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| 10/10 Sling Stones | 49/50 CLW stick | GM reroll used


| Init +2 | Perception +2 | Conditions:


Poly Vine Leshy Brawler 1 / Alchemist 1 | HP 22 | AC 18 tch 13 ff 16 | Fort +5 Ref +6 Will +2; +2 vs Fear

About Captain Chlorophyll

Captain Chlorophyll
Polygamous vine leshy alchemist (herbalist) 1/brawler (shield champion) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 23, 86, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 26, Ultimate Wilderness 20, 22)
NG Small plant (leshy)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +2
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+4 armor, +2 Dex, +1 shield, +1 size)
hp 22 (2 HD; 1d8+1d10+7)
Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +2; +2 trait bonus vs. fear
Speed 20 ft., climb 10 ft.; pass without trace
Melee cold iron dagger +4 (1d3+2/19-20) or
. . silver light mace +4 (1d4+2) or
. . unarmed strike +4 (1d4+2)
Ranged seedpod +4 (1d6 bludgeoning) or
. . sling +4 (1d3+2)
Special Attacks martial flexibility 4/day, seedpods 3/day (1d6 plus deafen, DC 12)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 2nd; concentration +2)
. . Constant—pass without trace
Alchemist (Herbalist) Extracts Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +3)
. . 1st—frostbite[UM]
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats Climbing Vine[UW], Improved Unarmed Strike, Skill Focus (Sense Motive)
Traits courageous, natural negotiator
Skills Acrobatics +7 (+3 to jump), Climb +8, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (local) +4, Knowledge (nature) +5, Profession (herbalist) +6 (+6 to alchemical items and to forage for and process herbs), Sense Motive +5, Stealth +6 (+10 in forests); Racial Modifiers +2 Climb, +4 Stealth in forests
Languages Common, Sylvan, Terran; plantspeech (vines)
SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +1), brawler's cunning, change shape (Small vine; tree shape), herbalism, martial training, mutagen (+4/-2, +2 natural armor, 10 minutes), natural magic, verdant burst
Combat Gear oil of daylight, wand of cure light wounds, acid, alchemist's fire, antiplague[APG], antitoxin, smelling salts[APG]; Other Gear darkleaf cloth lamellar (leather) armor[UC], darkwood light wooden quickdraw shield[APG], cold iron dagger, silver light mace, sling, sling bullets (10), wayfinder[ISWG], alchemist starting formula book, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, courtier's outfit, earplugs[APG] (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, hip flask[UE], mess kit[UE], signal whistle, silk rope (50 ft.), sunrod (2), 672 gp, 5 sp
Special Abilities
Alchemy +1 (DC 12) (Su) +1 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Brawler's Cunning (Ex) Count as Int 13 for the purpose of combat feat pre-requisites.
Climb (10 feet) You have a Climb speed.
Climbing Vine Gain climb speed +10 ft
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Herbalism (DC 12) (Su) Use Profession (herbalist) in place of Craft (alchemy) checks.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Leshy Change Shape (Su) You can change your form into a small plant of similar species.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Martial Flexibility (move action, 4/day) (Ex) As a Move action, gain a combat feat for 1 min. More gained for greater actions.
Martial Training (Ex) Brawler levels count as fighter/monk levels for feat/item pre-reqs and effects.
Mutagen (DC 12) (Su) Mutagen adds +4/-2 to physical/mental attributes, and +2 nat. armor for 10 minutes.
Natural Magic (DC 12) Add druid spells to your forumla book.
Plantspeech (Ex) All leshys can speak with plants as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell, but only with species they’re related to. Fungus leshys can communicate with molds and fungi as if they were plants.
Seedpod 1d6 (3/day, DC 12) (Su) Thrown seedpods deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage plus deafen effect.
Verdant Burst (Su) If slain, plant types in 30 ft heal 1d8+HD, diff terrain if can support plant growth.


Normally they are looking for a fist fight! This includes if they needs to do non-lethal, since they don't take a penalty to hit using IUS.

[dice=Improved Unarmed Strike]d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Blunt damage]d4+2[/dice]

When they hit a creature requiring special materials, they will switch to a weapon.

[dice=Silver Light Mace]d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Blunt trama]d4+2[/dice]

[dice=Cold Iron Dagger]d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Slicing or Piercing damage]d3+2[/dice]

For Ranged Combat they have to fall back to a sling.

[dice=Blunt damage]d3+2[/dice]