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So, this might be an easy call because I'm not seeing something, but this week has been a long month and I'm trying to make sense of something I hope the group can help with.

Envoy Clever Feint and Operative Trick Attack: both apply the Flat Footed condition. If I have both an Envoy and Operative in the party, is it worth it to pursue the Envoy Clever Feint/ Clever Attack route since the Operative will already be applying the Flat Footed condition and these conditions won't stack?

It seems to make sense to me to yield to the Operative Trick/Debilitating Attack since it does a ton of damage, whereas the Envoy sort of "plink plinks" weapon damage.

But if the Envoy is in a support role, and part of that support role is applying the Flat Footed condition, but the conditions from the Operative and Envoy don't stack...well, I hope you see where I'm going LOL.

Of course, the problem assumes both the Envoy and Operative are successful, but it's rare that our Operative seems to miss the roll to make a trick attack considering the very high skill bonuses.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from more powerful minds than mine!

So, my players upgraded their Tier 3 ship with a Heavy Weapon Particle Beam turret. They have an Explorer frame with 2 light weapon mounts for the turret, but for only 6 BP you can upgrade a light weapon mount on a turret to a heavy weapon mount (CRB pg 305).

The Particle Beam heavy weapon does 8d6 damage with a range of Long. I didn't realize the implications of this upgrade until, well, I threw a Tier 3 pirate ship at them. Needless to say, they chewed the pirate ship to pieces in a few rounds. On average on a hit, that weapon is going to do 24 points of damage. Since it's a turret, it didn't matter what my positioning strategy was in the Helm Phase.

Did I miss something or does this kind of weapon power more or less negate Helm Phase strategy?

Collective thoughts and/or advice?


Just curious as to how are addressing, if at all, the issue of security forces on Absalom Station and basic law enforcement.

For instance, I don't really want my players to bring their "see a monster and kill it and take its stuff" dungeon mentality to the Station. I know of course that most of this issue can be handled by my adventure set up, but at some point there's going to be shoot out on the docks or in a bar or even in the corridors. Do my players just need to hide the bodies, or do the bodies "disappear" like they do in a dungeon LOL?

There should be Station security--who are they and have you used them to play a role in your game? Do you have the Sentinels as an Absalom presence? Some corps have their own security forces--have you introduced any of those yet? And, there's apparently gang activity; any danger or law enforcement consequences of getting involved in that as a PC?

There could/should also be lots of monitoring on the Station, but too much of that is, well, too much.

So, have you addressed the issue of law and order and security forces, and if so, what have done??

Thanks in advance for any experience or advice you can share!

SF Society module Into the Unknown mentions a device called a Datapad. I know of course what the name implies, but what the heck is it re: rules and equipment? I looked under Computers but might have missed it. Are they a type of miniaturized computer? If so are there functions and Tiers?

Related, I see the entry for Comm device and thought it a bit lame. It has a calculator? Really? What for? “Hey! See if you can hold off these space goblins long enough for me calculate how much all our load out is gonna cost!” Hardly seems necessary much less unimaginative. Ooh. And a flashlight too? I’ll take it!

Thanks in advance for any insight and apologies if I overlooked Datapads.

Apologies in advance if this question has been addressed, or if I just can't read LOL.

Does a ship's Power Core PCU figure into ship combat? For example, when an Engineer diverts power, is that power drawn or subtracted from the Core's PCU?

What is the purpose of the Power Core's PCU?


Sorry in advance if threads like this are a pain in the arse, but I would really appreciate your help.

Looking for an adventure in Dungeon that had a pretty neat map; near the entrance were doors with wolf heads on them, a mosaic in the floor showing wolf-creatures in battle, and nearby a room through an archway with a floating hand, etc. I've looked and looked through my Dungeons and know I'm missing it somehow.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Many thanks. Cheers.