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Freebooter Crew:
Using P6 rules. PF as normal until level 6 then characters progress by just gaining a FEAT and flat +1 hp and skill point every 8000 xp.

The Grudge List:

Dallian- hen-pecked and sacrificed
Adrick Dallian- runaway minecart
Bosun- Lopped
Vinari- herbicide
Half-Hitch- Lopped
Red Aesha
Yacoobe (the motley man's master)
The Siren
Blackened Knot
Whitecoat/Aspis Consortium
Faruq- mutiny
Captain Lanteri- dewormed
Karakanti witch
Wasp-loving elves

Infamy House Rules:

Maximum score is 2xAPL
1. The party can make a single intimidate check to demoralize that applies to as many adversaries as their Infamy Score.
2. The party gains a bonus equal to 1/2 their Infamy Score on a single diplomacy/bluff/intimidate check dealing with crew morale, recruitment, parlaying with other pirates and selling plunder.

base 1000 sp, actual value depends on market and skillfulness of the transaction.