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** Venture-Agent, Washington—Richland aka DrgnMstrAlex

Has anyone figured out how to get thru this scenario. We are playing with a group of 3 and have managed to get to this one but we're stuck. We don't want to lose the characters we've spent months building up to this point. And the struggle to get this far is real.

Just wondering what the forums think on this. Would you take an attack of opportunity on scorching ray if you successfully cast it defensively. Reason being you have to make a ranged touch attack as part of the spell.

** Venture-Agent, Washington—Richland aka DrgnMstrAlex

I bring the coffee. Coffee that "EXPLODES" with flavor and that addictive caffeine burn. Coffee that can make you fly across the battlefield and hit with the triple shot power of espresso that makes you feel like a bull. So the next time your in Absalom and need a pick me up to take on that horde of goblins remember Mehendren's Alchemy and Coffee Emporium. Located in the Coins next to Steve's Discount Deathtraps.

** Venture-Agent, Washington—Richland aka DrgnMstrAlex

This may not be a starting out thing but around lvl 3 start looking to get magic weapons. We ran into 2 gargoyles and the only one that could bypass the dr10/magic was the pregen Kyra.

Also picking up cold iron and silver backups for weapons is a good idea.

Can never be too prepared.