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Full Name

Eliza Cunningham




Control 11 Daring 10 Fitness 9 Insight 8 Presence 8 Reason 10
Command 3 Conn 4 Engineering 3 Security 3 Science 2 Medicine 1
Stress 15





About Eliza Cunningham

Eliza Cunningham
Female Human

Control 11
Daring 10
Fitness 9
Insight 8
Presence 8
Reason 10

Disciplines (Focuses):
Command 3 (Figurative language/code)
Conn 4 (Starship recognition, helm operation, shuttlecraft operation, evasive action)
Engineering 3 (Flying on damaged engines)
Security 3
Science 2
Medicine 1

Stress: 15
Damage Bonus:

Traits: Human


Cautious Conn:
Whenever you attempt a Task with that Discipline, and you buy one or more d20s by spending Momentum, you may re-roll a single d20. You may select this Talent multiple times, once for each Discipline. You may not select this Talent for any Discipline for which you already have the Bold Talent.
Whenever you use the Swift Task Momentum Spend, you do not increase the Difficulty of the second Task if one of the Tasks you attempt is to pilot a vessel or vehicle.
Push the Limits:
When you attempt a Conn Task that has increased in Difficulty due to environmental conditions or damage to the engines, reduce the Difficulty by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Untapped Potential:
The character’s is inexperienced, but talented and with a bright future in Starfleet. The character may not have or increase any Attribute above 11, or any Discipline above 4 while they have
this Talent (and may have to adjust Attributes and Disciplines accordingly at the end of character creation). Whenever the character succeeds at a Task for which they bought one or more additional dice with either Momentum or Threat, they may roll 1d6. The character receives bonus Momentum equal to the roll of the 1d6, and adds one point to Threat if an Effect is rolled. The character cannot gain any higher rank than lieutenant (junior grade) while they possess this Talent.

Values: A starship is a home, a crew is family, The Federation is a just and good organization, gotta go fast, be the best, no matter what

Lifepath Choices:

Species: Human
Environment: Starship
Upbringing: Starfleet (Accepted)
Starfleet Academy: Command Track (Conn)
Career: Young Officer
Career Events:
Special Commendation
Learned a unique language

Challenge dice chart:

1 1
2 2
3 0
4 0
5 1, plus Effect
6 1, plus Effect