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Nah. Same account, but, for some reason, my old name vanished.

LMPjr007 wrote:
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He gets it, ladies and gentlemen! I posit that any true "umbrella" 3pp organized play that seeks to function in the real world must have as little regulation as possible, if only because regulation is expensive, the industry is vanishingly small, and 3pp exists only because it is the specialty games CHOICE that exists outside of the somewhat-inflexible first-party material market. We have a sliver of a sliver here, and to spend that money on bureaucracy just doesn't quite add up in my mind.

Besides, if you build an engine that subjects itself to the same market pressures as the first-party publisher, you've just gone and made yourself obsolete, and people like myself and Alexander Augunas (definitely that guy; dude knows how to fill in crevices) can walk all over your self-imposed lethargy. Not good. Well, for the guy who does it. For me, it's great. Another competitor becomes easier to ignore.

To Louis

To be frank, Louis, let's see you, or anyone else, keep up with the insane number of publishers out there. I do understand the core of your fee structure. It gets rid of a large number of publishers and makes your job easier in that regard, but it also keeps you fed while you go through the materials. That's shrewd and it makes sense on a certain level; however, it also makes your service significantly less valuable because it's built upon exclusion rather than inclusion, which, in my eyes, kills the value of your plot before it begins.

In a realm such as ours, it is a GM's call what to use and what not to use, not yours, and the most we should do is advertise and/or make suggestions.

I will just say after 16 years of doing this specializing in PDF gaming releases I think I might a fair understanding of the gaming industry. I will just agree to disagree and if this doesn't do well, I will buy you a drink at Gen Con and if it does you can buy me one. Thanks again for your interest.

Give drink.