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I can see now that the previous post was marked as a potential FAQ candidate- I'm happy to see progress and I look forward to the hardworking staff answering our questions.

As a passing final note, if someone *does* find a way that "The Tooth that Seeks Honor" works besides delaying/holding turns/actions, please reply directly to me- I'm thoroughly curious.

That's all.

Nimor Starseeker wrote:

Maybe this was a typo, and should have said something along the lines of: Until the end of you next turn...

It would make a lot more sense..

I think we're all sorta coming to the same conclusion...

I don't know what else to add, but I do wish that there was some better understanding of how it's meant to function, if a dev could weigh in.

Nyerkh wrote:

Any ways to use maneuvers as AoOs or even as part of a full attack ? Or any other way to trigger one before the start of one's next turn ?
- I mentioned the Vanguard's Clothesline earlier, for AoO trips.
- Friendly envoy buddy giving you a bonus action is another.
Anything else ?

The 'Living Ladder' feat from COM can knock a target prone if you hit them with a standard action attack FROM prone... but only with an unarmed strike, and only if you're the same size/bigger.

At the very least, it'd be something to consider alongside the 'Ground Fighting' feat, which allows for a great amount of cheese.

It isn't technically a combat maneuver, but it does what it does.

I'm also having a similar issue with the same question that has been brought up by the OP.

For context, I am currently using a character with this archetype in a new campaign, with a flame doshko. The character is almost level 3.

From what I understand, the 'Tooth that Seeks Honor' ability kinda stunts itself. Looking at the ability, the main problem that comes with it is the "until the ***START*** of your next turn."

Not the end, the start. What this implies to me, is, the only way that you are ever able to make use of the special weapon properties (disarm/sunder/trip- the ones that require a standard action to use) that you may/may not obtain from missing is if you delay/hold your action when your turn comes around. If you do delay/hold action before using your standard action, you CAN get your AoO back before your turn comes back to you, but you won't get another one until next turn... oh, and your initiative placement is now far worse.

So, with that all said and done, it CAN be helpful for your teammates to put your opponent in an unfortunate situation. Your character has done their part, been EXTREMELY tactical and predicted enemy movements/actions/whatever, and has received a reward on their turn, as a result. All this said, however, it feels as though all of these abilities, when laid out, seem as though they'd function more fluidly if they lasted until the END of the character's next turn.

If they lasted until the end, your character could full attack, perhaps miss twice, then now have the reach and the neat fun of a combat maneuver bonus- it wouldn't do MUCH, but it would change up the battlefield without causing am initiative headache AND your character could still hold on to their precious AoO.

Now, perhaps this may imply that an errata may be due in place because of faulty word choice, but all of this if and only if you choose to use a doshko that ISN'T unwieldy- which a lot of them are.

TL,DR; Unless your doshko is unwieldy (in which, this won't apply to you), the 'Tooth that Seeks Honor' ability requires a lot of prediction and sacrifice from the character with this archetype. It seems like it may need an errata/clarification to give the ability a duration til the end of your next turn.

Thurston Hillman wrote:
Jeff_Barnes wrote:

Boon question...

** spoiler omitted **

Yes! You sure can.

More questions for ya, Thursty-

Boon spoiler!:
if you spend the 3 fame to work with an izalguun starfinder, does the character in possession of the staff have to also have 11 ranks in engineering?

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Hi, hello, Paizo, I'd like to lodge a complaint.

As someone desperate to look at numbers on the east coast, I'm limited by this terrible notion known as 'timezones'.

Please, can someone in the tech team come up with some sort of time machine to overcome this problem so that I may buy the book right now?

Thank you. Please let me know asap.

(/sarcasm, if it wasn't clear, lol.)


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WOW! Nice to see how active everyone is on this forum- in the community we have in my town, we're a very small group, but it's a pleasant sight to see everyone communicating and trading!


that... that's actually all. nothing to trade. sorry.

: C


Kevin Willis wrote:

You can't trade boons you got from a scenario chronicle. (Those with a title such as "1-06: A Night in Nightarch.")

Tradeable boons come on their own chronicle and have a title like "Season 9 Convention Boon 5" or "2018 Regional Support Program Player Boon 1.”

Ah, I see.

Thanks for telling me. Well, I guess I better get out somewhere and figure that out- I doubt I'll be able to find charity for a boon!



I don't know?
I'm a newer player, and I've never been to a con or special events, so I'm not sure? Are race boons from scenarios counted? If so, I have...

Halfling entry
Morlamaw entry

and I want...
Dwarf legacy boon