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I've been DMing a group that currently making their way through the Nessian Spiral in the Infernal Syndrome module. I've been dropping lots of hints to my group that the party is on a tight timeline but they keep taking their sweet time, resting after every encounter and taking days off.

Anyone got any suggestions for how to run things if Liebdaga escapes from the Nessian Spiral? :)

I've been DMing the Age of Worms campaign and my party has made all the way to the Library of Last Resort. The problem now is that the party got a little sassy with Krathanos the Titan and got themselves mostly killed.

Everyone in the party eventually all got resurrected but the Titan ended up keeping all their gear. The group headed back and negotiated for their gear back in exchange for plane shifting Krathanos out of Tilagos.

The party didn't get his belt and they just dropped him off in the jungle in the vicinity of where the Spire of Long Shadows took place.

I don't see how the druids are going to allow them to access the Fountain after unleashing Krathanos back into the world.

Any suggestions of how to get this campaign back on track after this disaster?