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I'm hoping to implement Automatic Bonus Progression in my upcoming game, but I'm a bit confused about it. In particular I'm having difficulty with the following section;

Any weapon, armor, or shield special abilities on attuned items count against a character’s enhancement bonus from attunement. To determine an attuned magic item’s enhancement bonus, subtract the cost of its special ability from the enhancement bonus granted by attunement. (This applies only to special abilities whose cost is equivalent to an enhancement bonus, not to those that cost a flat amount of gold pieces.) For example, if a character with a +3 enhancement bonus from weapon attunement wields a keen scimitar, she subtracts 1 point of her enhancement bonus (for the cost of keen), leaving her with a +2 keen scimitar. If a character doesn’t have enough of an enhancement bonus to afford the special ability (such as a 4th-level character with a vorpal longsword), she can still use the weapon’s power on its own, but the weapon gains no enhancement bonus.

I'll use an example to explain my understanding.

A 9th level character (having a +2 weapon attunement) picks up a keen scimitar and when using that scimitar she must subtract the cost of keen (+1) from her attunement enhancement bonus, therefore leaving her with a +1 keen scimitar. Yet the same character can pick up a vorpal longsword (+5) and still take advantage of the special ability (vorpal) even though they cannot subtract the full cost from their attunement bonus.

My take-away is that the character is paying off the special abilities as best they can, thus possibly leaving them with a weapon with no enhancement bonus but still with a usable special ability. Am I understanding it correctly?

As a follow up, what about Masterwork weapons? The rules state:

In this system, magic weapons, armor, and shields never have enhancement bonuses of their own; those bonuses are granted only through attunement.

Masterwork aren't magic, but they provide an enhancement bonus. Is that removed as well, or does this enhancement bonus persist until a character reaches 4th level and can properly attune to the weapon?

I've looked everywhere I can think of (Skull & Shackles Players Guide, Ultimate Combat) and I can't find a targeting DC for the Springal. I assume it must have one, as it is listed as an indirect fire. Anyone know what the DC is or where I can find it?

I'm planning on getting an adventure path subscription starting with Shattered Star and would like to know what kind of lead time I need on the order to make sure I'm in the system in time for the first book.

Last night my party ran afoul of some dread wraiths (running Rise of the Runelords part 5) and the cleric had the unpleasant honor of being hit for negative level damage and Con drain. After the battle she cast Restoration and we ran into some confusion. The description of the spell indicates that it dispells all negative level damage. It also states that it will remove all ability drain for 1 ability. For sake of play I ruled that the spell removed both the negative level damage and the Con drain, but wasn't entirely certain that was the case.

Unlike the Lesser Restoration description, there is not "and/or" indicating whether "Restoration dispells negative level damage and ability drain" or Restoration dispells negative level damage or ability drain".

I suppose the confusion lies in that the description places the two items in different paragraphs.

Any thoughts?

So this has come up a couple of times and now I'm calling on the forums for some insight. The description of Charge makes no mention of whether or not it the Charge action draws an Attack of Opportunity, however the "Actions in Combat" table indicates that a Charge does not draw an AoO. As moving (or in this case Charging) to a space adjacent to a creature with no reach never draws an AoO the issue never came up. However, what of reach? Reading the additional footnote on the table, I would assume that if a character's charge led him through a 15 foot threat radius, he would indeed draw an AoO, as he moved out of a threatened square to reach his target. My players disagree, claiming that the notation that Charge does not draw an AoO obviously trumps the other.

As a GM I'm inclined to drop a big rock from space on the rules lawyering punk's character and AoO to my hearts content, but thought I'd take the civil, advice laden route instead.

Thoughts? Advice? Insights?

I'm running the final confrontation of the Skinsaw Murders tomorrow, but I've run into a problem. My party dealt with the Skinsaw cultists, put all the clues together and pinpointed where they needed to go - The Shadow Clock.

With this knowledge they then decided to bed down for a couple of weeks and rest, recover and build a couple of magic items. I said I was okay with that, but warned them that there might be consequences.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I can't see Xanesha waiting around for the shoe to drop, once she learns of the cultists demise nor do I see her going on the offensive. Originally I was just going to have her leave town, but now I'm thinking she's done a bit of recon herself (using her alternate form) and is aware of the party and their capabilites.

My problem now is what do I throw at them, now that she is more than prepared for the upcoming assault on her home?

I'm kicking around the idea of attending PaizoCon 2010, but the thought of shelling out $109/night for a room is a bit daunting. Anyone in the Boise, Idaho area thinking about going and interested in sharing a room?

I'm starting up a group in the Boise/Meridian Idaho area and I'm looking for 2, maybe 3, more players.

Currently the plan is to start playing toward the end of August (have to get moved into my new house), but I want to meet everyone prior to that. Play will take place Saturday nights 7:30 - 11:30 (or later).

Right now I will be taking the DM seat and we will be playing in my homebrew world of Vetus (http://vetus.wikispaces.com). I'm also considering Monte Cook's World of Darkness, but figured I'd try something "familiar" for everyone to get acquainted first.

I will consider letting someone else take the seat, if they want to run something else, but I haven't had any takers on that offer yet :)

If you're interested email me - charles@diamondb.net

I'm a gamer living in exile in the Mini-Cassia (Burley) area and am in desperate need of a group to game with. I'm perfectly willing to travel to Twin Falls and even Jerome if I can get in with a good bunch.

While I'm most familiar with D&D, having played since the early days (read: red book basic set), I am certainly willing to try any system. In addition to all incarnations of D&D, I am familiar with GURPS, World of Darkness (though not the new version), Traveller, Twilight 2000, d20 Modern, TORG, and Shatterzone. Obviously I'm no game snob, I'll play anything, if it's fun.

So, someone out there that fits the bill, please contact me.

I am in dire need of a gaming fix. At this point I pretty much will play anything and if there's folks out there seeking a DM, I'd be happy to do that to. Anything to get back into gaming.