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I know it must be a silly question which has probably been answered before, but talking to a friend this doubt arose.

When I pick a talent or sphere with an associated feat, do I have that feat for all purposes or only for fulfilling requisites? I mean, for example, if I pick the Dual Wielding sphere, do I get the effects of the feat when full-attacking?

Thank you in advance and sorry again if I'm being redundant.

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Aquí podéis ir viendo cómo funciona todo el rollo este del PbP (Play by Post). Iremos viendo cositas y creando los PJ, y yo tengo también que ver cómo se crea una partida xD

Hello, I've been searching for a while and haven't found anything.

Is there a way to put a spoiler tag onto another spoiler tag?

As in:

[spoilar=List X]
-[spoilar=List X3]

This build doesn't work, any advice?