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I agree about the ship mechanic being a little flat most of the time. But I like to think of it this way: why do we buy the different RPG AP's? They're all technically the same gameplay: roll a d20; fight monsters; make diplomacy checks; all that good stuff. What makes it different is the story, the way we play, and the parties we join. So in that sense, I'm going to buy WotR because I want to join my friends as we play through a different story.

Of course, my group is odd because we talk out our actions and roleplay it out, so a single turn can take five minutes...

Thanks for the link! My bad, I don't read a lot of the threads.

I had an idea a little while back. Paizo should make a base set like they have been, but make it half the size. All the cards would be as generic as possible. Then, every month or so come out with modules like they do Adventure decks. Each one would have just a couple scenarios, and all the cards would be specific to that module.

The base set could then be used for organized play, expanding the variety of scenarios they can provide. Players would use Character Decks, allowing the base set to be as small and streamlined as possible.

This would be helpful for people who can't afford to continually buy adventure decks but still enjoy playing.

But mainly, this way we can have We Be Goblins in card form!

Talonhawke wrote:
Wait reading your post do you mean Bi-monthly as in twice a month or are you meaning once every 2 months?

Bimonthly means every two months.

I'd like it to be monthly, because then I can skip an AP and not have to wait a year for the next one to come out.

I LOVE these pawns, and this is perhaps the most exciting one yet! I got the NPC codex box, but was a little disappointed (probably my fault for not looking through the actual book before I bought the pawns, but hey, I still love them!), so this set seems much more up my alley. Seriously, PLEASE keep these coming!!