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Played and enjoyed Boot Hill, Rolemaster, MERP, Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP system), DC Heroes (MEGS) as well as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.
Unfortunately lost most of my old stuff in a house fire and have only been able to replace some of it.

The Solar Queen series by Andre Norton (writing as Andrew North)
The Witch World series by Andre Norton
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper
The Fuzzy Series H. Beam Piper
Elric of Melnibone or any of the other eternal champion series by Michael Moorcock

Just a few of my favorites that have never made it to the movies or the small screen.

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I think R. Chase is right, do a generic RPG book to handle most of the standard stuff and then do an Armies of Golarion book to cover the more campaign specific items. I would actually buy both as I could use one in my house campaign and the other for when we are running in Golarion

I like your idea Hark, unfortunately only a few players are interested in playing the social and business aspects of the game out, in my current group there are 2 not counting me and that is incredibly high. Usually I'm the only one with an interest in the social and political aspects. I would like to see some more work on this, but it should be an optional thing not part of the core system. I would like to see the magic item creation rules cleaned up and streamlined a little bit as I have 4 out 5 people in our gaming group that are interested in item creation and they frequently get frustrated by not being able to get something to work right.

Actually put it in real world terms, if you and your buddies from the Seals are walking around Fayetteville and the local police pull up and jump out with their guns drawn you will probably surrender, because even though you know you could probably take them down you aren't really threatened. On the other hand if you and your Seal team buddies are in downtown Beirut when several mujaheddin jump out and cover you with weapons you are probably going to fight back, because you know the alternative is torture and death. Most players don't think in movie terms about bad guys they think in real world terms. In real life your bad guys don't capture you and start monologueing, they capture and torture you or kill you. They only reason that you would surrender would be if you believe that you have a better chance of surviving that way. So your Paladin might surrender to someone that they knew was Lawful and would therefore abide by an agreed code of treatment it is very unlikely that the same Paladin would surrender to someone chaotic. A member of the military in an untenable situation may surrender, but he will only do so if he has a reasonable expectation that he is going to get decent treatment. Even then he might not surrender. Remember the Alamo, 186 men surrounded by 3 to 5000 troops who had more ammunition and artillery chose to fight to the death rather than surrender, and they did this before they found out that Santa Anna's men were frequently killing the prisoners they took (Goliad 400 killed). The Spartans at Thermopylae were outnumber buy a minimum of 10 to 1 (including their auxiliary troops they had around 1000 men) by the Persian Army that numbered a minimum of 10,000 men, they even had a route of retreat until the last day, but they refused and fought to the death. Soldiers and mercenaries which is what adventurers are frequently decide to fight rather than surrender. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but to say that your players aren't responding correctly because they choose to fight is not the right answer. The correct answer is adapt and overcome. My players frequently come up with ways out of a situation that I didn't foresee or plan for and sometimes they bull through what I consider a no win situation, because that's what they choose to do. At that point I make any necessary changes and get on with the game, it's about everyone having fun. If they think it's fun to slaughter a few low level minions so be it, if they happen to think it's fun to slaughter the town guard then so be it. Of course if they slaughter the town guard they may have to deal with me describing the crying widows and orphans before the Duke calls out the heavy artillery to deal with these miscreants but that's the nature of the game. Make them see that all actions in game have consequences just like real life.