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AC 23/21/16 HP 45/45 F+2 R+10 W+5 Init+12 Per+12

About Crunk

Male Goblin Rogue 5
CN Small Humanoid (Goblin)
Init +12; Senses Darkvision (60 feet); Perception +12
AC 23, touch 21, flat-footed 16 (+6 Dex, +3 insight, +1 Size, +1 dodge, +2 armor)
hp 45 (5d8+5)
Fort +2, Ref +10, Will +5
Defensive Abilities evasion, trap sense, uncanny dodge
Spd 35 ft.
Melee Kukri +11 (1d3+6/18-20/x2) and Kukri +11 (1d3+3/18-20/x2) and Bite +10 (1d4-1/x2)
Ranged Sling +10 (1d3-1/20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +4d6
Str 8, Dex 22, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 8
Base Atk +3; CMB +8; CMD 21
Feats Canny Defense (Wisdom), Improved Initiative, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Kukri)
Traits Ambidextrous, Child of the Streets: Bravo, Weapon Bond (Kukri, Dexterity)
Skills Acrobatics +14, Appraise +5, Climb +7, Diplomacy -1, Disable Device +18, Disguise -1, Escape Artist +10, Knowledge (Local - Shadowlands) +10, Knowledge (Shadow) +7, Linguistics +6, Perception +12, Persuasive +3, Ride +6, Sense Motive +9, Sleight of Hand +10, Stealth +18, Survival +4 (+2 in cities), Swim +3, Use Magic Device +3
Languages Goblin, Black Tongue, Shadar, Trader's Tongue
SQ +5 sneak attack damage during surprise round or before target has acted in combat, rogue talents (finesse rogue, weapon training), trapfinding +2
Combat Gear Kukris (2), Sling, Sling Bullets (20)
Mundane Gear Adventurer's Sash, Backpack, Chalk, Cold Weather Outfit, Earplugs, Fishhook, Fishing Line, Flint and Steel, Ink, Inkpen, Marked Cards, Masterwork Thieves' Tools, Surgeon's Tools, Traveler's Outfit, Waterproof Bag, Waterskin, Winter Blanket
Evasion If you succeed at a Reflex save for half damage, you take none instead.
Trap Sense +1 +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps
Trapfinding +2 +2 to find or disable traps
Uncanny Dodge Retain Dex bonus to AC when flat-footed

Fate Points
+1 for question of innkeeper when going to the well

Crunk's Story:

They usually escape notice. Forgotten vermin unworthy of attention from the mighty lords and ladies of the Great Houses. Worthless pests that the least of the Lesser Houses tower high above. But the goblins know a secret. Sometimes hidden offers its own power.

There are secrets in the shadows of Gloomnight. Old secrets. Dark secrets. And if you know where to look or listen, you might find them. So it was for a young goblin with the unfortunate name of Crunk. The goblin now known by that name was birthed and quickly forgotten someplace in the cracks between Gloom and Night. A place you don’t grow up and no one gets old. You live or you die. Most die. He lived.

Perhaps it was luck. Perhaps it was fate. Or perhaps just the right b*@*$ was f*cked in just the right alley under just the right phase of the blood red moon before having her throat cut over a crumb of food, but the young goblin who came to be known as Crunk possessed the ability to vanish from the time he first stepped out of the cracks. To disappear and to be forgotten. Two different ways to vanish. Two very important talents in Gloomnight.

It wasn’t long before Crunk demonstrated other talents. Knowing where to be when. Finding things others thought lost. Navigating paths that don’t exist. And secrets. Most of all secrets. Crunk came to know Gloomnight. And some might say Gloomnight came to know Crunk too. At times, it seemed the city itself protected him or yielded treasures to his beseeching eyes that she would release to no other.

Goblin Market. Troll Bridge. River Port. Hag Market. Old Court. Nightingale Street. Slave Market. Old Dungeon. Even Despot’s Hold. He knows them all. And many of their secrets, especially the ways in between. Though one legendary place proved elusive. The Inn of Lost Souls. Until today.

Calculations and Trait/Feat Descriptions:

Midnight Traits (3)

Ambidexterous You are equally skilled in using either hand. Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced by 4.

Child of the Streets You can make Survival checks in the city with a +2 bonus, even if you lack any ranks in that skill. You can use Survival to track down any specific dealers and informants. When searching for a specific item, you can make a Survival check (DC equal to the cost of the item you seek divided by 50 gp) to uncover a dealer who offers it. In addition, select one of the following trait abilities:
Bravo: You are an experienced street fighter. You gain the ability to sneak attack for 1d6 points of damage. If you already have sneak attack, increase its damage by 1d6 points.

Weapon Bond: Kukri (Dexterity) Select a single simple, martial, or exotic weapon. You are automatically proficient with this weapon, even if your class does not normally grant access to it. You feel so comfortable with the weapon, it feels like an extension of your body, personality, and intellect. You may choose an ability score other than Strength to modify your attacks and damage with the bonded weapon; consider the chosen ability score’s bonus your Strength bonus for these purposes. For example, you still gain 1.5 times the ability’s bonus to damage when using a two-handed weapon. You do not gain the bonus for Strength and your chosen ability when using your bonded weapon type. You gain the benefits of only one of them, and you may switch between the two as a free action.

Alternate Racial Trait

Hard Head, Big Teeth Goblins are known for their balloon-like heads and enormous maws, but some have even more exaggeratedly large heads filled with razor-sharp teeth. Goblins with this trait gain a bite attack as a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 points of damage. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Feats by Level
1 Two-Weapon Fighting
3 Canny Defense: Wisdom
5 Improved Initiative

Two-Weapon Fighting
You can fight with a weapon wielded in each of your hands. You can make one extra attack each round with the secondary weapon.
Prerequisite Dex 15.
Benefit Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. See Two-Weapon Fighting in Combat.
Normal If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. When fighting in this way you suffer a –6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a –10 penalty to the attack with your off hand. If your off-hand weapon is light, the penalties are reduced by 2 each. An unarmed strike is always considered light.

Canny Defense (Combat)
Prerequisite Int, Wis, or Cha 13.
Benefit Choose one mental attribute score (once chosen, this cannot be changed). When wearing light armor or no armor, and not carrying a medium or heavy load, you treat that attribute modifier as an insight bonus to Armor Class and CMD, to a maximum bonus equal to your base attack bonus. This bonus applies even when you are flat-footed, but not if you are immobilized or helpless.

Improved Initiative
Your quick reflexes allow you to react rapidly to danger.
Benefit You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.

Rogue Talents by Level
2 Finesse Rogue
4 Weapon Training: Kukri

Weapon Finesse
You are trained in using your agility in melee combat, as opposed to brute strength.
Benefit With a light weapon, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls. If you carry a shield, its armor check penalty applies to your attack rolls.
Special Natural weapons are considered light weapons.

Weapon Focus
Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.
Prerequisites Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.
Special You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.

Heroic Path
1 +2 bonus to initiative
2 +1 dodge bonus to AC
3 Fast movement +5 ft.
4 Burst of speed 1/day
5 +1 Dex

Ability Scores
Str 8 (0 points -2 racial)
Dex 22 (13 points +4 racial +1 heroic path)
Con 12 (2 points)
Int 12 (2 points)
Wis 18 (13 points +1 Level 4 ability increase)
Cha 8 (0 points -2 racial)

Skill Points 5x8 (Rogue) + 5x1 (Int) = 45
Acrobatics* +6 (Dex) +3 (Class) +5 (5 Ranks)
Appraise* +1 (Int) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
Climb* -1 (Str) +3 (Class) +5 (5 Ranks)
Diplomacy* -1 (Cha)
Disable Device* +6 (Dex) +3 (Class) +5 (5 Ranks) +4 (Masterwork Thieves' Tools)
Disguise* -1 (Cha)
Escape Artist* +6 (Dex) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
Knowledge (Local - Shadowlands) +2 (Int) +3 (Class) +5 (Ranks)
Knowledge (Shadow) +2 (Int) +? (Class) +5 (Ranks)
Linguistics* +1 (Int) +3 (Class) +2 (2 Ranks)
Perception* +4 (Wis) +3 (Class) +5 (5 Ranks)
Persuasive* -1 (Cha) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
Ride +6 (Dex)
Sense Motive* +4 (Wis) +3 (Class) +2 (2 Ranks)
Sleight of Hand* +6 (Dex) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
Stealth* +6 (Dex) +4 (Size) +3 (Class) +5 (5 Ranks)
Survival +4 (Wis); +2 in cities
Swim* -1 (Str) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
Use Magic Device* -1 (Cha) +3 (Class) +1 (1 Rank)
*Class skills

Favored Class Bonus
+5 on sneak attack damage rolls in surprise round or before target has acted in combat

Hit Points
5x8 (Rogue) + 5x1 (Con) = 45

Armor Class
+6 (Dex) +1 (Size) +3* (Canny Defense) +1 (Heroic Path) +2 (Leather Armor)
*Improves to +4 when BAB increases to +4

+6 (Dex) +2 (Heroic Path) +4 (Improved Initiative)

Kukri (Primary Hand) +3 (BAB) +1 (Small) +6 (Dex, Weapon Bond) +4 +1 (Weapon Focus) -6 (Two Weapons) +2 (Light Weapons) +2 (TWF) +4 (Ambidextrous)
Kukri (Secondary Hand) +3 (BAB) +1 (Small) +6 (Dex, Weapon Bond) +1 (Weapon Focus) -10 (Two Weapons) +2 (Light Weapons) +6 (TWF) +4 (Ambidextrous)
Bite (Goblin Bite) +3 (BAB) +1 (Small) +6 (Dex, Weapon Finesse)

Kukri 1d3 +6 (Dex, Weapon Bond) (18-20/x2)
Goblin Bite 1d4 -1 (Str)

+3 (BAB) +6 (Dex, Weapon Finesse) -1 (Size)

10 +3 (BAB) -1 (Str) +6 (Dex) -1 (Size) +4 (Wis, Canny Defense)