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Scott Betts wrote:

"It's not about producing minis that people don't want. It's about being able to produce minis that everyone wants ten of while at the same time being able to produce minis that everyone wants one of."

No one playing D&D wants 10 orcs for $40.


It's absolutely amazing how people don't get it. This guy gets it. No one wants 10 orcs for $40 and with a random model there is no guarantee that you won't get that (unlikely but it's called random for a reason).

Mr. Betts also kindly and professionally noted that in my "buy a complete set" for one price solution 'That I will lament how I now only have one goblin and not ten'. bought WOTC's random miniature lottery in the past I have all the orcs, goblins, skeletons, and guardsmen I can carry. Ah, the random model strikes again.

And you're right I don't have any experience in selling pre-painted plastic toys. My business is as a transportation supervisor for a Fortune 500 company. I handle literally over a million dollars of revenue a day. But you're right -offering a fair product at a fair price and making a profit is pure crazy talk. I have no idea what I'm talking about and so I will simply vote with my dollar.

Thank you Mr. Betts for setting me straight you sir are a scholar and economist without peer. have got to be kidding me. I looked forward to this product with an open mind and open wallet. All I kept saying to myself was "please, please learn from WOTC...anything but random." Then we get
This reasoning is complete nonsense. Here's an idea: do enough market research and target groups at...oh I don't know a major convention (or two) and produce what people actually want. That way you don't have to worry about some figures not selling well enough. Which here's the translation on that: "You may pay your hard-earned money and get something you absolutely, positively have no use for...but hey we have to make the lich an extra sparkly color purple, so here's your fourth goblin stalker or whatever."
Here's an amazing idea...make a quality product and charge what you need to make a profit for it...done. If you feel the need to bundle stuff maybe make it useful bundling-Buy an undead army set (5 skeletons, 2 ghosts and their vampire leader)- Buy a forest lover's special (3 elves, 2 dryads, and a big scary treant).
I am all for the visible product and like many people if you put all 40 in one box and slap $199.99 on it I'll buy it. But I'm not spending $4 a pop for random stuff anymore- enough is seriously enough. I was a MTG player for a decade and there was nothing like the sinking feeling of popping a booster to get "thoughtlace" as your rare. WOTC recreated that feeling when you pulled a chain golem (or whatever mini you personally have no use for) as your huge figure in the mini's line.
Now we get to enjoy this all over thanks.

Matthew Koelbl wrote:

Link is missing, but I believe this will take you to it.

Though it was cool to see this come out, since I've long wanted to see a Baba Yaga write-up for 4E, and even considered submitting such an article to DDI. 4E has definitely embraced the 'creepy fey and folklore' angle, and I think the more we see along those lines, the better!

Matt thanks for the link fix! Yes this has been a labor of love and there are over 20 pages of gaming goodness, original color illustrations, vehicles, skill challenges, and lots and lots of monsters all within the covers. If you pick this up please let me know what you think!


The famous witch is back! Three versions (one for each tier of play), her minion riders, and the devilish dziads are all detailed. Skill challenges and the vehicle versions of the chicken-legged hut and mortar round out the guide! All for less than a buck!

Check it out : Baba Yaga:Queen of the Wicked Fens
from Escape Velocity Gaming

Baba Yaga for 4e is out now if that helps....Baba Yaga: Queen of the Wicked Fens is the name of the guide. Three versions of the hated hag (heroic, paragon, and epic) along with her dziad assistants and undead minion riders. We also included vehicle forms of the mortar and hut!

William C. Pfaff
President of EscapeVelocityGaming

Saragun's Blackout Oil

"...douses normal and magical flames and lights upon contact...." "This greasy black liquid is icy-cold to the touch, and it snuffs out normal fires or torches upon impact...." "It can cancel out magical fires if their caster level is lower than its caster level. If used as a weapon directly against Fire-related creatures, it acts as a contact poison or acid of extreme cold, inflicting 1d6 damage...." "...commonly packaged in one-ounce glass globes...."

--- Page 82 Alchemy & Herbalists published by Bastion Press 2001