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Well my dubt its because the part of teh description of the Caging Bomb says:

"Creatures within the area are caught and contained unless any creature within the splash radius is too big to fit inside, in which case the effect automatically fails. Teleportation and other forms of astral travel provide means for escape, but the force walls extend into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel."

ethereal things like magic links, psionic powers etc then are used normal?

In my Campaign a Player have a Aclhemist lvl 20+ Vitalist Lvl 3

he have made a i think overpowered combo with Caging Bomb Admixture

combined with healing bombs and Vitalist Collective Healing

And Know the status of the other Charecters bonded to him. and distribute the heal and over heal to the other members, well My question IS:

The caging Bomb prision can Interrupt the psinics Vitalist with the other members of the team? and if another spellcaster(like cleric o sorceres exaple) is inside the cage with him, these one can use area spells or soumons normaly with out problems?

Hellou Guys i have some questions

In my campain I Have a player with a great Alchemist, and the player reads a lot about her class, and he propose to me about a combo whit his discoveries.

Eternal Potion+Infusion
To share the others charecters some of the spells and powers

My question is ¿This is posible?

like i see potions an extracts looks the same thing, and the ethernal efects looks like its just limited to the same charecter


A Creature whit Full Hit Dice how many CR increse?
example X monster have 10d10 hd. the medium life 60 but whit full hd is 100.

I Have a Question:

In my Last Rol Sesion Y put to my players a Iron Colossus whit Antimagicfield.

The Oracle try to heal the gunslinger inside the AMF, i tell her that it cant becuse AMF dont let them do it
"An antimagic field suppresses any spell or magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Time spent within an antimagic field counts against the suppressed spell’s duration."

But they told me that spells what have "Casting Time: 1 immediate action" Like Acid Orb and "Duration:Instantaneous" like Heal spell are not afected by the AMF

This is true or not??

A player wants tu use this Spell Glory of the Faithful
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/3rd-party-spells/4-winds-fantasy-gaming---3rd -party-spells/glory-of-the-faithful

"You are infused with the power and glory of all those faithful to your god, both living and dead. You gain a divine bonus to attack, damage, and AC equal to your caster level."

My question is about ¿The Ac is normal ac or a defleccion Ac like the spell "Shield"

And about its stack or not whit the usual paladin Smite Evil?

Thanks for all that give this answers
My question is abot en general burst, anda area explosions
Desolate soy de mexico hablo en español y en ingles mas u menos

I have question

Example: "Sodier A is inside a tank
enemy wizard cast a fireball o burning hand, angainst the Tank"

My question is "¿The area efect,(reflex save)can damage the Soldier inside the Tank or not?"

Hola, un saludo a la sociedad Paizo, verán tengo una enorme duda con respecto a la clase de Prestigio Arquero Arcano.

Mi duda es la siguiente:

Tengo un Longbow con las siguientes mejoras:

+5 de mejora y +5 de habilidades especiales, distribuidas de la siguiente manera.

+2 in Holy weapon
+2 in Shocking burst
+1 in Flaming

Enhance Arrows (Su): Por ser Arquero arcano de nivel 9 puedo agregar Frost, Distance y Anarquic.

In total, my damage is:

1d8(Arrow from longbow) +5 Enhantmen+Holy(2d6)+Shocking burst(1d6 or 2d10 in critical)+ 1d6 Flamming+ 1d6 Frost+2d6 anarquic (Aplies only Lawfull creatures)

All this damage in only a Arrow!? The special qualities Frost and anarquic can be add to arrow when this longbow have Flamming, shocking burst and holy!?!?

magic Ammunition and magic bow can overcome the +5 magic abilities?