Cruadorn Sand-Born's page

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Full Name

Cruadorn Sand-Born


"Sand" Dwarf


Magus 13




4ft, 5in.



Special Abilities

Strandard Dwarven Traits, Lorekeeper(replaces Greed)


Neutral Good




Back with Riddywhipple in Osirion after answering the call from the Decemvirate. Really needs a drink!


Common, Dwarvern, Terran, Undercommon, Gnome, Osirion, Ancient Osirion, Draconic


Tomb "Explorer", Dwarven and Osirion Historian, "Lost" child of the Sand Dwarves

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Cruadorn Sand-Born

With his bronze colored skin and "blondish" hair, Cruadorn is clearly one of the rare "Sand Dwarves", or Pahmet, of the western Osirion deserts. However, he has never met one of his kin. He was found by a group of Pathfinder explorers during a severe sandstorm in the western deserts of Osirion. He was only an infant, near death, and found half buried in a sand-dune. They took him back to the capital of Sothis, where on of the dwarven members took pity on him and retuned home with him to Tar-Kazmukh to be raised by his clan. While he grew up as a typical dwarf, he always felt a strong connection to the land of his birth, and was always digging through dwarven historical records in hopes of finding out more about the Pahmet. Once his arcane talents began to manifest, it allowed him greater access to information in the arcane libraries of the city. Unfortunately, details were scarce and sketchy about the Pahmet, so he felt that the best way to find out more would be to attempt to join the Pathfinder Society. Hopefully he would be able to find missions to or related to Osirion, and perhaps one day have the chance to meet his people.