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AC 18(16) (T 12, FF 15) | CMB +8(+10), CMD 19(21) | Init +1 | Speed 30ft | F +7(+10), R +3, W +4(+6) | Perc +10, SM +2


HP 55 (70) | Damage 0 | Rage 14/14


CG Human Barbarian 5 | Status:

About Braggi Wrongeye

Intro, Defense & Offense:

Braggi Wrongeye
Male Human Barbarian 5

CG Humanoid (Human)


Speed 30 ft
Initiative: +1

STR 19 (+4) 16 Base +2 Race +1 Level
DEX 13 (+1)
CON 15 (+2)
INT 10 (+0)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 10 (+0)

AC 18(16), Touch 12, Flat-Footed 15 10 Base +7 Armor +1 Dex (-2 Rage)
+1 vs traps
HP 55(70) 12+(4x7) +5x(+2 Con +1 FCB) (+5x3 Rage)
Fort +7(+10), Ref +3, Will +4(+6)
+1 Ref vs traps
CMD 20(22)

+1 Greatsword: +10(+12) 2d6+8(2d6+10) S (19-20)x2
+Bite: +4(+6) 1d4+2(1d4+3) P x2
Power Attack: -2 to Hit, +6 Damage
Reckless Abandon: -2 AC, +2 to Hit

Sling: +7 1d4+4 B x2 50ft

CMB: +10(+12)

Class & Race Features:

Fast Movement (Ex)
Rage (Ex)
Rage Power (Ex)
Reckless Abandon (Ex)
Uncanny Dodge (Ex)
Trap Sense +1 (Ex)
Rage Power (Ex)
Animal Fury (Ex)
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

Favoured Class Bonus (Barbarian): +5 HP.

+2 Str
Skilled: +1 skill point each level.
Bonus Feat: Extra feat at 1st level.

Traits & Feats:

Armor Expert (Combat)
Braggi has always had an easier time walking around in armour due to his bulk.
Weapon Training (Race)
Coming from a culture such as that of the Fruztii, Braggi learned to use some weapons even before learning how to use a spoon. This might be an exaggeration, but who'll tell it to Braggi's face?
Highlander (Region)
Braggi's native village was close to the Corusk Mountains, and he spent his youth moving around such a hazardous terrain.

Power Attack
Raging Vitality (Human Bonus)
Intimidating Prowess (Extra Bonus)
Extra Rage Power
Renewed Vigor (Ex)


Armour Check Penalty: -3

Skill Points: 5x (4 +0 Int +1 Skilled) = 25 +3 Extra
Acrobatics: 2 (1 Rank +1 DEX +3 Class -3 ACP)
Appraise: 0 (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Bluff: +0 (0 Rank +0 CHA +0 Class)
Climb: 5(7) (1 Rank +4(+6) STR +3 Class -3 ACP)
Craft: Leather 4 (1 Rank +0 INT +3 Class)
Diplomacy: 0 (0 Rank +0 CHA +0 Class)
Disable Device: -2 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 DEX +0 Class -3 ACP)
Escape Artist: -2 (0 Rank +1 DEX +0 Class -3 ACP)
Fly: -2 (0 Rank +1 DEX +0 Class -3 ACP)
Handle Animal: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 CHA +0 Class)
Heal: 2 (0 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Intimidate: 12(14) (5 Rank +0 CHA +3 Class +4(+6) STR)
Kn Arcana: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Dungeoneering: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Engineering: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Geography: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn History: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Local: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Nature: 4 (Untr) (1 Rank +0 INT +3 Class)
Kn Nobility: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Planes: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Kn Religion: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Linguistics: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Perception: 10 (5 Rank +2 WIS +3 Class)
Perform: 0 (0 Rank +0 CHA +0 Class)
Profession (Sailor): 3 (Untr) (1 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Profession (Tanner): 3 (Untr) (1 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Ride: 2 (1 Rank +1 DEX +3 Class -3 ACP)
Sense Motive: 2 (0 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Sleight of Hand: -2 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 DEX +0 Class -3 ACP)
Spellcraft: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 INT +0 Class)
Stealth: 7 (5 Rank +1 DEX +3 Class -3 ACP +1 Trait)
Survival: 10 (5 Rank +2 WIS +3 Class)
Swim: 5(7) (1 Rank +4(+6) STR +3 Class -3 ACP)
Use Magic Device: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +0 CHA +0 Class)


Explorer's Outfit -- gp (8 lb)
Greatsword +1 (8 lb)
Breastplate +1 (30 lb)
Knife 2 gp (1 lb)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1 lb)
Bulletsx10 .1 gp (5 lb)
Sling 0 gp (- lb)
Canteen 2 gp (1 lb)
Belt Pouch 1 gp (.5 lb)
Backpack 2 gp (2 lb) with
Traveler's Outfit 1 gp (5 lb)
Bedroll .1 gp (5 lb)
Blanket .5 gp (3 lb)
Soap 0 gp (.5 lb)
Flint and Steel 1 gp (- lb)
Fishhook .1 gp ( lb)
Silk Rope 10 gp (5 lb)
Wandermeal Rations .1 gp (5 lb) ||||| |||||
Grappling Hook 1 gp (4 lb)
Potion of Lesser Restoration

Load: 85 lb (Light=100)

49 orbs / 5 nobles
1700 orbs (bank)

Braggi Wrongeye:

Somewhere in the Sea of Gearnat

The storm was growing stronger by the moment. The men in the ship were fighting to get through it as undamaged as possible, but it was no easy feat. All of them tried their best, and Braggi was eager to prove that his young age was no impediment on this dire situation. Soon, his moment arrived.

”You! Tie up that cable to the mast! Now!” Gunnar, his captain, was shouting like he never did before, and that was a thing. He was known as Gunnar “Thundershout” for his potent and loud voice, which he used more often than not. Quick to please and quick to anger, the emotional old man was said to be able to command a crew of deaf sailors.

Fighting the blasts of wind and water, Braggi slowly moved himself to catch the loose end of the rope. After getting some more bruises, he managed to tie it to the mast, as said, and returned to his prior position. ”Done, Gunnar!” He was proud of having done it quickly and having contributed to the wellness of the ship and the crew.

The giant captain didn’t even bother to look at him. ”I hope it resists, dryland boy!” Both Gunnar and Braggi turned their attention to other matters. As soon as they did that, though, a cracking sound like that of a whip made them turn their heads back again. To everyone’s surprise, the rope had untied from the mast again and rolled around one of the sailors’ neck, dragging him across the deck and smashing his head against the chest of coins. In a second, Ingvar’s soul was sent to Hel, the fruit of all their trade and pillage was lost to the sea and Braggi’s future was sealed.


Braggi was born in a small village near the Jenelrad river, by the mountainous lands of the Fruztii. From an early age he was hated or feared (or both) due to having his eyes of different colour - his right eye was gray and his left one blue. He grew up to become a healthy boy, despite all this, tall and strong, with good hunting and warlike skills.

Braggi has been always lacking some true affection, and forever wanted to prove himself worthy of acceptance. He soon left his home town and went to Krakenheim in search for a bright future. During an expedition for trade and sacking to Western lands, he failed miserably on his task to maintain a rope tied, this mistake costing a man’s life and all the treasure. He was trialed by the captain and the crew, and sentenced to be cast out.

Left on his own in strange lands, Braggi wandered around for some time, not knowing what to do and hardly babbling the language. Not wanting anything else to do with the sea, he ventured inland and, thanks to his combat prowess, managed to survive. His weird eyes and his strong Fruztii appearance earned him some respect, and soon he was hired as a mercenary, caravan guard and all kinds of tasks he had to accept if he wanted some warm food and cosy bed.

While Braggi is a good lad, he’s not a Saint, and shares some of his countrymen’s beliefs on fame and glory. He decided, thus, to work a future himself here, in this lands full of riches to be harvested, where a man doesn’t need to carry his own cow in his arms to be fed. He will be famous and rich and, who knows, maybe one day he can go back to his land and boast in a chieftain’s hall about his deeds, with veteran warriors attending his banquet and young blond braided maidens warming his bed.

For now, though, he’s got a long road to walk. Today, he’s escorting a caravan around the Hommlet area, when evidence of a fray is discovered. Bracing his weapon, he closes in to have a look at the remains…