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K_GM, the sequel to "Hour of the Knife" is called "Shadow of the Knife" and it is a fan-made adventure that you can download at the old Secrets of the Kargatane website. It was done with loving care and a pretty good sequel. It was also meant to give the DM a glimpse into life in the "new" Zherisia cluster that the domain of Paridon joined with. It's a free downlaod, so you can't go wrong with that.

As to the question of which books are worth getting, I guess it depends on how much you want to adapt. Honestly, I think the setting was in it's prime in second edition, so I'd recommend the hardcover "Domains of Dread" book. It retains all the information of the setting while for the first time, it also makes the domains a place to actually use as a campaign base instead of "a weekend in Hell" adventure. Plus, this book still retains references to the various TSR worlds the darklords and domains come from.

If you'd rather have less to convert to Pathfinder, than I'd get a copy of the Sword & Sorcery (3.5) players handbook and the gazetteers. It's true many of the gazetteers are hit and miss, but they do contain a wealth of information. But the backgrounds on some things have changed to be more coherent and so as not to reference any old TSR/Wizard worlds for legal purposes.

Favorite adventures, I'd have to say the "Castles Forlorn" boxed set. It is massive but also gives you the best details on a small domain. And "Bleak House" was a great culmination of a wealth of stories and characters spread throughout other products on Van Richten as well as a great adventure. And as others have said, each gaming group has a favorite module that others may have totally hated. Good Luck!