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I think that the main problem with PF2 is that they want to change as much as possible. But sadly that's the wrong way. A good new edition simply removes all the mistakes and weak spots of the previous one but retains the overall feel of it.

If this rules stay as they are, Pathfinder will loose a lot of players.

It would really have been better if Starfinder had been used as basis for PF2 instead of creating a completely new set of rules with really no connection to the previous edition.

What was so bad with the original skill system that it had to be replaced with a level-based one?

As the title said this is about recreating the Pathfinder iconics as Starfinder characters. We could use the legacy rules and try to convert the Pathfinder class to Starfinder but in most cases it makes more sense to use the existing Starfinder core classes.

My suggestions:
Kyra: female human priest Mystic (healer)
Merisiel: female elven outlaw Operative (thief)
Harsk: male dwarven spacefarer Operative (explorer)
Ezren: male human scholar Technomancer
Valeros: male human mercenary Soldier (?)

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I've got following campaign idea for bringing an existing Pathfinder party into the world of Starfinder. I do not plan to use time travel or cyrogenic sleep etc. No, the whole thing should be much more mysterious. They simply awake in an abandoned but still working space station or spaceship with no recollection how they got there. And they know how to use this strange technology, even if they believe that they should know this. And they also discover that their abilities have changed or that they even lost their magic. Eventually they learn that they are clones of legendary heroes from pre-Gap Golarion. But who created them and why?

One simple question: Which is the best class for a hotshot pilot?

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with the knowledge of the length of the planetary of each planet it is very easy to calculate the average distances of each planet from the sun using Kepler's third law of planetary motion:
T² = a³
T: time needed for a planet to complete its orbit around the sun (planetary year)
a: distance from the sun in Astronomical Units (AU)

(1 AU is the average distance between Earth and our Sun.)

Aballon: 0.393 AU
Castrovel: 0.63 AU
Absalom Station: 1.00 AU
Akiton: 1.587 AU
Verces: 2.080 AU
The Idari: 2.52 AU
The Diaspora: between 2.52 and 2.924 AU
Eox: 2.924 AU
Triaxus: 46.491 AU
Liavara: 5.241 AU
Bretheda: 9.655 AU
Apostae: 38.941 AU
Aucturm: 62.996 AU

These numbers are the average distance for each planet from the sun. The real distance may varie over the course of a planetary year because of the orbital eccentricity (e.g. Our planet has an orbital eccentricity of 0.0167). And for most Pact Worlds the eccentricity of their orbits are unknown.
The only thing we know is that Triaxus comes closer to the sun than Castrovel but not as close as Aballon. So it is possible to calculate the orbital eccentricity. Which is btween 0.980 and 0.987. And thus its semi-major axis is between 31.255 and 31.403 AU long.