The white tattoos flow down the right side of her face and neck, along her shoulder and upper torso down her arm and across her right shoulder and side, twisting around her hip and down her left leg and foot, making an impressive journey along her form (especially for those who get to see them in their entirety).

Her eyes are also a pale, almost milky white, and her tongue is almost azure. Interestingly, it also has a silver stud in it, as do her long, almost Elvine ears,with alternating stones of obsidian and Lemon Quartz. Her finger and toenails are a deep blue as well,although she often paints them in other shades as she wishes.

Her shoulder are a little wider that one might expect, and the small wings seemingly made of azure crystal protrude from her between her shoulder blades. Her favoured clothes tends to be simple backless dresses. Notably, she doesn’t bother wearing shoes - when you can grind glass beneath your heel as a party trick and most of the shoes in your size tend to have cartoon figures on them there isn’t much point.

Faith’s voice is at the higher end of the mezzo-soprano range and she talks with a mild accent that’s annoying to place, being a mix of several British dialects. She tends to keep clean, using Prestigidigation when needed to do so, and often smells softly of cherry soaps and perfumes.

Faith’s nature is one of defiance. She has refused to obey, to follow the rules, to be what anyone or anything expects of her - and that includes her own blood, the very nature of her being. Her blood screams for her to seize what she wants, to take what she pleases and to subjugate anyone in her way, but instead, she’s unfailingly polite, keeping calm and working hard for what she wants.

And she only subjugates those who ask nicely.

Although she often comes off as a little odd, dreamy and flighty, to those who only know her on the surface, she tends to prefer to follow her head to her heart when making decisions. Her heart tends to go for the option that’ll cause problems, after all.

Once trait she does share with most of her extended ‘family’ is a lust for life and a desire to enjoy herself. She enjoys succeeding at the things she turns her hand to, and enjoys the spoils. She is rarely one to save her coin, figuring that anything could happen tomorrow, but tends not to waste it either. It either goes on things she needs or experience she wants.

It’s also worth noting that it is a truly terrible idea to cross her, as she keeps notes, is extremely patient, and is well versed in the Calistran ways of revenge. Making negative comments about her heritage is rarely a wise idea unless you want to spend a great deal of time working out how a hornet’s nest ended up in your bathroom, rigged to become ‘mildly upset’ during your next shower.

She is notably fond of her closest friend, Flicker, a cat-sized wasp that was a gift from her Goddess.

Born to a Halfling mother and, one must assume, an Oni father, Faith-in-the-Rain grew up with the struggle most of the Hungerseed face – the urge to dominate, demand and bully their way through life with main strength. This would probably work better if you are not a Halfling sized child with white fluffy hair woven with flowers. It is amazingly difficult to intimidate you foes when you barely reach the knee, and also look adorable.
Perhaps because trying to pretend to be an all-powerful outsider simply wasn’t possible, or perhaps because of her mother’s down to earth, pragmatic Faith quickly learned that it was far better to keep a clear head and work hard if you wanted something rather than trying to punch out the teeth of whoever owned it and taking it with a roar of victory.
The punching out of teeth was better reserved for when they deserved it.
As she grew into a young woman it was clear that her taste for revenge was almost divinely inspired, and some of the things she did certainly seemed to require holy sanction to pull off. Especially the time she put alchemist’s ice in an Ifrit’s shampoo for making fun of her hair. It did not come as a shock to anyone when she joined the Calistran faith. Some were slightly more surprised when she was adopted by a giant wasp she named Flicker, on the other hand. It was a clear sign of her Goddess’ favour.
Still, the hunger and drive to attain was deep within her, and while she learned to not give in to the easy path and the desire to simply force her way down that path, the urge to travel it never ceased. She simply did it her way, staying in school and getting good grades and qualifications. She went to art school rather than focusing on something more ‘useful’, as her grandparents wanted, but still made the idea work by opening a tattoo shop. Of course, the first person she made a tattoo for was herself, and while there were a few bits she couldn’t do easily, with enough practice Mage Hand is pretty useful.
As much fun as it was to tattoo people with her designs, however, there was always that drive from her blood and bone to do more. As with many beings with magical blood, she was able to tap into it, although only picked up a few simple spells like Mage Hand while in College, nothing big. Unlike many of her fellows this wasn’t a simple or natural process, but a dedicated training when she was able to do so. When time and money allowed.
Her emotions boiled at this – it would be so much easier to simply seize the power laying in her blood, to force the world to bend to her needs and her whims – that it took some time to learn spells. But it did come with a benefit, in that so long as she could keep her emotions in check she didn’t need the usual accoutrements of a spellcaster – no speaking, no movements, no foci.
She even learned, through trial and error, to form a weapon from the depths of her own mind. The larger the weapon the more strength of mind it took to create, and for a while it was horribly unstable. Once again, the urge to simply take a weapon was hard to resist, but Faith was never one to bow to the impulses of her nature. At least, not without some thought. Eventually she could make her magic hold the image of a weapon, and it was far sweeter than simply grabbing one could be.
Now, however, the itch was back. She had her own business – small though it may be – and she had learned basic magic and fighting, although the fighting seemed to come quite…naturally. And there was always bills to pay and loans to pay off. It would be nice to have more cash for the finer things in life. So Faith-in-the-Rain began to look at adventuring…


Flicker Mauler Giant Wasp Familiar
Tiny Chaotic Neutral Vermin (Animal, Vermin)
Initiative; +2 Perception +6

AC 18 touch 15 flat-footed 13
(Base +10 - Size +2 - Natural Armour +3 - +3 Dex)
hp 5
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2

Speed 30 ft (fly).
Melee Slam +0 - 1d4-3 damage.
Ranged - Fire Blast - +2 - 1d4 damage.


Str 3Dex 16, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha, 2
Base Atk +0; CMB -4; CMD 10

Mauler’s Endurance - +2 HP per level.

Racial Traits
Poison - Sting inflicts a Fort save posion, target is sickened 6 rounds, 1 save per turn.

Special Abilities

Alertness - Grant the familiar’s master the Alertness Feat when within arms length.
Elemental Manifestation - Throw a fire-based touch attack that does 1d4 damage, increasing by 1d4 every three levels of the master. Takes 1d4 rounds before it is usable again.
Empathic Bond - Share a general sense with its master within 1 mile.
Share Spells - A caster can cast spells with a range of You on there familiar.