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Claxon wrote:
Enoren wrote:
Anythign works as long as there is no trace after and it doesn't generate suspects or desire to investigate.

I think you're asking for the impossible.

Something attacks the party, they're going to be curious regardless of whether or not it leaves a corpse.

Unless you're having the party walk though the wilds and be attacked by wild animals there's going to be something deeper, or at least your players will think so.

I really think you would be better off if you could give us a more complete understanding of the situation. With the vague requirements you've given I simply think it's impossible. Especially if you have a curious party who is using speak with dead on everything to investigate why. Suddenly having something attack them which leaves no trace and gives them no leads is only going to make them want to investigate more.

Basically, an NPC will attack one of the party members alone while disguised into another creature (with a heightened illusory disguise), then after a few rounds it will feign death with the Drop Dead spell and leave. I cant't tell you the reasons for this (I know it probably makes no sense for you).

I'm looking for a creature for him to disguise into. It can't leave a corpse because in that case, after a minute, the fake corpse will disappear and the player will, of course, suspect something weird happened. I also want the player to believe that the problem is solved once the creature is dead, avoiding any kind of investigation. The creature can't be incorporeal because he would notice that it is not, when he strikes it.
The npc will take the same disguise in the past days to scare the people in town, that will spread the word that "that creature" is causing trouble. So, knowing the player, he shouldn't suspect that something's fishy.

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First of all, thank you everyone, many of these are ok (some elementals, mostly. I'm afraid the explosions from the wyrms would as noticeable as the body itself).
Something medium size would be perfect. I forgot to mention that it has to be some sort of vicious creature or, if sentient, blantantly evil.
thanks again

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HumbleGamer wrote:
Enoren wrote:

Also, I need the encounter to NOT generate any suspects once resolved. For example: summoned creatures are not ok because they will, of course, investigate on who summoned them and why.

How would that be possible?

The adventurers find a corpse.

How would they able to get that it was a summoned creature and not a creature of that kind?

And if the summoned creature doesn't use unarmed attacks ( in order not to leave wounds made by specific unarmed attacks ) but simply weapons ( a dagger, a short sword, and so on ), how would be the adventurers be able to get that it was a summoned creature?

Sorry, I didn't make it clear, but the players will FIGHT the creature, so it would be obvious (or at least suspicious) to them that it is a summoned creatures, because they just pop out of the world when they die (or at lease they do in my campaign).

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Themetricsystem wrote:
Is this something that needs to make like... in Golarian lore sense or can you possibly just give something the old Ghost Train treatment rule of cool and have some (or all) enemies simply disappear in a red mist when they expire?

Yes, the creature itself has to make sense, I don't like to homebrew creatures because I want my players to develop a (false) sense of control lol. But anything paizo is cool.

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Hello everyone, I'm in a situation in which I need to place a creature that doesn't leave a corpse when killed.
I would be more exhaustive on the reasons, but my players could read this thread and I don't want them to suspect anything, even if they don't know my username here.
It is better if level 10ish, but I can work with something fairly more powerful or weak.
Incorporeal creatures would be ok, but again (and I'm sorry for it) I can't explain you why they aren't.
Also, I need the encounter to NOT generate any suspects once resolved. For example: summoned creatures are not ok because they will, of course, investigate on who summoned them and why. Same thing for vampires, they will likely search for the coffin.
In short words I need something that looks like a random encounter, it seems stupid, but you have to trust me on this lol.
Any creature that does't drop a body when killed is ok, it doesn't need to literally disappear, it could melt, explode, disperse in a swarm (like a worm that walks)... Anythign works as long as there is no trace after and it doesn't generate suspects or desire to investigate.

Thank you very much. ;)

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SuperBidi wrote:
Enoren wrote:
Henro wrote:
Another thing is just starting combat with them in hand. Martials are going to have their weapons ready when they are prepared for combat - no reason a caster can't do the same with staves, wands and scrolls.
I'm level 5 and I already have 4 different wands, I will soon have a bunch of them, of course I start every fight with 2 wands extracted.
Out of curiosity, what wands do you have and what wands do you plan to have in the future?

I got 2 true strike wands (bought one, then found another one), one web and one gust of wind. I don't really have plans for the future, but i'm sure I'll want many others. (usually I prefer wands that "age well", so no incapacitation trait, no heightened version, and useful later)

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Seisho wrote:
Get a bandolier, put one hand on a wand and use the other to channel the spell, should work especially good with self buffs (admittedly you would have to negotiate with your gamemaster, but it seems reasonable to at least a certain degree)

I don't think it's reasonable, sorry! :D

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Henro wrote:
Another thing is just starting combat with them in hand. Martials are going to have their weapons ready when they are prepared for combat - no reason a caster can't do the same with staves, wands and scrolls.

I'm level 5 and I already have 4 different wands, I will soon have a bunch of them, of course I start every fight with 2 wands extracted.

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thenobledrake wrote:
This sounds like a job for the juggler archetype

This could work great, but unfortunately I already have the rogue archetype and cannot choose to pick that until i spend at least other 2 dedication feats :(

But thanks for the advice!

jdripley wrote:

If it was my home game I'd allow Quick Draw for a wand.

Otherwise.. I mean, a bandolier or a sheath for your wands at least makes it only a single action to draw it out. Most spells are 2 actions. And it is a free action to drop, so I could see a wizard entering combat with a wand in each hand and a wand on each hip like some sort of an outlaw gunslinger, you know? Choose the two you think you'll use most to be in your hands, cast, drop, next turn draw and cast. Zap zap zap!

How many rounds are your combats lasting that you need more than 2, maybe 3-4 wands in a fight? Wands are only 1/day use anyways (ok, 2/day if you like danger).

I think 4 wands in sheaths and you start a fight with 1 in each hand is probably as good as you can do.

I don't know about allowing quick draw for spells, i think it's too much. The problem is not the number of spells (and wands) I can use in a combat, but having a vast selection available without spending actions.

Paradozen wrote:
See if you can get a Glove of Storing, lets you draw the item inside of it as a free action, though stowing an item is 1 action so it only helps on the draw.

Ohhh this is very good, I will get these for sure later in the adventure (if my DM doesn't get grumpy for the "uncommon" trait). Too bad they can only store 1 item at time.

Henro wrote:
Drawing a wand in advance can be a great 3rd action after you cast a spell for the turn, if you don't have something better to use it on.

This is what I usually do when i can spare an action, but it's not very ofter, I like positioning well.

Timeshadow wrote:
Another thing as an option though it may make your character look odd is have each of your "bandoliered" wands on thong/strings attached to your belt. This allows you to drop them but not leave them behind though if you have a lot you will have a wand skirt in no time :-)

Could be useful, thanks.

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So, wands in this edition are great. I mean, they have your DC, it's basically like having extra spell slots. The problem is that I like them too much, I'm a wizard and I have "a few", but only 2 hands.
I incidentally have the rogue dedication multiclass archetype, but quick draw doesn't work on wands, and that's the only thing that came to my mind that could help.
I need your brains, can we figure out a way to have wands ready to use with no action required to extract?
It doesn't have to be a fast extraction, everything that works is ok: extra hands (lol), spells, magic items...
I'm level 5, but feel free to suggest solutions for higher levels.
I have a familiar, but I don't think it's relevant in any way.

Thank you!

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Ok, thanks, I was a little confused about the use of plural in "you gain additional spellS and spell slots".
I guess it refers to focus spells.

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This might be a stupid question: as a specialist wizard, how many spells do i add to my spellbook each level? The class entry says 2, but also in the arcane school part it says:
"You gain additional spells and spell slots for spells of your school."
Of couse you get an extra spell slot for each level, but it is unclear to me if you also get an extra spell on your spellbook at each level or just at the first level, because it just says "You also add another arcane spell of your chosen school to your spellbook."

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Oh, I just noticed that BigNoseWolf already posted the reference and I totally missed that reply.
Thank you everyone.

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HammerJack wrote:
Yes. You can select which dart to shoot when you fire.

Is this supported by any rule or reference or it's just common sense?

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Pantshandshake wrote:

Biohacker, Injection Expert Class ability, spoilered for length:

** spoiler omitted **

As to your first question, I don't think that you can inject two things from one piece of ammo, though I'm not 100% on that. As to whether a biohack fails or overwrites another kind of injectable, if I'm right that you can't inject two things at once, I'd say the biohack fails but you don't lose a usage of it.

I'm sorry, english is not my main language, so sometimes I find hard to give a sentence the right tone, I didn't want to sound snarky, I was just saying that you misread the first question. Let me make another example:

I load my rifle with 14 syringes, each one of them is filled with a different dye: pink, purple, red, silver, blue, orange, green, gold, white, black, magenta, gray, brown and yellow.
Can I choose which one of them to shot every time I use the rifle to attack?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Enoren wrote:
So what if the dart I'm supposed to use (assuming I can't choose) is not empty but filled with something else? I add the biohack effect or it overwrites the poison in the dart?
Its currently up in the air as to how exactly a biohack works, and if it counts as filling the syringe or not.

Mmmmh, well, good to know I guess.

How about the first question? It's the one that concearn me the most.

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Thank you for the reply but i never talked about adding 2 things in a single ammo (this is obviously against the rules), read it again.

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the game and I'm currently playing a biohacker, which gives me the proficiency in all injection weapons, so I choosed a Needler Rifle(Tactical) and saw it can hold 14 darts and shoots them one by one.
Great, now I search the darts and I find out that they are sold empty and then you can fill them with poisons, medicines and such.
So what happens if I load my rifle with darts filled with different fluids? Let's say 10 of them are empty, 1 is a drug, 1 is a medicine, 1 is poison A and 1 is poison B.
How do I choose which one I shoot when I use the rifle? I find that the "realistic" answer would be that I have to write down the sequence of the darts in the order i put them in the magazine(?), but I feel like this can't seriously be in the game design, I mean... that would be awful to keep track.
So I don't really know how this works, any help?

Also, the biohacker page states:

You can deliver any biohack you create with any attack from an injection weapon. You must declare prior to the attack roll that you are using a biohack and specify which effect you are using, but you select and apply the biohack as part of the action used to make the attack. You do not need to preload your weapon with biohacks.

So what if the dart I'm supposed to use (assuming I can't choose) is not empty but filled with something else? I add the biohack effect or it overwrites the poison in the dart?

Thank you.

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I don't want to be too heavy with the AoE CC because there are 3 melee characters and me in the party, I don't want to annoy them too much.
Also, I'm playing The Northlands Saga (by Frog God Games) and, without spoiling anything, probably 90% of the enemies is/will be immune to cold damage.
And, as I said, i don't want to specialize, but yeah, it's a cool combo (pun intended :P).

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PCScipio wrote:

IMHO, it's intentional for the Witch class to have access to some things that the Shaman doesn't. Otherwise, why play a Witch?

It's a move action to take out a wand (which does provoke an AoO), so it's not always available. As for doing anything relevant in combat, I'm playing a Shaman in Strange Aeons. In Book 2, the Revenant (super-deadly encounter) had grabbed the Bloodrager, dropping him below 0 hp at the same time, and was about to deliver a coup de grâce. I finished it off with my Healing Hex, and the Bloodrager lived. :)

It probably makes a difference that in both cases (published APs) when I have played a Shaman, there was absolutely no access to merchants before 4th lvl.

How can it be intentional if the shaman didn't even exist? But it doesn't matter I guess, we can disagree on that.

I suggest you to use a spring loaded wrist sheath, 5gp.

I played and finished strange aeons too (as a psychic), I remember that revenant, it was way too strong for that level, we were lucky to kill him with no casualities.
Well, I said that healing in combat becomes irrelevant after low levels, that encounter is still low level. Also, come on, that thing had like 80hp, you were lucky to kill him with that hex, don't make it look like it was all for that hex lol.
Also, i'm very sure we had a wand of clw from the asylum, one of the npc gave it to us if i remember correcly.
Anyway, good luck for the AP, it's really good, my favourite part was book 3.

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baggageboy wrote:
If you like traits look at the new exemplar traits. There's a lot of good traits out there, many much better than half a feat, so by taking an exemplar trait you can grab a bunch and most of the exemplar traits are pretty good in themselves.

Thanks, I'll give them a look.

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Thank you all for your comments, I'll try to reply one by one.

baggageboy wrote:

It's not a feat per say, but have you considered vmc cleric with the conversion Inquisition? By taking that you get to he a decent social character despite a terrible charisma and because your wisdom is super high you'll be ok even without maxing the skills out.

You'd never get the channeling, but it's something out of the ordinary you can think about.

It's too late for VMC, but it's a cool idea.

Lelomenia wrote:
Kind of a cop out, but Steel Soul is good. Name Keeper, especially non-lore, is pretty odd to me for a non martial. Spell feats usually need a specialization. Additional Traits is also one of the best feats.

Name keeper is great for casting, every day (if I choose the "spells" bond for that day) I can choose between the spirit spells of every spirit (two at level 12!), which is very cool, moreover I always have an extra spell slot of the highest spell level. It replaces the familiar, yes, but it's not a big deal for me, I usually don't like familiars around (even if there is no doubt they are mechanically very strong if you use them the right way). Additional traits could be a valid choice, I din't think about it, thanks.

Java Man wrote:

Since you didn't mention crafting feats at all I assume they are banned, otherwise that would be my top, by a wide margin, reccomendation.

I'd also not overlook how many great hexes there are, lure of the heavens, guiding star, flight, healing, tongues, alot of utility available.

For other feats: combat casting is a good default, maybe followed up by uncanny concentration, breadth of experience if you like knowing stuff, improved counterspell to give you another tactic.

Those are my opening thoughts.

Yes, crafting feats are banned.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like any of the hexes, just that Extra Hex feat might be overshooting.
I don't like combat casting, most of the times you really just need to take a 5 foot step and then cast. If i'm sourrounded, then I'll just use hexes (that don't provoke aoo). Breadth of experience is not worth enough for me, and I believe that the counterspell action is weirdly stupid. Sorry, I mean, if you just ready a damage spell when the enemy is casting it works MUCH better for interrupting his spell AND you hurt him too.

PCScipio wrote:

Split Hex requires Witch level 10, so you can't take it.

I personally always take Healing Hex. Having a way to heal people that doesn't provoke an AoO (supernatural) can be very valuable. You can even heal yourself when you're grappled.

Yeah, I know about the Split Hex prerequisites, but my master is reasonable and we both think that the only reason for that is because at the time that feat was written, the shaman didn't even exist.

Don't get mad, but I personally think that Healing Hex is the worst hex on the list. Seriously, healing in combat is not a good choice unless you have invested many resources for making it viable OR your party is low level. And if the party is low level, a wand of CLW is cheap and almost the same (wands don't provoke aoo too). If the party is not low level, well, cure light/moderate wounds is just not enough to do anything relevant in combat.

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Hello everyone,
I'm playing as a dwarf shaman, name-keeper archetype, currently at level 5.
I'm focusing on casting, so I don't really feel the need for feats and I don't know what to take.
I want to apologize in advance because my request is at the same time very specific yet so vague.

My shaman spirit is Heavens, my hexes are slumber and heaven's leap.
The concept of the mechanical part of my character is "use slumber when i can and have the right spell prepared when i can't", so i dont want to specialize in anything, versatility is my only request for the feats.
At the moment i have Improved Initiative and Steel Soul.

Also, I don't really like most of the shaman hexes, so I feel like Extra Hex would be a waste because I will have, sooner or later, no more hexes I like to choose from.

It's too early for metamagic feats (unless you want to specialize in something, and I don't) and I know them all anyway, I will pick some in the future, so there's no need to suggest them, thank you.

When I play casters, I usually take Spell Penetration at level 5 and the Greater version at level 7, but hexes are SU (they ignore SR), so maybe it's too early for them too.

Before you ask, Ability Focus is banned by the DM (and I kinda agree with him).

Another option I usually take as a caster is Spell Focus, but I don't want to focus on a particular school, especially when I can change my spirit magic spells every day choosing from every spirit.

I really like Amplified Hex, the 30ft. range increase is very useful on both slumber and heaven's leap, but other than that, the only hex feat i like is Split Hex (and it's way too soon).

In case you need to know (for prerequisites) ability scores are 7 12 16 12 21 6.

Feel free to ask or brainstorm, thank you and have a nice day.

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Well, i don't really care unless they bring rules too, firing 6 arrows in 6 seconds (and 2 at the same time) is higly impractical too.
This is a game, not reality.

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So, my question is simple: is there any point in buying one of these?
I mean, why shouldn't i just carry 6 normal quivers instead (if i only need arrows to be carried)? Just for the weight or am i missing something?
I didn't find any rule that says i can only carry one quiver, so...?

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Hello everyone.

So, the gorgon breath weapon says:

"A gorgon can use its breath weapon once every 1d4+1 rounds to create a 60-foot cone of green gas. Those caught in the area of the gas can attempt a DC 21 Fortitude save to resist the effects, but those who fail the save are immediately petrified. This petrification is temporary—each round, a petrified creature can attempt a new DC 21 Fortitude save to recover from the petrification as long as it is not caught within the area of effect of the gorgon’s breath weapon a second time while petrified. A creature exposed to the gorgon’s breath a second time while already petrified becomes permanently petrified, and can no longer attempt to make additional Fortitude saves to recover naturally. The save DC is Constitution-based."

But what if two or more gorgons use the breath weapon at the same time? Do the targets get petrified is they fail the DC two times?
In other words: in order to trigger the permanent petrification, do you need to have the SAME gorgon to use the breath weapon 2 times OR just 2 generic gorgon breath weapons work too?
thank you

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This is my new guide about the best polymorph forms for Beast Shape and Monstrous Physique
A polymorph guide: Beast Shape vs Monstrous Physique

Link to Paizo forum discussion

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Hello everyone,
a few months ago i made this guide about Beast Shape and Monstrous Physique with also an overview of the various animals, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids you can choose from. It was in italian until yesterday, when i decided to translate it to english, because why not.
Basically, it's a suggestion of the best forms you can have access to level-by-level and why.
At the bottom of this document you’ll also find two links for the spreadsheets with all the possible forms you can assume sorted by size, alongside every ability the spells grant you.
the main reason why I wrote this guide is because all the other guides online are extremely out of date and incomplete.
I would like to receive feedbacks, thank you. Enjoy.

A polymorph guide: Beast Shape vs Monstrous Physique

Let me know if you find any errors or something missing.

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Hello everybody,
i'm trying to make a list of all the magic items that make you add spells from another spell list.
The only one i found for now is the Ring of spell knowledge
I tried to search for other threads before opening a new one, but the most recent i found was from 2014.

Thank you

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avr wrote:
The Cyphermage prestige class doesn't advance bardic abilities aside from spell casting, but it does give the option of using your own caster level, ability score etc with scrolls a few times a day.

thank you for the advice! By the way i can't lose too many bard levels and 1/3 of your Cyphermage level a day is not enough if i want to use the scrolls as a filler between the important actions :/

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Claxon wrote:

Have you considered playing an Evangelist cleric?

They get the bardic performance that you're probably after.

Ultimately, you could consider using scrolls and wands for buff spells, and using your actual spell slots only for offensive spells to keep the DCs high.

Since bards are spontaneous casters, it's also very useful to have a Mnemonic Vestment and good collection of scrolls.

Personally, I've always felt bards were better at being buffing spell casters (and therefor don't care about DCs) then they are at being an offensive caster.

Unfortunately i have to play the bard not only for the performances, but because there isn't neither a party face and someone with the knowledges.

Yes, of course i considered using scrolls and wands for buff only, but having more options is always better :P
Thank you!

Gisher wrote:

The Magician archetype is designed for this.

PRD wrote:
Wand Mastery (Ex): At 10th level, when a magician uses a wand containing a spell on his spell list, he uses his Charisma bonus to set the wand's save DC. At 16th level, when using such a wand, he uses his caster level in place of the wand's caster level. This ability replaces jack of all trades.

More importantly for a "caster bard" is the ability to poach spells known from any other arcane spell list. The extra spell per day from your bonded item is also nice.

It stacks with Sound Striker.

The 10th level ability would be perfect! But the rest of the archetype doesn't fit the initial role i wanted to cover in the party. It doesn't have inspire courage (and i do need it with 3 melee characters and one archer), lore master and versatile performance.

I can say he's not even a bard anymore! lol I could play a wizard and it would fit the same role better.
thank you anyway!

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Hi all,
i'm going to play a full caster bard (I know that you're thinking "bards can't be full casters, they need other options" but that's not the point, i'm going to play it anyway :P ) and i noticed that, compared to other spellcasters, he doesn't have too many spells per day, so, if i want to be useful during fights insted of just mantaining the performance and a cast a spell every few rounds, i should buy a few wands to be more useful without wasting all my slots on the fist encounter.
The problem is that wands/scrolls spells DC, duration and effects are so low to be as near as useless.

The only feat i can remember is the "staff-like wand" arcane discovery, but as a bard i don't meet the requirements, so i'm looking for something similiar.

Staff-like Wand:
Similar to using a magic staff, you use your own Intelligence score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against spells you cast from a wand, and you can use your caster level when activating the power of a wand if it’s higher than the caster level of the wand.

I know that there are the staves, but they are too expensive for now and they require a downtime period to recharge , so they are not an option for me.
I considered the ring(s) of wizardry too, not a bad option at all.

So, the problem in other words is that i'd like to have more spells per day, and having a few wands with a decend DC would help a lot.
Unfortunately i don't think it would be possible, so i'm here to listen to your advices.

thank you and sorry for my english :)

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Well, it isn't an interaction between same 2 strange spells, it's just a single class feature alone.
Asking for a FAQ is free, so i'm still hoping for it :P
Thank you anyway, i think my DM will be more flexible after reading your opinions.

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Hi all,
I have a question about this class feature:

"At 4th level, the hunter gains an empathic link with her animal companion. This functions like an empathic link with a familiar, except the hunter can also see through a companion's eyes as a swift action, maintaining this connection as long as she likes (as long as the companion is within 1 mile) and ending it as a free action. The hunter is blinded while maintaining this connection."

Ok, this is pretty clear, but what if i can see myself (and my enemies) in third person through my animal companion eyes?
I will still be considered to have the blinded condition, but does this make sense if we consider some of the effects?

(i copy/paste the blinded condition here:
The creature cannot see. It takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a –4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Perception checks based on sight) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Blind creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.)

For example: is it normal to automatically fail all checks and activities that rely on vision EVEN IF i can actually SEE?
And what if the animal grants me vision on me and the enemy i want to target for a spell? Does the foe still have total concealment against me even if i actually have the line of sight?

I understand that it would be very difficult anyway to act through someone else perspective, so i don't suggest to remove all the effects of the condition, of course, but some of them don't seem to make sense to me if i can actually see.

What do you think? I'd like to have a FAQ on this :)
(p.s. sorry for my english)

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Yes, i want to "transform" SA damage in energy type, and it is possible as long as the damage comes from an attack (that requires you to hit, you can crit etc.). For example a level 5 rogue with minor magic and major magic can use shocking grasp to deal 5d6+3d6 from SA, all of this are electrical damage, as long as you respect the conditions to deal precision damage (and flanking is the easiest way imho).

By the way this is not the topic of this thread.

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born_of_fire wrote:

Energy/elemental damage does not interact with DR in any way. DR applies to melee/physical damage only. Energy/elemental damage is affected by energy resistance. DR =! energy resistance.

When you attack, you should report the physical damage to the DM and then separately report the energy damage to the DM so each can be reduced by DR and energy resistance as needed. You should not be reporting it as a total damage done that then has DR applied to it. Unless you guys have some sort of houserule arrangement to the contrary, of course.

ok, i guess? when did i say DR=energy resistance?

I'm not good in english so i'll explain myself with an example:
there is an enemy with damage reduction from phisical damage, i want to do sneak attack with energy type damage so the damage is not reduced.

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I notice now that i wrote "energy time" instead of "energy type" in the title... i don't know how to edit it, i'm sorry

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Snowblind wrote:

Check with your GM if you can make touch attacks without using an ability (i.e. can you just reach out and touch someone without having some ability that needs it). If they say you can, try Deliquescent Gloves. Touch things for 1d6 acid.

If the GM says no, all you will need is another ability that lets you make touch attacks repeatedly. Then you are good to go.

Nice, a little expensive but nice, thank you.

I wait for other suggestions.

By the way i "need" such a thing because i'd like to deal energy type damage sneak attacks while flanking in order to overcome the DR of enemies, so i prefer the item/ability to deal less damage if it's cheaper.

Scarab Sages

Hi all, i'm looking for the easiest and/or cheapest way to deal energy or elemental damage by melee attack.
I know that the are so many effects and weapons that ADD this type of damage, but i'm looking for something the deals ONLY pure energy or elemental damage. Also it should not require to be able to cast spells or a UMD skill check.
Any other way it's ok, including feats, magic items or i don't know.

For example a flame fountain firework (alchemical item) meets this requirements (and it's the only thing i found) but a fire longsword or a shocking grasp spell do not.
The amount of damage is not important, 1 damage is enough. It's better if cheap and doesn't require a competence.

Any suggestion?
Thank you.