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Someone sounds dissapointed with their book sales... I'm certainly not. Also,

Sprays Hesitia with booze

Nobody trusts a human that smells like rum.

Excerpt from the Biography of Enrol-Dur, First Emperor of Golarion, Eternal President of the Democratic People's Republic of Kamelot, Treasurer of the Enrol-Dur Fan Club

Part 2

For those of you keeping track this is also where I recovered the second of our kingdoms beloved Shambling Mounds; Yang Yang to later be met by its mate Lun Lun. Alas, however fierce and awe inspiring these magnetic moss mounds may be, they were not the source of the Abbey's woe. That surprise was reserved for the basement.

During moments of nostalgia, or unintended telepathy, some of my companions would reminisce about an attack in the woods. Anyone who is familiar with the Stolen Lands knows that lights in the dark aren't always a boon. The alien monstrosities that make this cryptic warning work took refuge beneath us. Will-o-wisps feed on fear – they would starve faster than kobold in a people-only tavern. While the queen mocked their attempts to subdue us, I resumed my search for truth or danger. You'll rarely find one without the other and my luck was no different.

Hidden between the distilleries and the planes was the reason this place ran foul. Whatever it had been in life was less important than what floated unseen by my allies. Worse, it profaned us all with utterances resembling magic. I would not give this undead the satisfaction of discorporating beneath true magic. I left my material form and confused allies to greet death with dagger and fist.

This grotesque being could not make me submit to its terror. And since this is a tell all story, let me just say...I've fought better with less. The creatures mad keening permeated the ethereal barriers. Lord Marshall Gayle was practically broken from my sudden departure; wailing, succumbing to her feminine frailties, blindly searching the air for any signs of my survival. Only when I reemerged did the queen and her subjects cease their lamentations and quell their fear.

Golarion would once again taste the fine product of White Rose Abbey, ectoplasm free. Your welcome.

Excerpt from the Biography of Enrol-Dur, First Emperor of Golarion, Eternal President of the Democratic People's Republic of Kamelot.

...And as a special treat for all you wine enthusiasts in the realm, let's recall the founding of our Kingdoms most prominent vineyard.

High off being greeted as the liberators of Pitax (and the inspiration of many popular songs, books, and theatrics: Artemis Get Your Gun, Hestia's War and Pieces, Queen Astin's #1 single I'm a B**~+, I'm a Lover) we continued to spread civilization amongst the Glenebon territories. News of our heroic deeds preceded us as the beasts, the bandits, the terrors of the land parted and acquiesced to proper rule. But despite the glory we spread to the people, rebellious elements of dead tyrants took hold in a dilapidated winery.

While my precocious colleagues debated the best way to ascend the natural fortifications of the White Rose Abbey, I had already begun accessing its value to the Kingdom. Pitax spent many years wasting and degrading it's people's by letting opportunity languish and die. I would not let such petty attitudes infect my progressive reign.
We approached the entrance with sword, shield, and guano when fate brought us a strange cigar wielding twist. A creature half monk, half man, half monkey advanced from the shadows. He warned us of dire foreboding plots set in motion by a man whose head and crown rested in a burlap sack. Before the beast could even tell us his name, veiled warriors burst from the building surrounding the Queen and her body guards.

Doom was certain... were it not for my masterful action. One should not attempt such feats without the proper skill and training, but my natural aptitude for shaping the arcane to my will had carved a purifying mist amongst our enemies. They fell choking on their own treachery and foolishness at not embracing our offer of surrender. But one cunning opponent found safety along the rafters of the Abbey.

Some novelists portray this lone warrior as a gnome, a legendary creature of fiction, though this interpretation is mostly relegated to children's editions. In truth, this man was far more dangerous than poetic license would allow; a lycanthrope sought our lives.
He thought himself protected while launching arrows from his rats nest. However, before my companions could recover, the prophetic primate cleared friend and foe in a single leap to join the fray. Beast-man clashed with man-beast. Unable to stand against the flurry, the Abbey's last living pest fell to my feet...but not my mercy. Unscathed, unphased, and uncaring for this abomination - I returned him to dust.

After a more proper introduction our friend's name, pronounced in his foreign tongue as “Bruce”, was translated into the common language as David. Before we could claim victory though, we needed to discover the real mystery of the Abbey's ruin.

Part 2 coming soon...

This one time at OMG what have we done camp, we gave an artifact sword, posessed by an overwhelming urge to turn its weilder into a nigh unstoppable homicidal barbarian warlord, to our barbarian.

Fortunately, the 3 Giant slugs we were fighting on the ground didn't give us too much trouble while we were preventing the barbarian from giving our queen a c-section.

June 30th entry Campaign Journal

Permamamcy arcane sight on yourself and make the GM's head explode.

Fresh out of combat, heart racing, wounds bleeding, and a little constipated (anticipation always gave him GI problems), Enrol's mind races to determine any necessary escape plans.

Dammit, not the king - imposter - diversion - okay, was always a possibility. Irrovetti's smart, he wouldn't have told wardens outside his immediate guard that he wasn't really here, too dangerous. Anyone in this tent is either dead or of a different persuasion.

No reason people wouldn't buy the foiled assassination story.
Keep king secluded, possibly wounded and needing recovery. No interaction, no active divination around Ganon.

Take indirect control of Pitax?
No, forces Irrovetti into open and could garner sympathy for setting trap on us.

Continue with charade?
No, allows the king to plan from the shadows or even reveal himself here. Too unpredictable.

The only edict we could possibly get away with would need to be quick, lots of witnesses, and have no possibility of granting Irrovetti allies.

Que Maniacal Laughter.

Reveal the "real" reason Irrovetti hosted this get-together.
He's a desperate despot, pushed to extremes for money.
Capture the nobility and champions, kill, ransom.
Queen of Kamelot will have none of it, fights through charmed wardens, goes in for the killing blow before the king narrowly escapes.

No one will believe him.
We come out as the saviors again.
The other river kingdoms either help us execute Irrovetti or turn a blind eye.

I love my job...

*Summon Inevitable*

Crush this thread please.


psionichamster wrote:
Inside, Enrol could detect the missing magic items, but first they had to get through the Worg pack, remaining pixies, and Perlivash.

Small correction. Enrol was absent for this encounter due to crafting and the overall belief that sleeping in a castle was the better choice than camping out.

Serisan wrote:
Enrol-Dur wrote:
Fleshworm infestation (UM 220), 40 minutes to prepare this spell? It looks very useful, I just don't see this prep time component on any other spell in the section or in previous books (only did a quick look). Seems like an arbitrary, or mistaken, addition since there are a few other spells that are more heavy handed and worth balancing.
I think it's intended to balance out the fact that only Dispel Evil, Limited Wish, Miracle, and Wish can remove it before its duration expires. The spell is pretty heinous, so the removal restriction can be crippling.

I agree that the spell itself is awesome and needs a certain drawback, my beef is more with seeing this particular way to balance used only once throughout the entire book.

Fleshworm infestation (UM 220), 40 minutes to prepare this spell? It looks very useful, I just don't see this prep time component on any other spell in the section or in previous books (only did a quick look). Seems like an arbitrary, or mistaken, addition since there are a few other spells that are more heavy handed and worth balancing.

Turin the Mad wrote:
psionichamster wrote:

@Turin: not too worried about just confiscation of the books. They know the results for that would be un-good.

Plus, Ganon is actually very lawful & pro-Kamelot.

I shudder to think that, as party treasurer, a crafting caster with a crafter caster "cohort," he may be able to actually afford said book o' doom.

Meh, maybe I'll get lucky on Sunday...


Well, I can deal with higher ability scores better than quite a few of the magic items in that price range ...

whether or not we can afford those items, or to craft them ourselves, depends on how much time we are given before we become aware of the eventual ticking time bomb scenario. Becoming stronger and more optimized is becoming a product of the group's in game length of time (years spent refining tactics and weaponry) rather than the random group of adventurers that can immidiately anticipate each others actions and necessities(from an experienced group of players). Plenty of us are invested in the well-being of kamelot, but even if we might suffer catastrophe from "confiscating" a certain item now, that doesn't mean it will be impossible forever (+212 loyalty checks and a 121 control DC). I like a challenge, overhwhelming and near death encounters especially, but I also like to win. Time is Mr. Hamster's enemy in this instance and I would be a terrible NE Wizard if I didn't use and abuse it. Besides, as a player I would more inclined to see the in game response to handing out fish command tridents and apparati of the crab to kobold armies than I would getting some boring tomes and manuals for free.

New major items available , used a very nice item roller.

+3 huge sized heavy steel shield
rod of cancellation
+3 large sized light mace
ring of wizardry I
+5 medium sized longspear
manual of quickness in action +2
amulet of mighty fists +4
tome of leadership and influence +4

Day 27 Project -Weapon of Mass Deliciousness-

Shell is near 50% completion; will begin to draw up figures for enchanting face plates. As is the brain is still too vulnerable within its neccessary casing. Coupled with the regenerative outer coating defenses should be sufficient. Besides, anyone stupid enough to get that close will find life as paste unpleasent. Note to self: don't be that wizard who writes down detailed plans on weapon weaknesses for others to find.

Henchmen #923 : Excuse me sir, I was taking a look at your numbers and found a way you could finish the golem in half the time.

Hmm...very nice...have you told anyone else?

Henchmen #923 : N....

Excellent, 4 months of paid vacation.

Enter the king

King: Eww, what did I just step in?


King: Mkay, Hestia said dinner's at seven.

Sigh...swamp moose.

Reflex saves in limited circumstances are also about the outside variables beyond your own numerical skill level. That 100ft slab falling on you might get knocked off center and not completely crush you (representing a successful save). However, that might not save you from suffocation later on. The "everything gets a save" rule is merely a way to streamline instances that the DM might not want to thoroughly explain if characters survive, merely that they did and the fight goes on.

LazarX wrote:

I think a VOP monk is perfectly suitable up to level 12 in a campaign that's a match for PFS play. If the campaign is of higher magic level than that, then it becomes more problematic. Again, like I've said not every archetype is equally suitable for all campaign styles, just like not every tool in a toolbox is for every type of repair.

You could say that about any class though, even if it's unanimously accepted as a bad choice. The GM could tailor an adventure to better suit the monk's shortfalls, I just think that a variant that seemingly requires this extra effort needs to be rebalanced. I suppose if no changes are made then I'll look forward to using it within the adventure paths for the best evidence.

Apologies if this was already covered in the thread.

I more or less expected a toned down rehash of the vows within the Book of Exalted deeds. An ealier point was made that making a sacrafice of wealth just to get some abilities of equivalent power wasn't really a sacrafice to begin with (role play perspective definitely, certainly not combat stats).

The BoED did just that in their vow of poverty, but at the same time made sure the monk didn't die constantly after level 6. Having non-magical simple items and 1 of any value (as long as it is not sold) seems more likely for what was intended. Having played several monks, including one with the BoED vows, the trade-off paizo has made for an extra ki point per 2 levels does not seem viable at all for play beyond level 10 (that's being generous). Unless your creating a straight healing variant, which I believe is what's recomended in the pfsrd, even 2nd or 3rd tier combat viability is reduced drastically.

Edit: Perhaps the GM could inlcude legacy item rules concerning the improvement of the item as opposed to the "wizard" enchanting it out of the party loot or pure generousity.

Excerpt from the future Autobiography of Enrol-Dur (Assuming no stupid time paradoxes)

...the grandest festival in all the River Kingdoms! Deposing the vile ruler of Fort Drelev brought out throngs of peasants vying to meet their saviors. By the next morning we had lavished the fort with new resources, brought our best military contingent for protection, and left to spread monarch based democracy to the brutish men of the north.

Tactfully negotiating our way past the barbarian horde was no problem for our future emperor, more commonly known for his diplomatic work under the tyrant Queen Rilani. With the liberated feral men guarding our backs, we ventured into a mysterious tomb. However, the wonders buried here were far more tantalizing than what previous accounts have only guessed at.

The first of our may trials began with two priestesses bound to guard this chambers secrets. While some of my companions would have thrown themselves at them in a bloody frenzy, I approached as a voice of reason. Two beautiful sisters stood before me and immidiatley I could tell they were entranced by my natural aura of virility. As payment for passage, they demanded that I "satisfy" their longing. Since great rewards require great sacrifice I stepped forth to indulge them...many, many times.

Unphased and unscathed we pressed onward to greater glory...