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oozes... OOzes... OOOOZZEESSSSS!!!!!!

I love oozes as you probably guessed, but I was a bit disappointed by the electric ooze because it seemed a bit plain. I liked the idea of a posonous ooze though.

The brain ooze/palaquin is a much better concept. Oozes that can ride in a host without any sign leaves me with a number of plots involvong these oozes. I also love the image of an ooze crawling through its victims mouth and nostrils to reach the brain. The host template idea is also very cool.

Overall- good crunch, good fluff, bad interaction between the two (13+ special abilities are hard to read even if I only have to remember four)

I like the idea for the thunderstruck (though i also hear the song in my head) because I cant remember an elecctrically themed undead, ever.

I like golems. Other than that no comment on the cloud golem.

The squallherds are genious. I love the image of hundreds of lightning bolts emerging from a cloud and striking an enemy army or some other large gathering, only to spring from the searing impact as elfish creatures and attack.

Overal, a very good job.

I like the theme and the herne is a great conceptual monster. I also LOVE oozes and think that other than the cube, they dont get enough playtime. powerful entry. not much I can say to this one but good luck.

I very much like the thematic link (mabye because I love constructs) but the complexiy golem seems a bit out of place here. The other two are very concrete representations of unreal things (dreams and the idea of a dungeon as one enemy) but it seems to be an unreal representation of an equation that may well be real (kinda). It also feels a bit forced compared to the other two.

On to the good. I have always wanted a mastermind benind a dungeon that could interact with it, and the brain is just that. I imagine it in combination with the dungeonmaster prestige class (I think from dungeonscape) as the ultimate dungeon-lord, or as part of a haunted castle. I would consider making a variant that could share abilities it had with its dungeon and be able to manipulate the dungeon more directly, effectively using the dungeon as its body.

I like the template, but can't currently think of a great use for it. If you could post some more adventure ideas with it, that would be great.

I have basically the same problems as everyone else, its a bit chaotic and disorganized and the feathers aren't explained early enough, but I absolutely love the flavor of the monsters. I can imagine an entire campaign designed around these things, culminating with the PC's blasting their way through hordes of advanced Meki-Kantaka, Bhoga-Kantaka with class levels, Patal-Kantaka, and mansions to finally kill a high level Bhoga-Kantaka cleric guarded by two great wyrm gold dragon mansions and some influential npc allies that have succumb to the poison of the Hunger that Moves and been transformed into Patal-Kantaka, only to find that the chichimec that the hunger worshipped was not some legend, but the real deal.

These are some of the better designed linked monsters I've ever seen and I can't wait to put these in my next campaign, two thumbs way up.

Mabye I missed it, but I would like to see your remedy to the arrows problem. As the anvil stands now, 20 +1 arrows (or was it 50) cost 2,000 gp to make but can be transfered into 20 +1 greatswords sold at a total price of 400,000 makng a profit of 398,000 gp. Furthermore, a ranger using bane arrows for his multiple favorite enemies gets one arrow for each sword destroyed, leaving +1 bane picks still completely useless. I know this is not the intent, but I play with the best munchkin in the game so I think of these things.

Otherwise this is a great item that remedies a number of problems that my group faces regarding loot and weapons. No longer will we be forced to sell more +1 longswords than there are members of the Greyhawk army to a single store.

Russ Taylor wrote:
When worn, they grant the ability to see and identify the nature of force effects, even ones that are normally invisible.

Does this make invisible effects visible (like normal objects) blocking line of sight? Furthermore, does identifying the nature of the spell extend to the point of identifying the spell or effect used, duration and duration left, or caster level?

Overall I like the item concept, good job.