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Full Name



Suli Aegis (Trailblazer) 5, Fighter (Unbreakable) 1/Medium (Spirit Dancer) 6/Mythic Trickster 1


| HP: 71/86, Stamina: 1/8 | AC: 19 / T: 12 / FF: 19 | Fort: +9, Ref: +4, Will: +6 | M. Touch: +9, R. Touch: +7 | CMB: +10, CMD: 21 | Init: +1/+3 favored, Perception: +9/+11 favored (LL) | Resist Fire 5, Electric 5, Acid 5, Cold 5, DR 3/-







Special Abilities





Idniskow, (Olalis), (Cyshrn)




Common, Infernal, Celestial, Aquan, Terran, Ignan, Auran, Sylvan, Protean, Abyssal


Guide, Scout

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Child-of-Planes

Suli Aegis (Trailblazer) 5/Fighter (Unbreakable) 1
//Medium (Spirit Dancer) 6
Mythic Trickster 1
True Neutral Medium Outsider (native)

Mechanical themes: Survival, travel, exploration
Spiritual themes: Soul collection, astral projection, elemental spirits

"This looks like a job for my brother…"

Init +1/+3 favored, Perception +9/+11 favored, Low-Light Vision

Daily Abilities:
Influence 1/5
Spirit Dance 15/15
Power Points 14/14
Channel Energy 4/4 (3d6+2, DC 16)
Mythic Power 5/5

AC 19, T 12, FF 19 (Armor +7, Dex +1, Deflection +1)
CMD 21
Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +6
HP 86 + 0/6 temporary (7d10+12 Con+4 Mythic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 3/-

Variant Defense, below:

Offensive Armor
AC 18, T 11, FF 17 (Dex +1, Armor +6, Kilt +1)
CMD 20
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +4
HP 40 (3d10+6 Con+4 Mythic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 2/-

AC 13, T 12, FF 11 (Dex +2, Armor +1)
CMD 20
Fort +7, Ref +4 (Evasion), Will +4
HP 40 (3d10+6 Con+4 Mythic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 2/-

AC 21, T 11, FF 21 (Armor +8, Shield +2, Spirit +1)
CMD 20
Fort +8 (Stalwart), Ref +4, Will +4 (Stalwart)
HP 43 (3d10+9 Con+4 Mythic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 2/-, Fortification

AC 18, T 10, FF 18 (Armor +8)
CMD 18
Fort +8 (Stalwart), Ref +3, Will +4 (Stalwart)
HP 43 (3d10+9 Con+4 Mythic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 2/-, Fortification

AC 18, T 10, FF 18 (Armor +8)
CMD 18
Fort +7 (Stalwart), Ref +3, Will +5 (Stalwart)
HP 43 (3d10+8 Con+4 Mythic)

Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
DR 2/-, Fortification

Speed 25’, Fly 25'
Melee Cold Iron Nodachi, Masterwork +10/+5 (1d10+4, 18-20) or
Scimitar, Masterwork +10/+5 (1d6+3, 18-20) or
+1 Fauchard, Alchemical Silver +10/+5 (1d10+5, x4) or
Trident +9/+4 (1d8+3)

Ranged Trident +7 (1d8+3) or
Chakram +7 (1d8+3)

Modifiers (hit/dmg|AC):
Champion Spirit (+2/+4|0), additional attack
Power Attack, 2H (-2/+6|0)
Power Attack, 1H (-2/+4|0)
Offensive Armor, 2H (+1/+5)
Offensive Armor, 1H (+1/+3)
Elemental Assault (0/+1d6|0)

Variant Speed, below:

Child-of-Planes, as a Trailblazer, can switch between any modes of movement as a swift action; however, the speed granted by each configuration depends on whether he is wearing his astral armor or skin. Consider “Armored” to be the default case, although he can switch between armored and unarmored in a single round

Stealth: Land 25’ (Speed x1, Chameleon)
Racer: Land 35' (Speed x3)
Swimming: Land 25’, Swim 25’ (Speed, Swim, Underwater Breath)
Swift Climbing: Land 25’, Climb 10’ (Speed, Climb)
Night: Land 30’, Darkvision (Speed x2, Darkvision)
Flight: Land 25', Fly 25' (Speed, Fly)

Stealth: Land 45’ (Speed, + Speed x2 from base suit, Chameleon)
Racer: Land 55’ (Speed x3, + Speed x2 from base suit)
Swimming: Land 45’, Swim 45’ (Speed, Swim, Underwater Breath, + Speed x2 from base suit)
Swift Climbing: Land 45, Climb 20’ (Speed, Climb, + Speed x2 from base suit)
Night: Land 40’, Darkvision (Chameleon, Darkvision, + Speed x2 from base suit)
Night Racer: Land 50', Darkvision (Speed x2, Darkvision, + Speed x2 from base suit)
Flight: Land 45’, Flight 45' (Flight, Speed, + Speed x2 from base suit, Chameleon)

The Metamorphosis power allows additional movement options, as follows:
Metamorphosis, Minor
Climbing: Climb 20’
Burrowing: Burrow 15'

*Indicates spells/day only usable as Archmage or Hierohpant
(A)Indicates spells (arcane) only usable as Archmage (these can change daily, during spell preparation)
(H)Indicates spells (divine) only usable as Hierophant (these can change daily, during spell preparation)
(G)Indicates spells only usable as Guardian

Medium Spells Known (CL 6th; concentration +9/+11 Archmage)
. . 2nd (1+3*/day)—(A)Glitterdust (DC 15), (H) Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+8) (DC 15), (H) Silence (DC 15), (G) Paladin's Sacrifice
. . 1st (2+3*/day)—Object Reading, Psychic Reading, Burst of Insight, Mindlink, (A)Snowball (DC 14 or staggered, 5d6+2), (H) Cure Light Wounds (1d8+7) (DC 14), (H)Endure Elements (H: will add replace with Remove Fear at some point?)
. . 0 (at will)—Detect Magic, Stabilize, Message, Know Direction, Prestidigitation, (A)Mage Hand, (H)Create Water

(Archmage Wishlist: Invisibility, Glitterdust, Web, Haste, Stinking Cloud, Black Tentacles, Dimension Door)

(Medium Wishlist: Object Reading, Psychic Reading, Scrolls: Protection from Evil, Mindlink)

(Hierophant Wishlist: Enhanced Diplomacy, Lesser Restoration)

Powers Known (ML 1st) (PP 9 — Aegis 5 + Int 4)
. . 1st (1 PP) — Metamorphosis, Minor (from Power Stone), Conceal Thoughts (from Power Stone)
(Wishlist: Conceal Thoughts, Expansion, Precognitions?, MINDLINK at 7,)

. . Shards (1 PP) — Diplomacy +4
Shards not currently equipped:
Appraise +5
Sense Motive +3
Spellcraft +1

Str 16, Dex 12 (14 Unarmored), Con 16 (14 Unarmored), Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16
BAB +5, CMB+8, CMD 20 (can vary)
Feats Power Attack (1), Craft Wondrous Item (3), Student of the Armored Suit (5), Endurance (Unbreakable Bonus 1), Diehard (Unbreakable Bonus 1) [ooc](Wishlist: Quick Draw, Improved Metamorphosis, Improved Initiative, +Mythic version, Hustle or Quicken Power, Mythic: Ultimate Versatility? Craft Mythic Item)
Traits Stranger in a Strange Land, Merciful Scimitar, Two-World Magic, Burned (drawback; -1 to saving throws vs fire, and all rolls when adjacent to fire or damaged by fire)
*Most skills have 2-6 possible values, depending on armor, ability use, etc. Shown below is most common bonus (spirit dance included for single-round skills; shard bonus for skills that require 1 minute or less and give time to swap shards)
Skills Acrobatics +12, Appraise +18, Climb +15, Craft (jewelry) +10, Diplomacy +19, Fly +10, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (geography) +5, Knowledge (local) +9, Knowledge (planes) +10, Linguistics +12, Perception +8, Perform (dance) +8, Profession (gambler) +4, Profession (sailor) +4, Profession (trapper) +6, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +8, Survival +8, Swim +16
Languages Common, Celestial, Infernal, Auran, Ignan, Aquan, Terran
SQ Knacks, Spirit Dance, Spirit Surge, Spirit Aura, Haunt Channeler, Surprise Strike, Transfer Magic, Morphic Nature, Elemental Assault, Track, Rapid Adjustment, Astral Repair, Astral Suit, Invigorating Suit, Damage Reduction, Undetected Tracker, Location Channel, Trapfinding
Other Gear Masterwork Thieves’ Tools; Masterwork Jeweler’s Tools; Talking Board; Dowsing Rod; Kit, Monk’s; Kit, Chronicler’s; Masterwork Backpack; Power Stone, Lesser Metamorphosis; Shard, Diplomacy +4; Shard, Appraise +5; Shard, Sense Motive +3; Shard, Spellcraft +1

Special Abilities
Absorb Blow (Su) While channeling Guardian, gain DR/- and Resist Energy equal to level/2
Arcane Surge (Su) While channeling Archmage, gain 1 influence to increase spell caster level/DC by +1
Archmage Arcana (Su) While channeling Archmage, gain additional spell slots, and one wizard spell known per spell level; cast additional spells known as arcane, and may change them during daily channeling
Astral Armor (Ps) Formed as move action, dismissed as free, functions as masterwork chainmail; in addition to astral suit bonuses, gives +2/+3 damage, +2 enhancement to Str, ACP reduced by 1
Astral Juggernaut (Ps) Formed as full-round action, dismissed as free, functions as masterwork half-plate; in addition to astral suit bonuses, gives fortification, +2 enhancement to Con, stalwart
Astral Repair (Ps) As a standard action, restore 2 points of damage to any mundane item; can repair broken
Astral Skin (Ps) Formed as swift action, dismissed as free, stacks with armor; in addition to astral suit bonuses, gives +10’ speed, +2 enhancement to Dex, evasion
Automatic Writing May make a linguistics check (DC 20) over 1 hour of writing to cast an Augury spell with special failure rate, 1/day
Brawn (Ps) Suit gives +2 enhancement bonus to Str
Burned Gives -1 to saving throws vs fire, and all rolls when adjacent to fire or damaged by fire
Climb (Ps) Suit gives climb speed equal to half base speed
Chameleon (Ps) Astral suit can grant +4 circumstance bonus to Stealth
Champion’s Prowess (Su) While channeling Champion, gain proficiency with all martial weapons and one exotic weapon, which may be changed during daily channeling
Combat Tricks Gain pool of stamina points = BAB + Con mod that can be spent on combat tricks; pool regenerates 1/minute
-Combat Stamina: Spend 1-5 points to gain an equal circumstance bonus to a single attack (after the roll)
-Power Attack: Spend 2 points to use feat only until the end of action (not on AoOs)
Craft Wondrous Item May craft wondrous items
Damage Reduction While wearing astral suit, scales with level
Darkvision (Ps) Suit gives darkvision 60’
Diehard Act as disabled while unconscious
Divine Surge (Su) While channeling Hierophant, gain additional spell slots, and one cleric spell known per spell level; cast additional spells known as divine, and may change them during daily channeling
Dowsing May make a survival check to locate water, graves, or minerals as Locate Object, 1/day
Elemental Assault (Su) As swift action 1/day, for rounds/level, add +1d6 damage of energy of choice (not sonic) to attacks with hands or weapons
Endurance Gives +4 to checks vs exhaustion, environments, suffocation, hunger, etc.
Energy Font (Su) While channeling Hierophant, gain channel energy 1+Cha/day and cure/inflict spells
Energy Resistance Suli gain Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5
Favored Terrain (Ps) Astral suit grants +2 to Perception, Stealth, Knowledge (geography), Survival, and Initiative checks in favored terrain
-Desert +2
Flight (Ps) Astral suit can gain flight speed equal to base speed, with good maneuverability
Fortification (Su) Suit gives 25% chance to avoid critical hits/sneak attacks
Guardian’s Shield (Su) While channeling Guardian, proficient with heavy armor and shields, including tower shields
Hard to Kill (Ex) Auto-stabilize, die at -2 x Con
Hardy (Ps) Suit gives +2 enhancement bonus to Con
Harness Power Stone (Ps) Grants ML 1 and the ability to use a single power stone, which cannot be easily altered
Harness Shard (Ps) Can spend 1 PP and standard action to gain shard bonus for 10 rounds; shard may be added or removed as move action
Haunt Channeler (Su) Always act in surprise round vs haunt, and can damage haunts with a touch attack, ask questions, or absorb them entirely
Hypnotism May spend 1 minute to implant a suggestion in a willing creature, an unwilling creature, or induce a bonus to memory (and retry a knowledge check at bonus), 1/day per target
Influence At 3 influence, gain -2 to initiative (and +2 vs mind-effecting or +4 vs possession while dancing); at 5 influence, become NPC
Influence Penalty While dancing with influence, gives penalty (Archmage, - to Str checks, Str-skills, Con checks, attack, damage; Champion, - to Int checks, Int-skills, caster level; Guardian, - to damage rolls and may only fight/cast defensively; Hierophant, - to Cha checks and Cha-skills vs other faiths except for conversion, must attempt nonlethal combat; Marshal, - to Wis checks and Wis-skills, and lose boons if not “in charge” of allies; Trickster, attempt to dodge beneficial touch spells, and cannot be aided)
Inspiring Call (Su) While channeling Marshal, may use standard action to grant all allies +bonus to saves or attack/damage rolls for one round
Invigorating Suit While wearing astral suit, gives +4 to checks vs exhaustion, environments, suffocation, hunger, etc.
Improved Damage (Ps) Suit gives +3 to damage with 2H weapons, +2 with 1H, +1 with light
Location Channel (Sp) May call spirits (as Call Spirit, but with personal possession and 1 rnd/level) at the site of a person's death or other significant event
Low-Light Vision Can see twice as far as humans in dim light
Marshal’s Order (Su) While channeling Marshal, can use spirit surge on all rolls by self or allies within 30’, limited to 1/round
Merciful Scimitar No penalty to nonlethal attack rolls with a scimitar
Morphic Nature Gain adaptation benefits when traveling through interplanetary gates
Mythic Power Gain a pool of mythic energy, used to power various abilities, and scaling with mythic tier
Negotiator Suli gain +2 to Diplomacy, Sense Motive
Nimble (Ps) Suit gives +2 enhancement bonus to Dex
Power Attack Take penalty on melee attacks to deal extra damage
Power Stone Repository (Ps) Allows suit to hold up to aegis level in power stones
Psychometry May spend 1 minute concentrating on an object or location to make an Appraise check on an object or location, learning about its history, usable 1/day
Rapid Adjustment Can, as swift action, freely change between Burrow, Chameleon, Climb, Darkvision, Flight, Speed, Swim, and Underwater Breath (providing CP line up)
Speed (Ps) Suit gives +5 base speed per CP spent
Spirit Aura (Su) While dancing, give self and allies within 30’ seance boon (Archmage, +2 to spell damage; Champion, +2 to non-spell damage; Guardian, +1 to CMD; Hierophant, +2 to active healing; Marshal, bonus of choice; Trickster, +1 to one skill and it becomes a class skill)
Spirit Bonus (Su) [+2] Gain level-scaling bonus (Archmage, + to concentration, Int checks, and Int-skills; Champion, + to attacks, damage, Str checks, Str-skills, and Fort; Guardian, + to AC, Con checks, Fort, Ref; Hierophant, + to Wis checks, Wis-skills, Will; Marshal, + to Cha checks, Cha-skills, spirit surge; Trickster, + to Dex checks, Dex-skills, and Ref)
Spirit Dance (Su) Channel medium spirits temporarily, for Cha + 2 x level rounds per day. May accept influence to recover rounds. After dance, -2 to all rolls for 1 minute and cannot re-enter during this time
Spirit Surge (Su) Add +1d6 to a failed d20 roll, gain 1 influence
Stranger in a Strange Land Gives +1 to Knowledge (local), adds as class skill, and general additional cultural familiarity
Sudden Attack (Su) While channeling Champion, gain one additional attack at full BAB; functions similarly to unchained flurry
Surge (Su) Spend 1 mythic power to add 1d6 to any roll as an immediate action, die size scaling with mythic tier
Surprise Strike (Ex) As a swift action, spend 1 mythic power to make an attack against an enemy within 30’, considered flat-footed; add tier to attack roll and bypass DR
Surprise Strike (Su) While channeling Trickster, deal 1d6 damage per 3 levels to dex-denied enemy; enemies automatically flat-footed for first attack of day
Swim (Ps) Suit gives swim speed equal to base speed
Track (Ex) Gives + level/2 to survival checks made to track
Transfer Magic (Su) Spend 1 mythic power as standard action to make a melee touch attack that, if successful, steals a spell effect
Trapfinding (Ex) Gives + level/2 to disable device and perception checks vs trap
Trickster’s Edge (Su) Two skills, chosen during daily channeling, are class skills, with free ranks equal to medium level
Two-World Magic Can treat Know Location as a Medium spell
Underwater Breath (Ps) Suit allows breathing underwater
Undetected Tracker (Ex) Gives + level/2 to stealth checks while astral suit is active

* * *

Skills Workspace:

Skill points: 33 (Aegis 12, Int 6, Favored 3, Background 6, Campaign 6)
*Indicates class skills; (*)Indicates Trickster class skills
(any three skills are class skills in Trickster; will usually be acrobatics, disable, and class-appraise; may occasionally replace acrobatics and disable with Intimidate and UMD or Bluff and Disguise, Autohypnosis, Stealth, if in city)

(**)Acrobatics -4/+7 Trickster [+2/+13 unarmored, +10/+21 unarmored jump] (*6 Trickster ranks, +1 Dex, -5 ACP)
(*)Appraise +9/+14 Trickster [+14/+19 Shard] (2 ranks, 3 background ranks, +3 Int, +0/+1 Trickster special) (Psychometry)
*Bluff +7/+9 Marshal (+4 conceal thoughts)
*Climb +2/+4 Champion [+7/+9 unarmored, +9/+11 climbing, +15/+17 unarmored climbing] (1 rank, +3 Str, -5 ACP)
*Craft (jewelry) +11 (6 campaign ranks, +3 Int) Wishlist: masterwork
*Diplomacy +14/+16 Marshal [+18/+20 Shard] (6 ranks, +3 Cha, +2 racial)
Disable Device
*Fly +5/+7 Trickster [+10/+12 unarmored] (2 ranks, +1 dex, -5 ACP, +4 good maneuverability)
*Knowledge (arcana) +8/+10 Archmage (2 ranks, +3 Int)
Knowledge (geography) +12/+14/+16 Archmage/Favored (4 ranks, 2 background ranks, +3 Int, +0/+2 favored terrain)
*Knowledge (local) +8/+10 Archmage (1 rank, +3 Int, +1 trait)
*Knowledge (planes) +9/+11 Archmage (3 ranks, +3 Int)
*Knowledge (psionics)
*Knowledge (religion) +7/+9 Archmage (1 rank, +3 Int)
*Linguistics +11/+13 Archmage [+12/+14 automatic writing] (5 background ranks, +3 Int)
*Perception +9/+11/+13/+15 Hierophant/Favored/Trapfinding (6 ranks, +0/+2 favored terrain, +0/+2 trapfinding)
*Perform (dance) +8 (2 background ranks, +3 Cha)
*Profession (gambler) +4 (1 campaign rank)
*Profession (sailor) +4 (1 campaign rank)
*Profession (trapper) +7 (4 campaign ranks)
*Sense Motive +10/+12 Hierophant [+13/+15 Shard] (5 ranks, +2 racial)
*Spellcraft +5/+7 Archmage [+6/+8 Shard] (1 rank, +2 Int)
(**)Stealth +2/+13/+15 Trickster, Favored [+8/+20/+22 unarmored] (*6 Trickster ranks, +1 Dex, -5 ACP, +4 Chameleon, +2 Trailblazer, +0/+2 favored terrain)
*Survival +9/+11/+13 Hierophant/Favored [+11/+13/+15 tracking, +11/+13/+15 dowsing] (6 ranks, +0/+2 tracking, +0/+2 favored terrain)
*Swim +2/+4 Champion [+7/+9 unarmored, +9/+11 swimming, +15/+17 unarmored swimming] (1 rank, +3 Str, -5 ACP)
*Use Magic Device +12/+14 Marshal (6 enhancement ranks, +3 Cha)

Astral Suit Workspace:
8 CP
Speed x2 (2 CP; can be swapped out)
Chameleon (2 CP; can be swapped out)
Power Stone Repository (1 CP)
2x Harness Power Stone (2 CP)
Harness Shard (1 CP)

Equipment Workspace:

Thieves’ Tools (30 gp, 2 lb)
Jeweler’s Tools (5 gp, 5 lb)
Talking Board (15 gp, 2 lb)
Dowsing Rod (10 gp, 1 lb)
Kit, Monk’s - backpack - 5/10 torches (4 gp, 15 lb )
Kit, Chronicler’s (40 gp, 4.5 lb)
Masterwork Backpack (50 gp, 4 lb)

Power Stone, Lesser Metamorphosis (25 gp)

Diplomacy +4 (90 + 35 gp)
Appraise +5 (90 + 80 gp)
Sense Motive +3 (40 + 25 gp)
Spellcraft +1 (10 gp)

Masterwork Cold Iron Nodachi (720 gp, 8 lb)
+1 Fauchard (14 gp, 10 lb) (attuned)
Masterwork Scimitar (315 gp, 4 lb)
Trident (15 gp, 4 lb)
2x Chakram (2 gp, 2 lb)
Heavy Wooden Shield (7 gp, 10 lb)
Armored Kilt (20 gp, 10 lb)

Currency: 2314 gp
81.5/86 lb

Wishlist: Crystal Pauldrons, Boots of Friendly Terrain, Constellation Belt, Rod of Alteration (SOP), Inquiry Tattoo? Force Hook? Gleam Brush?

* * *

Aharia Han-jemmet
Child-of-Planes was born in the month of Tortoise during the year of Seventh Serpent, just before Second Midnight; an auspicious occurrence, as it meant a concurrence of the Wandering Lovers hung directly overhead in the sky. And when the child was born with flashing eyes, bursting into flames with his first wail, the gathered midwives burst into song, for here was Aharia Han-jemmet—a Prince of the Skies, wreathed in fire, born under the sign of magic at the door to midnight.

The Aharia’s childhood was a thing of local legends among the Windbat Clan. The child was beautiful, and strong, even for a baby. His eyes crackling with thunder, he could recite the entire Burning Mantras with fists aflame. Most notably, Aharia Han-jemmet was said to speak to the ancestors themselves: raised from birth in the House of Spirits, he had begun to acquire a connection to the place-names that outpaced even some of the younger shamans. But as the stories spread, changing and growing from oasis to oasis and kheyma to khurga, there were darker whispers as well, spread by rivals within the tribes—rumors of a trickster spirit that had addled the Windbat Clan and poisoned its shamans with foolery.

The child’s mother had been an ama-janah of renown, raiding caravans and rival tribes with swordsmanship that earned praise even beyond her clan; and so when she fell pregnant after taking no man to her tent, the father was naturally assumed to be a Sky King, one of the winged Divs or Asura worshipped by the bandit clans of the Burning Sands. But as her son grew, so did her worries, and eventually she confessed to him her deepest fears. Han-jemmet had grown stronger, learned quicker, and burned brighter than any Aharia child of his age the elders had seen—but that was because he was no true Aharia. While the children of demons could live for centuries, advising the tribe through generations of wisdom and warfare, they also grew slowly through the same taint of fire and night’s blood. Her son’s father had been no such Sky King, but something stranger and more fair—a Walker of the Planes who called himself an Amir, noble in word and mien, whom she had spent a fortnight with at an oasis during a long raid. And so the child kept his secret as best he could, knowledge shared only with the place-names and elemental voices that he lived among at the House of Spirits.

Such lies tend to end badly. On Aharia Han-jemmet’s tenth birthday, a great Div visited the Windbat Clan, demanding sacrifices and tribute. The King of the Sky was a lumbering creature that called itself “Devroth,” with twisting arms and huge leathery wings. As the shamans brought forth the offerings of frankincense and cactus wine, along with the traditional sacrifice of three bound sheep and one elderly captive, one of Clan elders decided to fetch the young Aharia from the House of Spirits, bringing the clan’s newest and most favored prince forth on cushions and jewels. "Look," he and two of the shamans proclaimed, "At the favor and deference we have shown to our most blessed Aharia, a son of your brothers." And the Sky King Devroth laughed, and clapped his hands, and pointed, and fire washed from his fingertips over the camp, burning half of the Clan's elders and shamans where they stood. Snatching a warrior up in each of his claws, the Div leapt up and flew off, back towards the stars, his echoing laughter ringing across the desert like a foul curse.

Oracle bones were cast, and when the truth was found, there was no more Aharia Han-jemmet. Stripped of all names, honor, and possession, the once-prince and his mother were cursed and spat upon by every surviving member of the Windbat Clan, and cast out alone into the Burning Sands, still healing from their burns.

Windbat Outcast
The name magic of the Burning Sands is a powerful and twisting thing, but, for the two outcasts, it proved a boon as much as a burden. Exiled from the Windbat Clan with a proper curse, both the child and his mother found themselves unable to speak their own names, the name of their clan, or even tell the stories of their before-times... but the bandit clans were reviled by the other nomads of the Sands, and had the child slipped up and told of his birthplace, he might have been struck dead at any oasis he passed. Instead, he survived in the wilderness, as his mother the ama-janah taught him to hunt and scout the dunes, fighting with sword and trident.

The nomadic life was harsh, but Child-of-Planes, as his mother now called him, was a keen student of the open sands. Born under the Wandering Lovers, the two erratic stars whose union was said to bring magic into the world, he had a natural knack for the magical, often able to pick spells out of the air to suit his needs, calling spirits of the ancestors and elements to his aid. And his ties to the two dancing Lovers provided the child with an unerring sense of direction. In a desert where losing one’s way meant death, this was a valuable talent, and the Child-of-Planes began to earn food and salt guiding passengers between the central oases of the Outer North Rim.

But the open skies, and their stars, called to him. The child’s mother settled down at one of the cooler oases, first hired to defend the camel stables from bandits and eventually marrying the stable-merchant—and Child-of-Planes chafed at the thought, longing to return to the open roads of the desert and perhaps even the grand cities said to lie at their ends. As he was nearly a man grown, his mother soon allowed him to leave her side, earning work on his own as a guide and magician.

And it was not long before the child truly got his wish. At the age of fifteen, he found himself hired as guide to a band of seven strangely-clad travelers, three of them the fabled Plane-Walkers his mother had spoke of. The tall, charismatic strangers carried smooth blades that flashed in the sunlight, and named Child-of-Planes a Suli-Jann upon witnessing his talents. But when they heard that his father had been a Janni Amir, they laughed at his good fortune, and promised to bring the young guide with them when they left the desert.

Walker of the Planes
His traveling band dispersed at the Runed City of Kha, but the three Janni (the Brothers Kedjet, as they called themselves, often referring to their young companion as “nephew”) pressed on, taking Child-of-Planes with them. His navigation talents, it seemed, were useful even beyond the borders of the Burning Sands, and his endless fluidity with spells and spirits made him a useful sort of magical swiss-army knife handy to keep around. With the genie companions, the young traveler passed through the Caves of Iced Djet, marveling at how his elemental blood protected him from the cold just as it had the desert’s heat. There were jaunts, briefly, to the elemental planes, where he gazed upon impossible cityscapes and deadly terrain; but the Janni taught him how to shape magic around himself, building protection against the elements and adapting his form and movement to the world at hand.

Then, of course, there were the portals. Child-of-Planes walked through three worlds with his companions, each stranger than the last, through gates of crystal and stone. To his wonder, he learned that his elemental nature aided in quickly adapting to the challenges, atmosphere, and language of each. And eventually, the Plane-Walkers grew bored of him, as genies often do; but he found himself abandoned on the relatively pleasant world of Argosa, surely an easy place if any to find work as an interstellar scout and wilderness guide...

Child-of-Planes is a soft-spoken but fiery individual. Roughly the size of a tall and slender human, he carries himself with poise, speaks with charisma, and fights with surprising strength, carrying a variety of swords and throwing weapons he has collected from different cultures in his travels. He is comfortable in cities, though he knows little of the ways of civilization; his home is the open road and the changing elements, where he can effortlessly track stars across the sky, create wards against the elements, and channel the place-names and ancestor spirits of the land itself.

A life spent speaking with and drawing from a diverse range of often-quarreling spirits has fought Child-of-Planes a great deal of patience, though the more he draws on his ancestor spirits, the more exaggerated and eccentric his personality becomes. Occasionally, he overdraws his power and shifts entirely into the voice of some centuries-dead geniekin celebrity, babbling madly and living the rest of the day out as only the ghosts of a forgotten century can.

Child-of-Planes works primarily as a sort of well-traveled, magical factotum, providing a variety of small skills and services while using his natural skill as a wilderness guide to keep fellow travelers safe and earn spending coin. At heart, however, he is also searching for new portals, learning what he can about the networks that connect the universe, and the auspicious stars of his once-fabled birth. But he wishes to travel the planes just as much as the stars, finding the homelands of his ancestor spirits if he can, and maybe even one day tracking down his Jann-Amir father.

He dresses simply for a Suli-Jann, his clothing practical; but when away from civilization, he surrounds himself in armor made from the elements themselves, forming a protective shell of swirling colors. His eyes flash white while fighting or spellcasting, and while he’s lived his life in human society, there is still a hint of the fabled genie pride underlying many of his words and actions. A decade-old curse presents him from speaking his own name, or acquiring a new one; but he has long since ceased his resentment of this, simply introducing himself as “Child-of-Planes,” or “Child” for short.

Spirits, Shards, and Swords (new):
(It’s never said where a Spirit Dancer’s spirits come from; but as they travel with him, unlike other Medium archetypes, I’m going with “ancestor spirits” in this case)

Child-of-Planes has strong ties to the Astral Plane, drawing from both his elemental and aether-sculpting Aegis abilities and his spiritualist Medium training by the shamans of the Burning Sands. As a Spirit Dancer, he brings his channeled spirits with him; for the most part, these are voices from the River of Souls who refuse to travel downstream, clinging to what voices they can to experience the material world again. While genies, leave no soul behind, Child-of-Plane’s elemental ties mean that most of the spirits he channels, primarily those of ancestors and distant relatives, are those of geniekin or other planetouched.

When channeling his Spirit Dance, Child-of-Planes opens himself up to the influence and personality of a spirit; should his influence increase, their voices and preferences become more prominent, shifting him towards the alignment and favored elemental language of the spirit he channels. If he ever becomes overwhelmed by influence (becoming an NPC under GM control, or possibly remaining a PC with very different motivations, depending on GM choice), these should hopefully provide a guide to their behavior. (As a player, I’m curious about whether or not I can actually handle the challenge of a multiply-possessed character, but I guess how well I do so will mostly impact how strong a voice they have)

Rufo the Goshawk (Champion), NN Suli — Born in the City of Spheres on the Silver Isle, the Jann-blooded Rufo led a life of adventure, becoming over his lifetime one of the city’s greatest duelists. Trained in the martial tradition of Mitzang Lwo, the “Goswhawk” was known for combining traditional spear-play with showy flourishes and acrobatic leaps, a style now taught in weapon-halls across the many city states of Gowa. Rufo is a brother of Child-of-Planes, born centuries ago to a different mother—or perhaps a nephew, or a cousin, as Jann take little interest in their genealogy. His spirit, when it comes to the medium, teaches ostentatious swordplay and skill with exotic pole arms; but he also carries a fiery temper, and has a penchant towards personal pride, responding badly to insults and obstacles.

Rittegart of Leofold (Archmage), CG Sylph — Originally a royal bastard raised at the court of Emperor Sigfold II, Rittegart showed, from an early age, an aptitude for both creativity and magic. Through many innovations magical and technical, he pioneered centuries-old improvements in construction and medicine, earning admiration from his father’s advisors often exceeding anything his slower brothers received. While the Sylph magician-inventor showed little interest in politics, he was eventually granted the title of Duke of Leofold, the lands and wealth of which he used to construct the grand university and libraries where he spent the last few decades of his life. Rittegart is erratic and absent-minded, preferring creativity to coherences, and has a tendency towards distraction. His spirit can teach a great deal of magic, though he specializes in conjuration and evocation spells, generally the sort either loaded with energy or capable of causing interesting changes in the world around them.

Bonny Carmen (Trickster), CN Undine — Jewel thief, socialite, and master of disguises, Bonny Carmen lives on in the tales of many historical authors. A characteristic gentlewoman thief, much of the truth of her life is shrouded in mystery, and her spirit is not much more forthcoming. Carmen is a distant relative of Child-of-Planes, a line of descent through some relation on the Plane of Water, and happy to advise a young medium, though she reveals as little of herself as possible. Bonny Carmen is often paranoid and frequently distrusting, though she does love learning and experiencing as much as she can about the everyday world; she also carefully covets her skills and expertise, only allowing the medium to benefit from part of this knowledge at a time.

Master Wesshan of Flowing Stone (Defender), LN Oread — Founder of the Monastery of Flowing Stone, Master Wesshan spent decades providing training to all who could brave the harsh wind and driving snow to reach the cave-monastery he tunneled himself out of the summit of Mount Fiyeo. Most famously, however, Wesshan is remembered as the Defender of the Kato passes—when the armies of Issia marched through the mountains around him, he and three students singlehandedly toppled Mount Fiyeo’s peak, burying the summer roads through the highlands and blocking troop movements, creating a statemate that quickly led to peace. In what remains of his spirit, Master Wesshan seeks to find new students and spread his teachings, as his ancient martial arts style, absorbing blows and snapping weapons on the ground around him, has been all-but-forgotten. He is frequently esoteric in his statements, trying to inspire others to wisdom rather than giving answers, though when channeled he is quite willing to directly shore up Child-of-Planes’s defenses.

Aharia Ejem Def (Hierophant), NE Tiefling — A charismatic priest and ruthless leader, the spitespawn Tiefling Ejem Def was the first leader of the Windbat Clan. Bringing together bandits and outcasts of the Burning Sands, he turned his fiendish heritage into a mark of pride, calling himself a “Prince of the Sky,” and built a warrior clan around veneration of the darkness. Child-of-Planes is descended from the first Aharia, many generations ago, on his mother’s side; while the spirit of the great warrior-priest has little interest in his descendent’s lifestyle and choices, he greatly respects the young Suli-jann’s survival skills and instincts, providing insight when called upon with the proper ceremony and laying spiritual waste to the world around him. Ejem Def worships no single god, but is devoted to the hungry Div Lords of the desert; because of the darkness he brings, Child-of-Planes rarely chooses to channel him. Ejem Def prefers offensive magic and channeling; and because of his disagreements with Gazhul, Child-of-Planes must choose at the beginning of each day which Hierophant spirit he will have access to.

Han-Aharia Gazhul (Hierophant), NG Tiefling — A faultspawn Tiefling and nephew of Aharia Ejem Def (and thus many-great uncle of Child-of-Planes). Gazhul was the first Prince of the Sky to leave the Windbat Clan in exile, angered at the clan’s acceptance of the demonic, becoming instead a priest to the gods of light. Gazhul, forsaking the prestige of his birth to become Han-Aharia, wandered the Burning Sands for centuries as a healer and holy mystic, eventually leaving for parts unknown. Child-of-Planes still has much to learn about the life of the Han-Aharia, but he first encountered the spirit in a centuries-old forgotten shrine carved into the frozen walls of the Caves of Iced Djet. Han-Aharia Gazhul teaches forgiveness and humility in all things, and has helped restore the medium’s respect for at lest some of the ways of his people. Gazhul worships Olalis, as does Child-of-Planes to some extent, but the ancient tiefling priest is far more devout in his religion and obeisance. Gazhul focuses on restorative magic and channeling; and because of his disagreements with Ejem Def, Child-of-Planes must choose at the beginning of each day which Hierophant spirit he will have access to.

General Aazda (Marshal), LE Ifrit — “The Burning Hand of Pram,” General Aazda was one of the more famous of the warlords of Xin, playing a crucial role during the Elemental Wars of five centuries past. In his memoirs, the General frequently describes himself as a fair and just commander; and while much of this is cruel, Child-of-Planes has also experienced from his spirit the great depths to which General Aazda would go to win a crucial battle or frighten his men into action, applying his own brand of uniform “justice” to brutal tactics and heavy-handed occupations. Aazda is a shrewd manipulator, unceasing in his desire for influence and power; but he his spirit is happy to share expertise and strategies with a distant descendent, provided he is afforded the praise and flattery due to one of his stature. When channeled, General Aazda does what he can to command the others around him, growing sullen if his advice and authority is ignored.

* * *

While Psionic shards can get a bit ridiculous, they are a cool, neat little bonus for Aegises. I’m trying to keep their utility under wraps by limiting their bonuses to what Child-of-Planes could actually craft. Which means, since he’s creating them himself, they need a bit of flavor as well.

Of course, should he find any shards or other strange items, he will be curious to learn of their stories as well.

In his travels, Child-of-Planes has also learned to connect what he calls “smallspirits”—insignificant but talented souls tied to a particular skill, and an unfinished business or desire to keep perfecting that skill. These are merely fragments of personality, but through his skill at psychic aptitude and astral manipulation, he has encountered and crafted small, jeweled foci to help channel the shards of skilled minds he encounters. When channeling shards, he uses some of his mental focus to tap into a bit of their character and personal experiences, though to nowhere near the same extent as his spirit dance.
The Hypnotist — A personable, charming performer who burned to death a decade ago in a small town theater accident. Prone to flattery, and stage patter. Channeling the Hypnotist currently grants +3 to Diplomacy.
The Collector — A garrulous merchant, fond of collecting and trading tales about the strangest trinkets that passed through his possession over half a century. Died peacefully, but the remaining part of his soul desires more stories. Most helpful at assisting with Psychometry readings, but with a tendency to exaggerate or over-describe details. Channeling the Collector currently grants +3 to Appraise.
The Fortune-Teller — A small-time carnival mentalist and palm-reader who relied on social tells over magical skill. Has a proclivity to lie about sources of insight. Channeling the Mentalist currently grants +2 to Sense Motive.
The Profiteer — A black market entrepreneur, skilled at identifying unusual and hidden magic items, killed long ago in some rogues’ scuffle. Fond of misinformation and lacking morals, this shard has so far been difficult for Child of Planes to connect with. Channeling the Profiteer currently grants +1 to Spellcraft.

* * *

So far, Child-of-Planes has collected little in the way of material wealth, though he has picked up a weapon on every world he travels through. His two-handed sword, forged from cold iron to ward of demons, is a legacy of the Burning Sands, along with his hunting trident. On the Tallgrass Planes, he picked up an exotic polearm, for warding off attacks by charging carniboars and the circling parachute birds; in the Blue Mountains of Arvendale, he learned to fight with the throwing circle, acquiring a pair from a traveling blacksmith. His scimitar is a final parting gift of his traveling “uncles” among the Jann, left behind when they abandoned him on the fairly-pleasant world of Argosa.

Party Role:
• Aegis Side: Survivalist. Trailblazer allows extreme adaptation to just about any environment, from heavy armor to no armor, and the ability to swim, climb, dash impossibly fast, or (at later levels) swim, fly, and disappear, as well as a bunch of decent scouting bonuses.
-Scout/stealth/tracker with access to pretty much any mode of movement
-Big fat HP pool and defenses. This guy’s not going down easily.
-Some cool and variable Psionic powers, through Power Stones, for additional customization in battle

• Spirit Dancer Side: Flexible factotum. Child-of-Planes can do nothing splendidly, but has can do nearly everything well if he spends time configuring for it. While his actions will be somewhat limited in the heat of battle, his sheer amount of flexibility during long periods of rest should let him swap into whatever is most useful for the planet or party at hand. Occasional abilities (do/will) include (he’s extremely modular, so not all of these at a time):
-Excellent channel-healer (better outside of battle)
-Back-up cleric spells
-High-damage, front-line fighter tank
-Reach/AoE tank (eventually)
-Back-up wizard spells
-Variable skill expertise, through Shards and Trickster
-Back-up Martial, effectively covering some missing mythic abilities

• Mythic Side: Miscellaneous toolkit. Path Dabbling will eventually pull Maneuver Expertise; for now, Transfer Spell is an awesome debuff
-Tier 1-2: Turn enemies’ attacks, spells, etc. against them
-Tier 3-5: Access to at-will invisibility, all combat maneuvers for scouting and battlefield control
-Tier 6-10: ?? Profit

* * *