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Kirth Gersen wrote:

who looks like he'll be very lucky to live another two, is a statistically overwhelmingly greater risk. I would think that, for a reader, a 0.01% chance vs. a >50% chance is probably significant enough to influence their decision.

Wow, ummm ... just cause he's overweight? There's alot of overweight people in the world ... and some of them just might live longer then another two years.

If you're not happy by all means switch to another series - there are quite a few out there that are awesome. Give him a break - each of his books are the size of a trilogy from one of those other series.

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Cthulhudrew wrote:

One of the big disappointments to me with another game was a promised VTT that never materialized.

And never will now, according to the broadcast I just got from Wizards.

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Looking to start a group in Las Vegas (Buffalo/Alta area)for friday or saturday evenings. I'm up for just about anything;

D&D (any edition)
Dragon Age
Song of Ice and Fire
Mutants & Masterminds or DC
Warhammer (2nd or 3rd)
Unisystem - All Flesh, Buffy etc ...
Savage Worlds

You name it, I'll play or GM (if I have it)!

Top of the list would be
Pathfinder - closer to beginner's box then core.
Dragonlance Trilogy Campaign - 3.5, Pathfinder, or Castles & Crusades.
2nd Edition Ravenloft campaign.
Savage Worlds Slipstream or Solomon Kane.

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Anyone find a form-fillable version of the bb sheet?

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lonewolf-rob wrote:
Hero Lab for the Pathfinder Beginner Box is being finished up now, so unless there are any major last-minute surprises, it will be out before the weekend.

Awesome news! Is it using the same character sheet layout as the full Pathfinder rules when printed, or one closer to the Beg Box?

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Skywaker wrote:

0one Games has also just released Fangs from the Past which is designed for use with the Beginner Box only. It follows the same formatting for monsters, refers only to BB material etc:

Looks very cool.

That's cool that some Beginner's Box adventures are being written. I love the BB and how it makes me feel like when I first opened the Basic D&D Red Box set.

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
It really did not work well for TSR. Spliting the player base into diffent groups lead to the downfall of TSR.

Not so much, it's more likely the splitting into a dozen different settings did this as Basic was around for close to 20 years before TSR went out. If it was Basic's fault, TSR would've been in trouble alot earlier I think. I started with Basic in 1980 and bought stuff for both games. It was pretty easy to use stuff from both games in your campaign.

For me, I use a basic Pathfinder - I strip out the tactical combat stuff. If I want tactical I'll play 4e. I take out AoO and maps. Combat becomes much quicker, especially with the CMB and CMD. Players spend alot less time worrying about where they're moving to and just attack.

This doesn't speed up character generation, but after the pc's are made, the game plays pretty quick. I like the options at PC gen that Pathfinder has and don't really want to change that part for my home games.

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I think this is a cool addition, alot like the Dragon Age computer game. I don't know if (1) I'll get a chance to GM this soon or (2) How many of the player's I'd have would go for this option, but I really like it's inclusion as an option and I hope to see more of this kind of thing in the future.

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bodrin wrote:

My creature suggestions!

IIRC there was an 80's film titled "The Stuff" about a sentient ooze that was discovered underground which tasted delicious and was eaten in all kinds of "Stuff" products but actually consumed the consumer. Imagine the horror of a sweet dessert finale of a fine banquet being the downfall of a plucky hero!
Sentient oozes just reek of malice.

Oh wow! I haven't thought about that movie in years. My buddy and I rented it probably sometime around 88 or 89. That and "Deadly Friend". HAHA I may have to track down a copy of that one to see it again!

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David Witanowski wrote:

Been going through a lot of my stuff recently, and came across four of the old Dragonlance Saga graphic novels adapted from Dragonlance Chronicles by Roy Thomas and Tony DeZuniga. I frankly kind of prefer these to the newer Devil's Due graphic novels, and the art in the two Dragons of Winter's Night books that I have is really quite breath-taking.

I know there's a fifth volume out there somewhere that completes Winter's Night (that I can't afford to buy!), but does anyone know if there was ever any covering the events of Dragons of Spring Dawning? And if not, what happened with this venture and the people behind it?

No, Spring Dawning was never made, not until the new ones by Devil's Due. I don't know why they were never made though.

I do like the new GN's but the old ones were awesome, I was lucky enough to get all 5 when they came out.

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I look forward to retirement and being able to game like when I was a kid! They'll have to pry the die out of my cold dead fingers!! lol I don't care if I have to sit there in a diaper, as long as I can throw the dice I'm rpg-ing!!

I look forward to seeing the game, I haven't gotten to try it out yet.