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Andrew Jackson 394 wrote:

Not for me but good luck.

I gave up on pc gaming a while back, if you can do an Xbox version I would be interested.

^ This.

Put my vote down for skirmish rules.

I think a good way to handle it might be to put out a book that corresponds to each set, that one would purchase separately, if they were interested in the skirmish rules. That way, the cost/price of the miniatures themselves would be unaffected. Conversely, it could be as a card deck that simply contained one card for each miniature, again, in a seperate purchase pack. I would prefer a book though, along the lines of Wizards' Ultimate Missions series that they had brought out in conjunction with each of the first three Star Wars miniatures sets. The major bonus being that these books included a couple of maps, in addition to game variants and scenarios.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I can say I will be using the Bestiary 2 this weekend, swapping some of the random encounter monsters for a few that should give my old school players a nice surprise. :)

Which old-timer monsters make an appearance, renamed or otherwise?

Are any fold-out maps going to be included with the Pathfinder Series, or will it be a stand alone product? Or are the maps going to primarily be single page offerings? I'd be particularly interested in miniature scale maps (more so if they were skrimish friendly).