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Erik Mona wrote:
We'll get to ALL of them eventually. From here on out the mixes are pretty random.

I wish they would be released more along the lines of the existing adventure paths so we can use them in our current campaigns.

I'd drop the money for a replacement set of cards.

1. Card states that for the combat check you roll strength melee (which is d10 +3) + 1d8, since the rules state you can only play 1 card type per check, you just get the 1d10+1d8+3 (if you don't discard it)
2. You can only use the longsword for your combat check. So any time you roll for a combat check you can use the longsword. You can't roll for other people's combat checks. But you have your power that gives them 1d4 for their combat chec,k.

If you encounter a monster on another player's turn (i.e. goblin raiders barrier) then you can use the longsword for your combat check when you are forced to encounter a goblin (in this case).

Dear Mike,

Dude you could make bank if you had some "side quests" adventures that utilize content on the books (i.e. no new cards), but maybe some short stories with PDFs you sell so we can print Scenarios etc.

I've been printing user generated content like mad and love playing this game with my buddies. But seriously we've "leveled up" 3 different parties. We're content starved and once every blue moon ain't gonna cut it.

My experience has only been with 3 or 4 players max and so I feel like I miss out on lots of locations that only enter play when you have 5-6 players.

So if you could go ahead and get those TPS reports to me ASAP that'd be great mmmmkay? And I'm going to need you to come in on Sunday too.



h4ppy wrote:
What this game needs is a wiki ;)

Srsly, the FAQ on the Paizo blog is not intuitive or organized properly.

TClifford wrote:
As has been stated a number of times on here, you do not copy that part of the blessing.

Unfortunately it really should be stated on the card.