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HRMS-XI "Hermes" wrote:

"I comprehend the logic of your statement."

He takes his seat at the helm.
"I would like to request that I bring the patient to the ward, as I can relate what I have observed, if necessary. I will also be able to speak with Ms.Waverider regarding her condition."

"All right lad, sounds fine te me, once we get close you go get him put the ice box."

HRMS-XI "Hermes" wrote:

Hermes nods and closes the door.

"We still need to return him to the medical ward as quickly as we can for examination. This allows us time to operate as air procedure calls for."

"Hermes i nee thought I would say this but ya as good a pilot as I'll ever be, I think ya best fly us as fast as Ye can to the school, once where close I'll get the feller to the sick wing, how's that sound. Just like Mel a"

He smiles and moves his goggles up.

"Right then Hermes, yee ready to git this old tub a moving again."

Carl heads up to the Flight deck.

Comes in as the door closes,

"every thing all right then Tinman, he's nee dead then"

HRMS-XI "Hermes" wrote:
::He is recovering slowly. Do you have sub-0 storage anywhere on board?::

"I dos it's in the lower deck, flash freezer locker, it's no big but it go's down to temp where I can keeps condensates stable and freeze dry food, but ya can dial the temp ya after"

Comes over the intercom.
"How's he looking Tinman"

Un on the flight deck he runs over systems.