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sspitfire1 wrote:

I didn't bother reading everything, but I did notice one thing overall. This thread (similar to a certain other thread) feels slightly more toxic than average, and like that certain other thread, I feel at least partly to blame for that.

In particular, I was quite thoroughly an ass to Calistin last night, and undeservedly so. I apologize for that. The next time I am feeling pissed off and self-righteous at 230 in the morning (or 230 in the afternoon), I will reach for the "close window" button instead of the "submit" button. It doesn't help anybody when I am so very clearly calling someone "stupid" without actually using the word.

As Monday approaches, please keep in mind that a lot of new people way be coming to the forums, and consider whether this thread is one yall would like to be there to greet people when they arrive.

I wish you all the best! Even though I may not always act like it...

I appreciate this post sspitfire and I am not one to hold a grudge! That said I want to offer my apology if I used terms that offended you, or anyone else, and caused you to react this way. I know I am no saint with a halo!

That said I will be moving on, I am in another alpha for another sandbox type game which focuses more on pve, as I do not like the direction that I see this game going in. I will most likely check back in 6 months or so to see what is new etc

So have fun yall and Happy Hunting!

Until next time.

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I agree most people are quite nice, in game as well just beware if you go against the grain of a popular idea...

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

There's a meaningful conversation to be had about the mechanics.

If one side of that conversation is talking about mechanics that don't exist and a way of working that isn't what is happening then the conversation can't be very useful.

We need to try to be precise with our language and our definitions so that everyone who is taking part can stay in synch.

There is no leashing in the game. So discussions about leash distance or whatever are useless. A bunch of comments about leashing based on how that mechanic works in other games isn't helpful. And people who read those comments, and don't know that the underlying premise is simply wrong, can be deadended before they have a chance to be constructively critical.

If people want to talk about the aggro mechanic, let's talk about the aggro mechanic. But let's not call it leashing when it's not a leash.

It's actually a very sophisticated system that was built to have a lot of interesting variables and potential extensions that could be implemented over time if that is what the community decides is a good priority. As with all things, it is right now in a "first iteration state". It doesn't exhibit complex behaviors or variables or react to what players are doing because that was not the objective the designers gave the programmers. The objective was "get the basic functionality working", and they have.

Look lets not be stupid here and start being verbal police I explained what I meant when I used the word "leash", now whether it is actually a leash like how it works in other games or works via threat, the coding of it is not important, the end result is the same damn thing which is what the important thing is, and you all know it.

Attack a camp kill one or two critter run sprint away long enough for them to decide to turn around and run back home and you can then sprint after them while attacking and they are too stupid to turn around and come back for you.

Plain fact is this isn't "kiting" a whole camp. Kiting consist of killing things while on the move.

People kite one or two critter then run away from the rest till they decide to bugger off.

When someone uses a word like leash the coding of it doesn't matter it.

Take EQ for example if you attacked a mob you had better well been able to kill it or those sucker would follow to the next zone as such they had no "leash".

The mobs in this game will not, if you stop attacking and run away they seem to suffer from Alzheimer and forget about you.

Pretty silly to ignore a point because you do not like the terminology that has been used.

When I first came to this community I felt is was a rather nice one and I have met some people in game that I recognize from these forums and have found them to be quite nice.

The general reaction to me having an opinion of the rooting thing and my use of the word "leash" has me feeling as someone new here I should just shut up and not have an opinion and can't help but feel your comments support this. Pretty disappointing that someone that has CEO next to his name takes this stance.

You could have simply stated it's not a leash per say and works via aggro or provided the terminology you feel was appropriate and we could have had a civil discussion.

Anyhoot I will do like I do in most forums and just shut up and not have an opinion and just pop in now and then to see what is up or going on.

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BOO on the rooting! LoL Seriously I hate rooting, doesn't matter what game and refuse to play a game that uses such a mechanic.

Not trying to be a forum meanie here but I needed to say it and I know I am not alone in this sentiment alpha or not.

Ryan Dancey wrote:
There is no leashing in Pathfinder Online, despite what people keep saying. The game does not work the way you think it works.

By leashing I mean mobs turn around and run back to there original spots when you run away long enough, now whether this work via how far they are from their spawn points or how long you run without attacking them is besides the point.

You can kill a few critters run away and when mobs turn around sprint towards the mob and attack and deal damage while they are unable to turn around and fight back at least till they get back to there original point.

That is what is causing ranged to be a problem, that and melee attacks seem a bit low on the damage side.

Most games avoid some of these issues by making the mobs life completely refill and making them temp invulnerable while they run back to their "spot".

Just because it is alpha is no reason to use a stupid mechanic like rooting. There are other better things they can try.

Overdraw for example already roots you for a few seconds which is enough to get you killed if you use it at the wrong time.

I have to agree with the OP, what is sad is this is all based on a flawed premise of ranged can kite/solo a WHOLE CAMP which is false.

What they actually are doing is kiting a couple critters in the camp and then exploiting the leash mechanic to reset the rest of the mob.

I do not see why they simply make it so no attacks while sprinting or maybe half speed when kiting backwards or somesuch.

Calidor Cruciatus wrote:
T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Alpha can last, in the eyes of many, as long as it needs to.
Absolutely, but it doesn't look like it will last as long as it should!

And I didn't mean to suggest otherwise but I am sure you can agree getting the alpha forums/main site in proper working order should be a priority.

Well thanks to some awesome people in this community I have alpha access sadly I can't really give feedback as I can get into game and and alpha forums seem broken.

As someone interested in this game I hope the peeps making the game realize how bad this can make people cringe when they come to check this game out as we gamers are sadly not known for our great patience lol.

So my feedback is please get and the alpha forums running fast and smooth asap!

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Is pretty bad lol

Leithlen wrote:
Calistin, each alpha account can have 3 people playing 3 different characters at the same time, so with 2 accounts, you can have 6 characters logging in at once. Something to keep in mind if you have more friends interested.

Oh really 3 people on that same account at the same time? Nice!

Will keep that in mind.

Just wanted to say thank you to Jo Jampa for the invite and also to Ikeren for yours, much appreciated!

OH btw I used one for myself and my wife will use yours Ikeren(she will make an account when we are back) sadly we can't check the game out till sunday sometime as we are out with the in laws till then.

Hi all been keeping an eye on the game but never thought I would be able to get into alpha. Saw the post at mmorpg so decided to come say hi and see if any alpha invites are still available.