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The way you doing it usually is a clear recipe to disaster: Inexperienced (at least with the system used) GM, first time players with non-good characters, secret personal stories (which is cool, actually, but pretty advanced technique) and PVP. That it is not yet ended in grief is your group specifics which sometimes allow to pull strangest things.

Still if any of your players ever try to join other groups there are very good chances that such behavior gets them kicked out very fast or left to play with jerks. That, I think, is a real thing to consider here as the way how you play your games is ultimately for you to decide.

There was a boatswain in one of our games with 'oratory', so to speak...

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We just don't use alignment as written. It is reserved to outsiders and folk directly connected to them, like clerics and, yes, paladins. Every one else considered neutral as far as magical effects go and judged by their deeds and reputation.

Wall of fire can be made permanent.

Appreciate your work. Thanks a lot!
What are the sources for emperors list if I may ask? An impressive work.

I think yes. I would give him cover for not totally surfaced. Alternatively he could attack without surfacing at all but with miss chance for not seeing an opponent himself (he would know where he is due to tremorsense if he has one - earth elemental would have, but elemental body spell does not explicitly give this ability).

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I believe, that part of the problem is how to design an adventure. Now, our group don't play PFS, published adventures, or AP (steal from them a lot, yes), so no particular jab intended.

Nobody forces a GM to put werewolves in Room1 and nymph in Room2, following by a golem in Room3 and erynie/succubus loving pair in penthouse. If one does just that, no wonder players either get frustrated of get golf bags. For that type of games the rule of DR negation by enough +x on a weapon is a working patch on a problem, but a problem is in a adventure design not in DR idea itself. But I agree that PF has too many DR types, especially if used together. It dilutes the idea, makes it trivial.

It could be an awesome adventure wraithstrike mentioned: to find a weapon to pierce a dragonhide, but for that to work either no-one except that dragon should have a DR in this adventure or the dragon DR must be unique and not shared by other monsters. Mechanically it's the same, but narratively first option is better, because it makes DR truly unique quality.

You probably cannot easily achieve that when strictly following RaW, but I think it's better to have a more options from which to chose (to put in houserules) then being restricted in following just one narrow rule set.

wraithstrike wrote:

Now if your reply is well dont build dex based TWF fighters, I will say if you are forced to not play that way the game had a problem, and now it has a solution.

Maybe. Probably depends on GM style. In my homebrew campain, there is only two types of DR commonly encountered, everything else is very exotic and reserved for special monsters. Never needed that particular solution.

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Unless a monster is completely immune to other types of damage, I see no real need for efficient fighter to carry a golf bag. Just a day before I was reminded of our past adventure, where our minotaur friends were surprised, when we told them that magical apes which lived nearby had DR/silver :).
The problem is that players tend to absolutely hate when they are not 120% efficient against every monster in Bestiary.

Excellent thread! There was always a dearth of oriental monsters (for me at least). Thank you!

Got it. Thank you!

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I think, that players take in-game gear too seriously. Of course, everyone play this game in a manner most suitable for them. It should be taken in consideration when designing an encounter.

Sunder is s specific tool and quite useful in a game with social consequences, where you need sometimes to stop undesirable combat ASAP, when you need to take someone alive and not risk yourself much in prolonged combat with non-lethal damage. There other methods, but sunder can be put to it as well. It also possibly can demoralize or humiliate an opponent.

It is less useful in dungencrawls, where you just kill things to get loot. But when you face a raging barbarian with a greataxe it may be prudent to sunder his axe than risk to be one-shotted with a crit while depleting his 100+ HP.

Not wrong, but a lot of players get very touchy when GMs do anything to take away PCs equipment. Might turn into real-life quarrel over the table. So, if you know that your players are greedy, don't do that.

Don't know why you need this, but, IMO curve for stats and curve for IQ are not corresponding well. I know quite a number of people with IQ 135+ and while they possibly would have INT 15+ in game terms, their CHA and WIS are in most cases lower, especially CHA :)

OTOH if we discard PCs who in general have much higher stats total then for NPCs, it may have sense.

It's just one map (in two modifications), reminded me of pappan athuk ones.