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I don't buy it nor do I comprehend the issue. This is a bit of a rant so I apologize ahead of time.

I've been hearing this argument far too often when the issue of Pathfinder vs 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I keep hearing the argument that Pathfinder is slowly being eaten alive by the sheer amount of books and bloat and that it is difficult for new people because of the amount. Then what is said about 5th edition is that it is so easy because of it's level of slow release. I find this argument wrong because technically you only need two books to play Pathfinder forever while you need three for D&D. You could also do just fine with the starter set for both games. Anything outside of the core books are optional. If you are a gamer then you know there are core books that you start with and if you are new to gaming then just ask someone where do you start. I don't buy this whole "I'm overwhelmed with the sheer amount of product and options."

So who's forcing people to buy all those books out there? You don't need anything outside of core to play the game so why give out and keep others from having the options they want when all you have to do is limit what you buy? Are these people compulsive buyers who can't help themselves? When I go out for dinner I don't order everything on the menu. I pick and choose what I want. I also wouldn't give out about the menu having things on it I don't like because there are others who eat there that do like it.

I also hate this attitude that Wizards seems to have bred that lots of options are bad for the game. I find this false because all Wizards/Hasbro is interested in is meeting a specific profit target. Trying to spin and justify their weak release schedule in this manner is just BS. This then spills over to Pathfinder and people spouting crap about the game is dooming itself with all the "bloat".

I'm happy Pathfinder gives me options. Do I use everything? No I do not, but I have sense enough to pick and choose what I want used in my games.

I'm glad Paizo gives us a game that benefits us the fans instead of worrying about making specific profits and then trying to tell us that wanting more is bad for the game.


Not sure what to think.

The title says it all.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and a lot of other movies have been there done that. I remember something about that Seventh Son movie that came out. Looked very much like a D&D type of movie but it looks like it got bad reviews.

Hasbro is so focused on a movie that I believe they aren't really worried about the D&D TTRPG game itself, but what exactly could a D&D movie bring that other movies have not? I mean we already have those other god awful movies that people haven't forgotten.

Do you think they could pull off a blockbuster?

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Big corporations are the bane of RPG's and Hasbro is no exception.

I believe D&D would be better off in the hands of a smaller company who does not see D&D as a mega money maker but as a table top game that may not earn you billions, will earn you a nice profit while giving gamers the game they want. I see Hasbro as the kind of company that would break that antique piggy bank in order to get to the money inside. I could see them getting frustrated because D&D didn't meet their crazy goals and shelving it.

What get's me is a company like Hasbro and WoTC can't seem to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Well we all know the basic rules for D&D 5th edition are free for download. If you've read over them, what do you think?

Does it seem like a game you are going to play?

Hello everyone!

We all know the rule about class skills gaining a +3 which is supposed to represent some sort of training, but wouldn't you think that after gaining 10 ranks in a non-class skill, you would gain that +3?

Not particularly looking to make it a houserule, just looking to see if maybe I am the only one who thinks it would make more sense.