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If I want to make a solely martial Dragon Disciple, could I do it via the following (given the new FAQ for SLA qualifying for PrCs) and be legal for all the abilities?

Main question is, is the ability to cast Daylight once per day enough to qualify as "Spontaneously casting Arcane Spells" (since it's on the Bard spell list) to qualify for Dragon Disciple?

If it's argued that it's a "mostly divine" spell, this build would be able to use Scaled Disciple (Kobold) as a feat tax to get around that, right?

For clarity, here is the core concept:

Race: Aasimar

Class: Ranger (Natural Weapon Style, possibly Shapeshifter Archetype)

Race/Social Traits: Adopted, Tusked

Racial Traits: Scion of Humanity, Spell-Like Ability (Daylight 1/day)

Feats: Racial Heritage (Kobold), Tail Terror (Kobold), Aspect of the Beast (Claws), Angelic Blood (Aasimar), Angelic Flesh: Steel (Aasimar), Metallic Wings (Aasimar), Eldritch Claws, Improved Natural Weapon (Claws), Multiattack

I think that you get the idea. He'd be a Steel Dragon Disciple coming from the Ranger class, using claw/claw/bite/tail/wing/wing (classic dragon full-attack setup) with breath weapon special attack (just like your classic dragon).

His claws would be magic, cold iron, and silver for DR bypass. That covers enough bases to get by for now.

If it's RAW legal and/or DM approved, other than people's dislike of Natural Weapons, is there anything I missed or anything I can add in to make this a viable progression from at least 1-18 possibly 20 for an Adventure Path?

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BACKGROUND: I came across a particular set of wording in the MotEH's section that struck me hard, while answering another, unrelated post in the Advice section involving this Archetype and Shuriken Flurry.

FAQ QUESTION: Are Natural Weapons considered "normal weapons" for the purpose of qualifying them as improvised light weapons for the Monk of the Empty Hand archetype's "Weapon and Armor Proficiency" class feature? If not, what is the official list of "normal weapons" that would qualify?


PRD, APG, Monk of the Empty Hand, "Weapon and Armor Proficiency" wrote:
A monk of the empty hand treats normal weapons as improvised weapons with the following equivalencies (substituting all of their statistics for the listed weapon): a light weapon functions as a light hammer...

I don't think that anyone will argue that all Natural Weapons are considered "light weapons". So, could my Tengu Monk 1 use his claws and beak as light hammers and have them do 1d4 blunt damage apiece using this Archetype?

The only RAW reference I can find for "normal weapons" is under Masterwork. It is not referenced in the "improvised weapons" section.

PRD, Ultimate Equipment, "Masterwork Weapons" wrote:
A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon.

Was RAI for "normal weapons" in reference to this Archetype to mean anything that's not already an improvised weapon (for which natural weapons would qualify); or does it mean the weapons listed on the various rulebooks' weapons tables (for which natural weapons would not qualify) per the above precedent using Masterwork definition

Even Masterwork does not technically specify "normal weapons" as those listed on the weapons tables. That's simply a common sense, logical assumption on my part due to context.

If this FAQ is answered in the positive, it solves my natural/unarmed weaving with straight monk levels instead of having to dip in other classes to make it work by RAW. It may even give natural weapons an alternate way to be used with Flurry outside of Feral Combat Training.

If this FAQ is answered in the negative, I think we need clarification or a list of weapons that qualify as "normal weapons".

So, I want to make a Kobold Dragon Disciple.

Easy, right? However, I'd prefer to qualify via the Ranger class to pick up Natural Weapon Style. Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to do this. I might not need Ranger, and I'll depend on others' expertise in the matter to chime up and think outside the box for me.

One of the prerequisites is the ability to spontaneously cast Arcane spells. This makes me think of Sorcerer or Bard as entry classes.

Kobolds of Golarion gave us a nice race trait (Scaled Disciple) that allows us to qualify via spontaneously casting Divine spells. That opens up the path to DD via Oracle or Inquisitor.

The recent FAQ on SLA's qualifying you for PrC would make it possible for me to qualify with a 1st level arcane spell (are there even any traits that give 1st lvl spells instead of 0 lvl spells?) but then I wouldn't gain any benefit from the "+1 spellcasting class" class feature.

So, fellow optimizers, I present to you a challenge:

Kobold. Melee based. Preferably full BAB. Natural Weapon user. Qualify for Dragon Disciple at level 6. Able to take advantage of spellcasting progression.


So, I know that Halfling Rogues can zero out the sniping penalty with:

Swift as Shadows: Reduce sniping penalty by 10
Stealthy Sniper: Sniping penalty to stealth is only -10

But, does the Kobold talent Kobold Sniper work the same way?

Kobold Sniper: Sniping penalty to stealth is only -10
Stealthy Sniper: Sniping penalty to stealth is only -10

The semantics of the Kobold feat and the Rogue talent are virtually identical, causing me to think it wouldn't stack to negate like the Halfling racial trait does, since both "reset" the penalty to -10.

And this makes me sad because I really want a Rogue (Sniper)/Gunslinger (Bushwacker).

Is there a way to qualify for another race's racial archetypes maybe so I can have a Halfling Sniper/Bushwacker?

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I know it seems a silly question, but there's nothing I see in the Rending Claws description that says the extra precision damage counts as a "rend special attack", which is a prerequisite for the Rending Fury line.

The name of the feat would seemingly self-qualify, but the RAW text isn't there. So, would it qualify?

is me making a ridiculously effective Natural Weapon attacker with claws, so I will need to stack as much damage as I can to keep up with damage progression and magical weapons. The effectivity of Natural Weapons at mid- to high-level tapers off, so I'm trying to stack damage dice to compensate (unless there's a better way).

So far, the cheese includes level dips in Ranger w/Natural Weapon style, MoMS Monk w/Feral Combat training, and possibly Rogue for Sneak Attack dice, with a possible endgame as Dragon Disciple. Am I forgetting any Natural Weapon silliness?

Stepping in as a main healer for a group running RotRL. They just finished the first book, and they don't have a healer or a trapfinder.

The concept I want to build around is a stealth scout who can clear the path for the party, then keep them healed in battle. I'd rather focus on healing/spellcasting, but want decent combat prowess.

I'm going to build one, and so far what I've come up with is Rogue/Paladin, probably Halfling as a race, likely with Hospitaler Archetype. I am open to race/class suggestions for the build, and skill/weapon choices to maximize the effectivity.

20 pt build, level 3, Paizo products only, Core Races plus Tiefling and Aasimar (I may be able to sweet talk the GM into another race, so don't count them out).

One of my orders shipped to my old military duty station and should be return to sender because I didn't have a forwarding address. It was for Shattered Star 6/6. Can I have it resent to my new address?

Assuming a Catfolk with claw/claw/bite and an Amulet of Mighty Fists, which actual class would benefit most from those natural attacks?

I can see potential for unarmed fighter, possibly monk, and definitely druid, but what other tricks can you folks pull out of your hats?

I love you all for your "outside-the-box" thinking that sometimes evades my logical sensibilities....

Before the flames begin, please note the following:

YES I have read the other billion threads on this feat being houseruled/homebrewed.

I am not looking for "this breaks strength because of MAD/SAD balance" issues. I understand your point of view. I disagree, and nothing will change my mind on that point. I think I have balanced it out by requiring pretty hefty feat taxes and anti-stat dumping penalties. But, it still falls fairly in line with other "Greater" feats.

What I DO seek is honest feedback, feat chain/ability breaking combinations I may not have thought of, what it will or won't work with due to semantic choices, questions on why I have chosen certain prerequisites or benefits, etc...

Greater Weapon Finesse (Combat)
Your focused training enhances damage through precision as opposed to brute strength.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Finesse, Greater Weapon Focus (any Finessed Weapon), Greater Weapon Specialization (same Finessed Weapon as the Focus), Dexterity 19

Benefits: With a light weapon, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier for any ability or feat that alters melee damage rolls. This damage is not multiplied on critical hits unless specified by another ability or feat.

Special: If you have a negative modifier to Strength, subtract that modifier from the melee damage rolls.

So, I know that Dead Shot and Vital Strike do not stack since the Deed is a full-round action and the Feat is a standard, but what about Dead Shot and Hammer the Gap? Hammer the Gap specifies full attack action, and Dead Shot is treated as a full-attack action according to the wording, but the semantics are a bit fuzzy...

What say you, wise sages?

As the subject says. The wording of both abilities are very vague.

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Ok, building a One-Shot, One-Kill sniper. TRULY a sniper. As in, you can't see me, but I can see you. From far away. And kill you in one shot because I'm rolling a 5-gallon bucket of damage dice. And even if you come after me, I'm going to know you're there and escape before you get me.

Please stick to Pathfinder rules as much as possible, as I may use this build for a PFS campaign.

I'm considering the following:

Halfling Ninja with some rogue talents (AFAIK, no archetypes)

Halfling Rogue with some ninja tricks and the Sniper Archetype

Drow Warrior with the Cavern Sniper Archetype and levels of either Ninja, Rogue, or Shadowdancer. (Focus on Drow Noble feats for utility)

Help me build the Ultimate Sniper. Must haves:

Mobility. Not the feat, just the ability to move faster and farther.(And while stealthed, if you please, with minimum penalties)

Stealth. Obvious for a sniper, but focus on more than just the skill. Finding or providing myself cover, hiding in plain sight, etc.

Power. One shot needs to be the death of my chosen opponent as often as possible. Forget bleed, stack on damage dice and damage bonuses.

Speed. I should be able to force my target to be denied their dex bonus as often as possible so I don't have to hold actions to wait for the "kill shot".

Utility. This will be the hard one. If forced into a situation where I am unable to snipe, I should be able to melee combat and/or crowd control.

Escape. I should be able to escape sight very quickly to reposition.

Anti-Countersnipe. If you find me the very least I should be able to see, hear, smell, or sense you or your attack coming and act.

Survive. Have things like HP, DR, SR, and as many different types of AC bonuses as possible to stay alive.

I'm looking to dual wield crossbows, and fire into both melee and at ranged quickly, accurately, and with the maximum amount of attack/damage bonuses. I would also like to threaten with attacks of opportunity with my crossbows, and retain as much armor class as I can.

From what it looks like, Crossbowman seems better geared towards a heavy or repeating crossbow, and Two Weapon Warrior seems better suited for the light or hand crossbow dual wielding, unless I am missing something obvious mechanics wise?

Will post a proposed build for you to pick apart later, but off-the-top ideas will be appreciated while I consider the massive amounts of feats necessary to make him effective...

A Treesinger Druid. I like the concept, but would like to see a 20 level build for viability.


-Elf Race (if there's a legal way around this, I'm listening...)
-Assume 28 pt buy for ability scores
-Must have treant pet (no, I will not accept a substitute)


-I like the Mooncaller archetype, maybe weave that in

Play style:

-I would like to have every possible "sense" ability I can get (or gain it on my treant companion):

--Lowlight Vision
--Any others you can think of. Basically, if it exists in a 60-120ft range, I want to know it's there.

-I would like to maximize usefulness outside the "forest". If that means turning into a straight healer in the city, so be it.

-I would like to be able to shrink my treant companion to fit into any space that I can. He will do less damage in medium size. I know this, and I find it an acceptable limitation to his constant presence.

-I would like clever spell loadouts and item choices/materials fitting to a true "Treehugging Hippy".

-I am ok being a spell slinger, pet healer, or in-your-face combatant, but I have to know which works best for the build and why.


Basically I'm looking to build a fighter(ish) character who controls the who, where, and when in combat. I'm wanting to capitalize on as many "mobility and placement" abilities as I can. I want to be able to get to any enemy in combat range and put them where myself and my party need them (into spell range, remove them from cover, stop them from teleporting, shift them to flanking, etc...) I'd like to minimize incoming and maximize outgoing AoO while doing this since I won't often have "full attack" actions.

Feat Examples:

Spring Attack
Teleport Tactician
Pin Down
Step up and Strike
Stand Still
Greater Reposition
Combat Patrol
Strike Back

I have found 19 feats that center on this concept, and I'm sure there are more. Which is why I originally thought Fighter would be best suited. Barbarian and Monk also get nice movement bonuses, and a wildshape druid has excellent mobility, but I don't think they'd be able to keep up with the feat requirements...

Parameters: Looking for Level 20 progression build using any combination of Pathfinder source material race/class/abilities/weapons etc...if it's written down somewhere, it's a viable candidate.

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Looking for balance and feedback on this archetype please. The intent is to combine the features of Bladebound and Spellblade into a Pathfinder version of the old AD&D Psionic Class "Soulknife".

MINDBLADE (Magus Archetype)

Weaving the force of a Spellblade and the will of the Bladebound requires the finesse of a very specialized Magus. To maintain the balance, a Mindblade sacrifices some of his combat abilities to sharpen his mental instead of his metal weaponry.

Requirements: In order to take advantage of the Mindblade archetype, a Magus must choose both the Bladebound and the Spellblade archetypes.

Mind Blades (Su): As a move action, a Mindblade can fuse his Black Blade and his Force Athame into a matched pair of psychic weapons formed of pure force. This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the Magus’ Wisdom modifier + 1 (minimum 1 min.). The blades are identical in all ways (but retains a singular intelligent consciousness) and are sized appropriately for the wielder. Unless shaped per below, the weapons function as daggers with the appropriate enhancement bonus and special abilities found on the Black Blade chart. The Mind Blades are considered both a Black Blade and a Force Athame for purposes of special abilities and enchantments such as Spellblade Arcana. Overlapping abilities do not stack, the higher effect takes precedence. The Mind Blades are considered held weapons for purposes of his arcane pool feature (using the pool to add abilities to a held weapon applies to both weapons at no additional cost). This ability replaces both the Bonus Feats and Fighter Training class features.

Coordination: A Mindblade gains Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat. If he already has this feat, he instead chooses between Double Slice and Two Weapon Defense.

Weapon Focus (Mind Blades): At 6th level, a Mindblade gains Weapon Focus (Mind Blades) as a bonus feat. Its effects do not stack with other Weapon Focus feats.

Shape Mind Blade (Su): At 8th level, as a full round action, a Mindblade can reshape his Mind Blades into any weapons that meet the restrictions placed upon a Black Blade (see sidebar, Ultimate Magic, pg. 48). The hand holding the Force Athame is still considered free for the purpose of casting spells and delivering touch attacks.

Quick Thinking (Su): At 10th level, a Mindblade can fuse his Black Blade and Force Athame as a free action instead of a move action. Also, he may shape his Mind Blades as a standard action instead of a full round action.