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Fjuri's [PFS #5-08 : The GM Confirmation] (inactive)

Fjuri's [PFS #5-08 : The GM Confirmation]


GM Batpony PFS Tyranny of Winds (inactive)


GM only:

GM Endless Forms' PFS 07-21 The Sun Orchid Scheme (inactive)

A 1-5 PFS scenario played at the 4-5 subtier (4-player adjustments).

Briefing | Tactical Map

PFS Gameday 5: Amazing Red's Twisted Circle (inactive)

Pirate Solstice Scar B (inactive)

[PFS] The Quest for Perfection (inactive)

18 Defense Points earned

Personal DP left to spend:
Belinda: 9 DP | Mia: 0 DP | Negi: 0 DP | Rolan: 7 DP | Theron: 9 DP

How to use Defense Points:
Each of you has gained a pool of points equal to 1/2 the total Defense Points earned during preparations. At any time, you may choose to spend a number of these points as an immediate action. They can be added to any single attack or damage roll, ability or skill check, saving throw, or can be used to grant you a dodge bonus to your AC. Points used only apply to a single roll, and do not otherwise last until your next action. More than 1 point may be spent on a roll, with a maximum equal to your level. You must decide to use your Defense Points in this way when you announce your action and before you make the roll the bonus will apply to. Once spent, points from this pool cannot be replenished.