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"You got a problem with that?"

Merab is large enough that you may be able to make some magical purchases quickly while there, if you choose to do so.

“Oh, there you are!” Doris from Accounting finds you all when you are in the Grand Lodge’s quartermasters office, perusing the items on display for cash or faction credit. She waves a letter in her hand and then grins at you. “No, don’t worry. Your accounts aren’t past due. You wouldn’t be in here, looking at my stocks of survival supplies, if your accounts were in arrears, would you? No... A missive arrived for you from Merab, marked URGENT. Well, are you going to read it?”

She hands you a message:

    Ariana, Dunia, Eadie, Fendel, Quenly and Rufeo:

    You all come highly recommended. Tahonikepsu, the Diamond Sage, wishes to meet with you at my Lodge in Merab. I am arranging for teleportation for all of you at the Diamond Sage’s expense.

    Do be prompt.

    Venture Captain Diya Akan
    Twisting Garden Lodge
    Merab, Thuvia

Doris hands you teleportation vouchers. “Let’s tally up your purchases and get you out of here. We don’t want to keep the Venture Captain waiting!”

Have you made all your purchases yet? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that in gameplay. It’s just time to figure out what you all want.