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Twin Takedown says "Make two Strikes against your hunted prey, one with each of the required weapons. If both hit the same hunted prey, combine their damage for the purpose of its resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to each Strike normally."
How resistances and weaknesses will apply to combined damage for two different weapons with different types of damage? For example, if one of them is a subject of resistances\weaknesses, and another isn't?

Hey James! I'd like to learn more about duskwalkers. How much they know about themselves, their race, their born system (fixed quantity, reborning etc.)? Could they remember their borning and what was before (parts of past life, prepairing to borning etc.)? And, finally, "Most have no interest in sexual relationships". Couldn't they have sexual relationships biologically, or it's just their own choise?

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I vote for Karisa Starsight, because Tamrin wasn't interesting NPC. Tamrin's loyality is very questionable. IMHO Tamrin will be more usefull as Cheliax Custom officer.

P.S. IMHO Laria Longoad is the best option for Liberty Edge. She is an Hell's Rebels NPC, but Eando Kline is AP NPC too, and he is important in PFS.