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Full Name

Daidalos A Icarum


Male Emberkin Aasimar Exploiter Wizard 5;Current outfit,


Base Appearance, Journal


HP 30/30; AC 16/12/14; Saves +3 Fort, +4 Ref, +4 Will; Init +4; Per +4

1/1 Pyrotechnics, 2/8 Arcane Reservoir, 3 'Hero' Points


5'10", 150 lbs


22 years, 11 months




Asmodeus (affiliated with)


Abyssal, Aklo, Azlanti, Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Sylvan, Infernal


Resident Arcanist of the Ninth Knot

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 9
Charisma 14

About Daidalos Icarum


Aasimar (Perikin) Exploiter Wizard 5
LE Medium Outsider (native)
Init +4; Senses Perception +4
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14(+2 dex, +4 Armor)
hp 30 (5d6+5)
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 (-2 Compulsions if caster offers power, +2 v. dazzled, dazed from light)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5
Speed 30 feet
Melee Cold Iron Dagger +1 (1d4-1)
Ranged Touch Acid Splash +4 (1d3+1)
Ranged Crossbow +4 (1d8)
Special Attacks Dimensional Slide, Potent Magic, Arcane Reservoir (5/8 points)
Spell-Like abilities (CL 4th)
1/day- Pyrotechnics (DC 14)
At will- Light (centered on self)
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +10) (+1 DC v. Evil Outsiders, +1 DC conjuration)
. . 3rd (DC 18)— Fly, Fireball
. . 2nd (DC 17)— Invisibility, Web, tears to wine
. . 1st (DC 16)— Comprehend Languages, Grease, heightened awareness, mage armor, charm person
. . 0 (DC 15)—Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Acid Splash, Detect Magic
Active Spell Effects
. . Disguise Self (DC 11)
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 21, Wis 9, Cha 14
Base Atk +2; CMB +1; CMD 13
Feats Extra Arcane Exploit (Quick Study), Scribe Scroll, Damned, Spell Focus (conjuration), Toppling Spell
Traits Fraud, Student of Philosophy, Power-Hungry (Drawback), True Name Caller (Hell), "Strike First, strike ruthlessly and thus be victorious"
Skills Appraise +9, Bluff +15 (+12 when feinting in combat), Diplomacy +9 (+6 when gathering information), Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography, history, nobility) +9, Knowledge (nature, local) +10, Knowledge (engineering) +11, Knowledge (religion) +12 Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (planes) +15, Linguistics +13, Spellcraft +15, Perception +4
+2 Intimidate v. Evil when 'halo' is active, +2 on all charisma-based checks v. evil outsiders, -2 on charisma-based v. good outsiders, +4 when researching true names of the denizens of Hell
Languages Abyssal, Azlanti, Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Sylvan, Infernal, Goblin, Aklo
SQ Exploiter's Exploit (Quick Study, Dimensional Slide, Potent Magic), Villain Points (3)
Other Gear: Spellbook
Special Abilities

Spellbook, Iron Circlet (hat of disguise), Light Crossbow, 20 bolts, Cold Iron Dagger, spring-loaded wrist sheath, bandolier, chalk (10), candles (20), powder (10), hammock, silver unholy symbol of Asmodeus, quarterstaff, liquid ice, Miniature shovel (Create Pit focus), Cloak of Resistance +1, acid, 3 basic souls (100 gp each), Noteworthy soul (500 gp), 1439.08 gp
1st level:
. . Enlarge Person, endure elements, infernal healing (5), mount, mage armor
2nd level:
. . Resist Energy (2), glitterdust
3rd level:
. . Fly (2)

Alternate Racial Abilities
Some aasimars possess the ability to manifest halos. An aasimar with this racial trait can create light centered on her head at will as a spell-like ability. When using her halo, she gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against evil creatures and on saving throws against becoming blinded or dazzled. This racial trait replaces the darkvision racial trait.

While Daidalos has never used his halo, when it first makes an appearance in game it will manifest as a crown of fiendish flames and blazing eyes when he's angry or otherwise frustrated. Afterwards, he'll use it more regularly.

FCB: Wizard
+4 skill points


0-level: All,
1st-level: Color Spray, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Magic Missile, Grease, Infernal Healing, Secluded Grimoire, Enlarge Person, Charm Person, Mage Armor, Ray of Enfeeblement, Mount, Unseen Servant, Feather Fall, Glue Seal, Protection from Good, Snowball, Hydraulic Push, heightened awareness, Comprehend Languages, Incendiary Runes, Endure Elements, Arcane Pocket, Fool's Gold, Lucky Number,

2nd-level: Summon Cacodaemon, Create Pit, invisibility, mirror image, resist energy, glitterdust, levitate, flurry of snowballs, blindness/deafness, tears to wine, detect thoughts, full pouch, visualization of the mind

3rd-level: Haste, Earth Tremor

Captured Spellbooks:

Heart of All Flame:
4th – fire shield, ice storm, stoneskin, wall of fire
3rd – dispel magic, flaming arrow, fireball, fly
2nd – bull’s strength, burning gaze, flaming sphere, protection from arrows, pyrotechnics, scorching ray, web
1st – burning hands, dancing lantern, expeditious retreat, mage armor, magic missile, sleep


Okay, so it can be a little awkward in some places, but the general idea is that he grew up on the streets resentful of the church of Mitra, was taught magic by Asmodeans, and swindled a staff of the magi from a noble- which is what got him sent to Branderscar.
Daidalos Icarum was born on the streets. While he doesn't know who his parents are or were, he was clearly blessed by Mitra, and that only made his anger worse. How could a god- and their followers- be 'good,' yet not have a single tenant for caring for the needy? He was constantly kicked to the curb by zealous inquisitors and even paladins for even stealing bread to live, or merely begging too close to the temples, even as he was hailed and praised for being blessed by their god, and him and the few other street urchin aasimars being used as examples for Mitra's divine influence being active in the city. He never understood, as smart as he was, how such a flawed society could survive. He had done nothing wrong, and no matter his ambitions, no matter how much he ingratiated himself to members of society, his merits counted for nothing, and his progress was always stunted. In his mind, the ideal society was one based solely off of merit, skill, and dedication, not birth or other external forces.
His time on the street ended one day when a low-ranking member of the church of Asmodeus quietly recruited him. While he never took to the faith, Daidalos learned the basics of wizardry from his recruiter, a devil binder named Malisak. However, he left shortly afterwards, wanting to improve himself and spend some time earning a name as an adventurer. Looking around, he saw other adventuring groups who earned their way through steel and mighty spell, but Daidalos, weak and inexperienced, preferred something more… subtle. He set his sights on a legendary Azlanti relic known as the Staff of Val Taisel A Staff of the Magi, in OOC terms, a wizard from the ancient past, and an artifact currently being held by a corrupt noble that had frequently spat on him as he passed Daidalos in the street. However, Daidalos managed to talk his way into household staff, then as a magical consultant, and eventually convinced Hahnar's wife to give him the staff, as it was nothing more than a spent trinket and a forgery of the genuine article, a worthless stick.
Daidalos had barely made it out of the city when the alarms were sounded. He ran, hard and fast, dodging all manner of pursuit, evading them for weeks. He would make quick stops in towns, restocking by turning invisible through use of the Staff, grabbing supplies as needed. However, after almost a month of pursuit, the staff ran out of charges and he was apprehended by none other than Sir Balin himself.

Evidence Folder:

From the journal of one D. Icarum, apprehended on 5 Abadius by the honorable Sir Balin of Karfeld for grand theft, high fraud, endangering officers of the law, evading justice, and other minor crimes.
12 Kuthona 4712
I have it! I've never journaled before, but this seems like an appropriate occasion. The Staff of Val Taisel is mine! It's power is nothing like I've seen before… I will have to stop casting magical divinations if I want to keep my sight… its aura is so powerful I can't even look at it.
Anyway, today, after almost two years, I had my chance. Hahnar was out for the week (or so I thought), and Sophia was tending to the estate. I approached her with my 'findings,' and without a second thought, she allowed me to take the staff from its pedestal and literally walk out the front door with it in hand. It's power thrummed in my hand like it was made for me. This will be the adventure that can jump-start my career. Best of all, nobody was hurt! I am a master-class adventurer, to be sure. Of course, they don't see it that way. As it turns out, Hah came back far earlier than expected, and I had barely made it out of the city limits before guards began chasing me. I figured out how to go invisible, which was incredibly useful in evading pursuit, and I am currently hiding in an abandoned mineshaft I discovered. This is the best day of my life.

19 Kuthona 4712
It's been a week now… I'm still staying three steps ahead of pursuit. Today, I slipped into some town (whose name I don't know) and stole a lot of supplies. Funny, I kind of figured I wouldn't have to steal any more being an adventurer…. Then again, what are adventurers beyond glorified thieves? Anyway, I'm starting to get more attention… I saw several wanted posters for me while I was in town… amusing. I'm experimenting more and more with the Staff, and I'm starting to suspect it's even more powerful than I first thought- which is saying a lot. I'm hesitant to push it too far, as it's bound to run out of magic soon (and I don't know how to recharge it), but so far it's made me immune to the few spells I've been hit with, can open holes in solid objects, conjure storms, and call powerful fiends.

Well, I need to get some sleep. Early morning tomorrow.

20 Kuthona 4712
I passed by a sizeable city today, and I snuck into a magic shop. Didn't get the chance to take as much as I would have liked- the inquisitors are hot on my heels- but I did nab a pair of scrolls of the same spell. I'll use one to copy into my book, and save the other for emergency use, so I don't have to always have the spell ready to cast at all times. Other than that, not much of note. Tomorrow's the winter solstice, so plenty of time to make my way under the cover of darkness.

24 Kuthona 4712
Been on the run a lot recently…. I'm trying to conserve the staff's power now. I have Balin himself on my tail now- he is good. I can't escape him, that's for sure. I'm making my way to a port- hopefully I can stow away on a ship before he catches up to me. I managed to copy the secluded grimoire spell today, so I'll have that on hand if I need it.
31 Kuthona 4712
Happy new year! I guess…. Balin is still on my tail, never-

1 Abadius 4712
That… was close. Far too close. I'll be a free man for less than a week, that's for sure. Balin almost got me last night as I was writing, had to leave a lot of my supplies behind. However, I'm just six days away from port. If I can make it that long, I'm home free.

4 Abadius 4712
Used the last charge from the staff today. It retains quite a few of its abilities, however. I've decided against breaking it out of spite if (when) I'm caught- it would just be a wasted resource, I can always retrieve it later. It's an adventure, after all. Maybe THIS time I should just charge in spells blazing and kill everyone, because THAT approach never justifies being hunted for nearly a month. Stupid laws, stupid Mitra! I renounce you as evil! You allow murder to go unpunished, yet hunt down those who try to escape the pattern you place them in! I will never forget your insults!

5 Abadius 4712
This is likely my last entry as a free man. I twisted my leg while running today. I'm within sight of the ocean! I don't know what city I'm close to, but I'm just so close. If only I could run, I would make it for sure. However, I'm unlikely to, which is why I'm writing this with my last scroll sitting open right next to me. I'll activate it as soon as
(there is a sudden smear of ink, and the remaining pages are blank.)

Interrogation of Prisoner 1277
I: Calliphais. Begin transcription.
I: Prisoner of Branderscar Prison number 1277, state your name for the record
P: Daidalos
I: Your full name
P: Daidalos A Icarum
I: What does the A stand for?
P: It doesn't. It's literally just an A.
I: Why?
P: Good question. If I ever had known my parents, I would have asked them.
I: Hmm. Fair. You know why we are having this conversation
I: You have been convicted of grand Fraud, tricking one Lady Sillisa into giving you possession of the Staff of Vel Tasel
P: Val Taisal
I: Pardon me?
P: Val Taisal. It's called the Staff of Val Taisal. You said 'Vel Tasel,' which is incorrect.
I: Very well. Posession of the Staff of Vel Taisal, a family heirloom and inheritance to Lord Sillisa from his great-great grandfather. Upon the obtaining of the Staff, you fled the city, and evaded justice for nearly a month, stealing from several towns during your fleeing, and endangering the lives of many officers of the law including one who you- if I have this correctly- ensnared in a magical web, and set it on fire? Do you deny any of this?
P: Wait- what? I didn't light it on fire. I just ensnared him. Regular adventurers kill their opponents. I pride myself on being more creative than that.
I: Do you deny any of this?
P: Except for the whole 'lighting the web on fire', no. Did the man survive?
I: As a matter of fact, he did. Not that you would care.
P: Actually, I do. He did nothing wrong, was a productive member of society, and was only doing his job. I won't kill unless I have good reason. That's the whole reason I went through such an elaborate setup to obtain the Staff in the first place! We get adventurers all the time who, adventuring 'in the name of good, justice, and Mitra' butcher otherwise law-abiding and valuable members of society 'for the greater good'! The difference between me and them is that I didn't kill anyone! I am not deserving of this sentence!
I: Hm. They said you were insane.
P: What? I am not insane! Maybe a little short-sighted at times, but I am perfectly sane, thank you very much, you- Aaaahh! What was that for?
I: An example. If you do not cooperate with my questioning, you'll feel it again.
P: What do you mean? I'm- aaarrgh! Seriously? What the- aaahh!
I: I'm glad we're in agreement. So, who did you work with?
P: What do you mean? I worked alon- aah! Really?
I: I said, who did you work with?
P: Nobody! I told- argh! Really? What-uung- was that for?
I: You're not cooperating.
P: How hot is that iron, anyway?
I: That's none of your concern.
P: Really? It seems to by my biggest concern-argh- at the moment.
I: I'll ask again. Who did you work with?
P: How many times do I need to tell you? I didn't work with anybody. Your iron is starting to cool, by the way. That one barely hurt.
I: Oh, thanks. Wait, what?
P: Look, I'm just trying to be a decent human-err aasimar being. As you can see, this treatment is entirely undeserved. I'm just an adventurer.
I: You're a thief!
P: All adventurers are thieves, my friend. Some of us are just more honest about it.
I: Fine. So, you won't give up your friends. I can accept that. We'll just come back to that one later. Where is your spellbook? We know you're a wizard, so it has to be stashed somewhere.
P: Where you'll never find it. Ow! Yep, that's hot again.
I: Be more specific, please.
P: I actually can- REALLY?
I: Be more specific, please.
P: No, really. I can't be- hey! I'm answering your question! More specific than that. All I- will you stop that? Can tell you is that it's somewhere on the Astral Plane. I learned a spell that hid it away where it will never be found again.
I: So, it's gone for good, then?
P: Yep. There's a counterspell to bring it back, but I intentionally didn't prepare that spell before I- oh come on! I'm being honest! Sent it away.
I: Why did you effectively destroy your spellbook?
P: So you wouldn't get it.
I: So why not just destroy it?
P: Ummm… because I'm a wizard, and I can do way better than burning a book? I mean, seriously, saying I banished my spellbook to a remote corner of the astral plane is way more wizardly than saying I tore it up into little pieces.
I: So, you hid it in the cave we captured you in? Interesting. So your allies could collect it for you and deliver it to you? Fascinating.
P: What? Did you not hear me? I neither have allies nor –argh- hid my book in the cave.
I: Thank you for your time, 1277. It has been quite illuminating. I will return tomorrow with more questions, when you feel like being more honest.
P: What are you talking about? I answered every one of your questions completely truthfully, you little-
I: End transcription. Asfallias.
Personality and Appearance:

So, Daidalos looks roughly like this, especially the outfit (I like the outfit) once he can actually choose his clothing (I'm guessing we start in prison clothes). However, he also wears fingerless leather gloves and occasionally goes barefoot.

As for personality, Daidalos is very, very clever (though he doesn't always think his plans through all the way to their full consequences) and has a decent amount of charm that combine to make him an impressive foe, never caught off-guard and usually with backup. He has a list of rules that he holds to that should allow him to stay in power for a very long time- once he gets there, but he plays the long game. Not, of course, that he would ever admit to anyone (or himself, for that matter) that he's power hungry. Rather, he defends his actions as merely being the most beneficial and expedient. The so-called 'good' god Mitra only cared about those fortunate at birth, whereas in his system, anyone can rise to the top- but failure, incompetence, betrayal, and lawbreaking are all punished in one and the same (some might say harsh) way- immediate replacement.

Replacement by your reanimated corpse, that is. And a fresh devil hired with your soul. It's only expedient. Losing one incompetent worker or 'dissident' (as he calls criminals and potential usurpers) is an excellent trade when one considers that the outcome is a tireless, utterly obedient worker as strong as they were in life, and a powerful outsider with many more special abilities than the fallen. It's only expedient, after all.

In any case, Daidalos will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals- no action is beneath him, and he will easily humble himself, or play the role of any person, or personality if it serves his goals- but woe be to any that made him humiliate himself once he gets the chance for vengeance.

He adventures as a personal challenge, in a way, with lots of benefits- accumulating prestige, magical knowledge, and, eventually, the ability to enslave other creatures to his will through sheer arcane power. He knows and recognizes he is weak and decently fragile, and so appreciates the value of minions, be they weak-willed thralls, easily manipulated 'allies,' bound outsiders, or the ever-obedient undead.


Daidalos is a medium-sized Aasimar, with hair the color of burnished brass and eyes that, every once in a while, reflect flames burning ferociously. He has light-colored skin, with a few scars he keeps as reminders of past points of failures, and often wears a sleeveless dark-colored robe, showing off a faint spiraling tattoo along his arms (that glow ever so slightly when spellcasting). His skin is fair, but tanned from a lifetime of living near Golarion's equator. Overall, his body language can change in an instant, from a cowed, slightly hunched-over look to an imposing, straight-backed posture in an instant, depending on what the situation demands.

The Many Faces of Daidalos: