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Why do people keep thinking that the goblin babies impaled on racks in dwarven restaurants are shameful and demeaning!? Goblins are lower life forms among the dwarven race, and as such, are food!

Speaking of, anyone wanna buy a rack of baby?

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Only posting to point out that a thread is going to be a popcorn muncher and contributing nothing more GMG.


Ooh, you like Popcorn with your Paizo Gamemastery Guide?!?
We see see what you did there, no Gamemastery Guide has authority over us.

People arguing with themselves using different aliases Gamemastery G-

I mean uh, grinds my gears.
Must be why you are deranged.
Now you know what I feel like, voices, arguing in my head...
Hey! I have a monopoly on dark-skinned elf aliases!
Oh now?

Let it be. It gives me more handsome noble lone outcast cred to work with at the taverns.

Ladies and gentlemen love a handsome noble lone outcast.

Keep your dark skinned aliases! Greenies are where it's at! The goblin babies on my spikes say so!

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Hi! I'm Crazy Eddie! I put babies on spikes! *Impales a baby*. You want a rack of baby? *Impales another one* We've got babies on racks! *Holds up six*

They taste of chicken!

Really bad reference to an awesome comedian...