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Wheldrake wrote:

In the absence of specific guildance in the PF2 CRB, I see no reason not to use the durations listed in PF1.

This said, any group with a spellcaster in it could easily benefit from his light cantrip. My group didn't bother with torches.

We do the same. HOWEVER! I always carry a torch now to deal with swarms and webs. At least at 1 -3 level.

Lord Orion wrote:

Turn 24 Noble Villa built Monster defeated +8,+8 BP

25 Bugs attack...make both rolls. No effect Build Ex. Craftsman +8, +9 BP
Turn 26 Build brothel +8, +11 BP
27 Build Jail Faithfulness event (no effect) +8, +8 BP
28 Build Tradesman and house +8, +11 BP

Saving turn 29 for the following year. Have to stop for tonight.


That was a good start. Lots o' bad luck.

Remember to move the lord and lady and spymaster where they are needed bonus wise.

Semper Fi mofo