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Full Name

Bazsil Grimalkin


Half Elf Horn Dude 8 AC 20/17/14 / HP66 / F +8 R +6 W +7 / Init. +7/ Perc. +13/ Sense Motive +17/Diplo +17

About Bazsil Grimalkin

old stuff:
1 alch flask
comp longbow (+2 str), 20 arrows
Line 50: 3 Alch Fires
Line 51: 1 Antitoxin
Line 58: 1 AntiPlague
Line 88: Compass
Line 89: Crowbar
Line 92: Silk Rope
Longbow +1, 5 flame arrows.
Braces of Lesser Archery
Belt of Incred Dex +2

Wand of CLW charges: 17/21 left 10/6 updated
Wand of CLW 50/50
Wand of CLW 50/50
Wand of CLW 50/50
Wand of CLW 50/50
2 pot CMW.
2 pot CLW.
Scroll of Identify
2 scroll Heroism.

Updated 10/6

Bazsil isn't as attractive as he might seem. Though he is tall and dark, the word 'handsome' are never applied toward him. He is proud of his long dark hair, they are a vanity that holds little interest to people who might hire him. His green eyes can shine with merriment on occasion, but mostly see the violence inherent in every community.

We wears scale armor which fits snugly against his muscular build. He carries a long blade, two handed that seems suitable for chopping men off horseback...or horses in half. He also carries a morningstar and dagger complement his weaponry. A signal horn lies strapped across his shoulders as well.

The most notable thing about him is his voice...a deep, carrying voice that can intone command or malice. His words would seem to carry weight by virtue of the tenor of the voice alone.

He carries a neatly stowed backpack and belt pouch that carry the rest of his meager possessions.