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I bought every last monster book from 3.5; not that I used any of them, but just because I LOVED to read about the monsters, drool over the artwork, etc. Even now I still buy the monster books for 4e even though I've never played 4 and probably never will. Monster books still make me giddy as an adult :)

So in conclusion, I will habitually and readily purchase every Bestiary that Paizo puts out!

Out of curiosity, has Paizo said anything about releasing a converted RotRL series to the new Pathfinder rules? I am slow to the show here and was interested in running this as a first Pathfinder campaign but would rather buy printed copies than pdfs for ease of use at the table (I don't own a laptop/iPad/etc.). I'd be very interested in getting printed copies converted to the new rules and give it a whirl!

Thank you all for your quick thorough replies and the warm greetings to the board! I GM'd for about a two month span through an adventure in the Iron Kingdoms setting in 3.5. I didn't have anyone choose a caster at that time. I've played some 3.5 myself, but not a lot, and the only time I tried a sorcerer was right when 3.0 came out in 2000. I honestly couldn't recall much of anything from that experience.

I was really hesitant to change any caster rules or anything else given how I knew how long Pathfinder had been in testing before going to print. I am glad everyone was pretty much unanimous in letting things stand as is, it gives more confidence and credibility when I tell them 'no'.

I look forward to giving Pathfinder a go and being a part of the boards here! Thanks all!

Hi, I am a rather green GM and I am getting together a group to run my first Pathfinder campaign. After looking over the main book and explaining how this system is an improvement over our bread & butter (D&D 3.5) my players have done the inevitable...started to ask for rule changes even before the game has started.

The major source of contention amongst them is that they are worried that magic users, primarily the sorcerer and wizard, will run out of spells too fast and be left to their unlimited, but weak, 0 level spells. The fighter and other melee can keep fighting on with their weapons that are often higher than a D6 and gain multiple attacks per round. Magic users are limited to base D6 through their progression and have limited uses of the higher spell levels per day.

Having never played Pathfinder, I am left without a good answer on this subject. Should I allow my players to refresh their spell count more than once per in-game day? Or do wizards and sorcerers rarely find themselves in a lurch spell-wise (I know they got a boost in hit die, but they really can't do much weapon damage, especially up close). How do you guys think these two classes play?

I am tempted to just say no to all requests for house rules, especially before we even begin, since I am new to the system and don't want my players decimating everything in the game. I am looking to run the first adventure in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path (Burnt Offerings) but I haven't read it all yet to know if there will be times through that adventure/campaign when players have a real chance of running out of spells and become less involved in the combat, if not altogether useless.

Please let me know what you think about all this, I can use any help I can get as I get ready to run my first game!!!!