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Rogue/Artificer Gestalt 6 | HP 39/39| AC 17 | Saving Throws - Str (0), Dex (+8), Con (+5), Int (+6), Wis (+2), Cha (+1) | Passive Perc - 17 | Init +4 | 1st Lvl Spl - 0/3 | Inspiration |


Ammo - 235


| HP 22/22| AC 10 | Passive Perc - 13 (18 for sight and smell)



About Enizver

Male Gnome Rogue / Artificer Gestalt 6
Chaotic Good

Initiative; +4 Passive Perception 12

AC 17
hp 39
Saving Throws
Strength 0, Dexterity +8, Constitution +5, Intelligence +6, Wisdom +2, Charisma +1


Speed 25 ft.

Close - Rapier - +7 to Hit - 1d6+4 Piercing Damage
Ranged - Thunder Cannon +7 to hit - 2d6+4 Piercing Damage - Range 150 - 200ft.
Sneak Attack: 3d6 - Thunder Monger: 2d6


Artificer Magic
Spell Saving Throw - 14
Spell Attack Modifier - +6

1st Level Spells - 3 Per Long Rest
Cure Wounds - Heals 1d8 per spell slot + Intelligence.
Alarm - Ritual - Surrounds a 20ft with a barrier that will raise the alarm when crossed.
Sanctuary - Attempting to cast a harmful spell on the bearer of this spell forces a Wisdom save, unless the person has already harmed the caster.
Detect Magic - Ritual Only - Identify and discern magical auras.
Identify - Ritual Only - Identify the true nature of magic items. Does not require the usual components.


Str 9, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 10,
Proficiency Bonus +2

Racial Traits
Darkvision - See in total darkness for 60ft.
Gnome Cunning - Gain Advantage on all Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence saving throws against magic.
Natural Illusionist - Gain Minor Illusion as a Cantrip, using Intelligence.
Speak With Small Beasts - Through gestures and noises, communicate with small or smaller animals.

Skills Athletics -1, Acrobatics +3, Animal Handling +1, Deception +0, Investigation +3, Intimidation +0, Nature +3, Performance +0, Persuasion +0, Medicine +1, Sleight of Hand +3, Religion +3.
Proficient Skills Arcana +9*, History +6, Perception +7*, Insight +7*, Survival +4, Stealth +9*.
Tool Proficiency - Alchemist’s Tools +9*, Thieve’s Tools +9*, Tinker’s Tools +6, Smith’s Tools +9*, Cartographer’s Tools +6
*Double Proficiency Bonus
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnomish

Combat Gear - Thunder Cannon, Rapier, Mithral Half-Plate
Tools - Thieve’s Tools, Tinker’s Tools, Smith’s Tools
Gear 1 x Common Clothes, Case Containing Map, Bullseye Lantern, A Miner’s Pick, Shovel, Two Person Tent.
Backpack, 1000 Ball Bearings, 50ft Rope, Hooded Lantern, 10x Pints Oil, Tinder Box, 10x Rations, 10xWaterskin.
Bag of Holding, Boots of Elven Kind, LuckStone
Riding Lizard and Saddle
Cash 635gp

Special Abilities

Background - Archaeologist - Those who study and respect the knowledge of the ancients.
- Dust Digger - A trinket from an old dig (Sledehammer)
- Historical Knowledge - Identify the builders of ancient ruins, and the worth of art more than century old.

Expertise - Choose two skills, or 4 at 6th level, or the use of Thieve’s Tools (Stealth, Perception, Arcana and Insight). Add double Proficiency Bonus.
Sneak Attack - Add an additional 1d6 to damage to one attack when you have Advantage on an attack or another enemy is within 5ft of the target. Increases to 2d6 at 3rd.
Thieve’s Cant - Communicate with anyone else who can also speak it, and read signs left with important information.
Cunning Action - Use a bonus action to Dash, Disengage and Hide.
Inquisitive - It’s useful to learn a lot about the world - and knowledge is power.
- Ear for Deceit - When using Insight to see if someone is lying, any roll below 8 is treated as 8 instead.
- Eye for Detail - Use a bonus action to spot hidden creatures or make an insight check to uncover and decipher clues.
- Insightful Fighting - Make an Insight check against a targets Deceive. If successful they qualify for Sneak Attack
Uncanny Dodge - If a visible enemy hits the character, they can use their reaction to half the damage.

Artificer Specialisation - Gunsmith - The art of building firearms.
- Gunsmith - Gain proficiency with Smith’s Tools, and learn the Cantrip Mending.
- Thunder Cannon - Build and operate a heavy gun that inflicts 2d6 damage. Replacing it costs 100gp and 3 days effort.
- Arcane Magazine - The ammunition source for the Thunder Cannon. Each long rest creates 40 rounds, and each short rest creates 10. A new one can be built for 25 gp as part of a long rest.
- Thunder Monger - Add an additional d6 to Thunder Cannon attacks.
Magic Item Analysis - Gain the use of Detect Magic and Identify as spells, and can be cast as Rituals. If cast as a ritual Identify doesn’t require a material component
Tool Expertise - Double proficiency bonus with any tool from Artificer (Thieves, Alchemists, Blacksmiths).
Wondrous Invention - Create a magical item from a list (Bag of Holding)
Imbue Magic - Imbue an item with a spell until spells are prepared again.

Standing at just over 3ft tall and fairly slight, many larger races would overlook Enizver, and find the fact he’s carrying a strange looking metal and wood stick with a metal drum of some kind over one shoulder odd at best, but Enizver smiles cheerfully. He keeps grinning when the strange stick is aimed, too, and when he pulls the trigger…

Dark skinned, with wild hair and a neatly trimmed, braided beard, Enizver looks much like most of his kin do. He wears a long, heavy and fur lined coat of the darkest green leather with black wooden buttons over his armour and travelling gear, and an almost comically large packpack with various odds and ends all over it. Much of his equipment is hooked onto this bulging bag.

Atop his wild hair usually sits a wide brimmed hat the same green as his coat with a thick band around it. He speaks in a strong alto voice and typically smells of metals and grease.

Curious and mercurial, Enizver is on a hunt for power and knowledge. For him they are more or less the same thing. The deeper his understanding of the world, magic and existence work the greater things he can create, and the more power he gains.

It would be fair to say that, at this point, that hunt is both the journey and the destination. Enizver currently has no greater goal, no burning ambition or dream he seeks to achieve. Many have been led astray by such a thing, and it’s certainly possible that Enizver could be too, that the lure of power could take him to dark places.

But he also has the loose idea that knowledge such as this could and should be used to make lives better. Take his handcannon, a weapon of immense destructive potential. But just like a bow it can also be used to defend, or to hunt food. With a handcannon and clean kill be performed at a greater distance. Less training and skill is required to use it. And thus, lesser hunters can go from being unable to provide to putting food on the table. A guard could fight off a monster with minimal training and at great range.

Of course, balance is an issue too. Such a change could shift things dramatically. And knowledge could be used to understand those changes and smooth over the worst of it. So for now...he seeks knowledge

A simple Gnome from a simple village, Enizver would likely have remained a simple forest Gnome if not for a simple piece of luck. An old tomb complex, buried deep in the woods, far from everyone. It had long since been picked clean by countless adventurers and monsters, and its traps long disarmed and destroyed, but it was a fascinating place for a young man to explore.

Enizver spent countless hours wandering the complex, studying the images carved in to its walls, the traps in the walls, the bones of its defeated guardians. As he grew older, he noticed something odd. A section of the building in the middle, without a doorway or entrance. He became convinced that somewhere in that section was untapped treasures that no one had been able to find, but also knew that such areas were likely to contain traps, or monsters.

So he learnt the skills he needed to deal with such things, the art of disarming traps or picking locks, and the skills to fight. Perhaps not too surprisingly it turned out the best place to learn such a skillset was the local thieves, who used a combination of blade work, stealth and lock picks to lighten the load of various ‘acceptable’ targets, which comprised mostly of merchants knowing for being especially unfair in their dealings and tax collectors.

Despite this extensive education, Enizver still could not locate the hidden door that he was certain was there. Feeling he was going a little mad, he eventually came up with a plan that someone less obsessed may have thought twice about - taking a sledge hammer to a section of wall already cracked by time and wear.

Surprisingly, it worked. Perhaps more surprisingly, Enizver was right. Beyond the wall was ancient rooms and corridors that hadn’t seen the light of...well, anything for uncounted centuries. In such a time even the finest materials crumble, the most powerful of spells fade, and as such there wasn’t much beyond those walls. Strange odds and ends with just a hint of power remaining, holding the delicate materials together. Stone carvings in tongues no one could speak, now. And in one room a strange tube. Its handle had long since gone, and its body of metal was nothing but rust, and the bronze shells next to it were a mystery...but nevertheless the ruined weapon intrigued Enizver.

Even without being able to read the runes on the wall, the images showed the thing being used. Using those odds and ends to fund it, Enizver bought books of alchemy, learning the principles behind the strange weapon, a firearm of some kind. This one seemed a little different, however, incorporating elements of magic. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of effort, and more than one pair of eyebrows.

But eventually Enizver had a functioning handcannon. Not only that but he was able to put a bullet through a solid brick wall at 50 paces. Impressed by the untamed lethality, and pleased that his work had also resulted in a solid understanding of magical items if not magic itself, Enizver looked around for something to do with this knowledge and power and realized that it was not suited to a sleep village, nor casual theft the next town over. He yearned for greater things. So he packed up what he could and went to find something more.


Initiative; +0 Passive Perception 13 (18 for sight and smell).

AC 17
hp 22


Speed: 10ft
Flight: 60ft.

Beak: - +4 - 2d4+2 Piercing Damage.
Talons - +4 - 2d6+2 Slashing Damage.


Str 15, Dex 10, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 7


Construct Traits - Contructs have a number of traits, such as;
- Can't be charmed.
- Immune to poison.
- Darkvision.
- Understands any luangauge but can't speak.
- If you are attacked within 5 feet the companion can strike back.

Keen Sight and Smell - Advantage on Perception checks relating to Sight and smell.
Pack Tactics - Advantage on attacks if an ally is within 5ft.