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Can I get the Starfinder SRD in PDF form?

I am Looking for a weekly home brew Pathfinder game in Aurora Colo on Saturdays. If anyone knows of one contact me, thanks.

I do an there does not seem to be any on Saturdays....

I am looking for a Saturday home game in the Denver area. I have been playing Pathfinder for many years and can play any level.

Gary Teter wrote:

That's a very interesting idea. I'll ask around.

Dungeon back issues are turned into PDF as they go out of stock. For more details search the messageboards for "dungeon pdf".

Thanks, I have a few Dungon mags in PDF but I would like them all from #1 to the latest one on PDF...

As far as role playing products on PDF you might offer them in groups like modules, role playing aids, rule books... I did not realize how much product you had..

Can you offer all of your role playing PDF products on DVD? That would be much eazer then downloading them one at a time... Also will you offer back issues of dungeon magazine?