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Please cancel all of my Pathfinder Subscriptions


Shadow Lodge

Previously, I had been receiving one shipment per month with all of my stuff. I noticed on my subscription page that is now greyed out. Any way to get this set back up?



Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card game subscription.


Please cancel my Pathfinder Comics subscription.


I have order #2799886 and #2893743 still showing as Pending. Any idea when these will ship? Thanks!

My g/f and I both got the Fire Sneeze card at GenCon, can we add both to the same deck, or is there a limit somewhere in the rules I'm missing on deck construction?

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This feels like a silly question, but can PFS clerics take the Whimsy subdomain if their god has Chaos as a normal domain? I don't remember seeing any other new subdomains since the APG (I could be wrong), but the ones in the Aasimar book are the first ones I've seen that don't have a god associated with them.

I looked through a lot of posts and did searching on here and couldn't find an official answer, unfortunately. Lots of speculation and guessing, but no final ruling. :(

Is there not a PDF version of the SD player's guide? I've got a hard copy but I'm trying to get my stuff together for PaizoCon and I have something out of it on a PFS character.

Argh. I must have missed the timing on this, was there another time frame for the PFS event signup @ PaizoCon?

If it's possible, can I get myself and my Buddy added to the Friday night Grand Convocation?

We're getting ready to start our S&S campaign after Carrion Crown ends, and we took a break from one of our weeks when everyone couldn't make it and ended up with the following party:

Goblin Alchemist (maybe the fire bomber)
Tiefling Magus
Half-Elf Barbarian (Sea Reaver)
Undine Cleric of Gozreh
Grippli Ranger (Freebooter)

I'm playing the Grippli Ranger and I'm trying to figure out what combat style I want to use. I had thought about using the Archery style, but using thrown weapons instead (working on that with my GM). We are a bit short on front-line combat folks, so I'd thought about going two-weapon fighting and going Net/something, since Grippli get Net as a racial proficiency.

Any other suggestions/ideas?

Please cancel my Pathfinder Tales subscription.

I've enjoyed the books but life's getting busy and can't keep up with the novels. :)

I just made our reservation for the hotel and they said that the night of the 8th was going to be at the full rate, not the Con rate. Anyone else run into this?

Quick question:

What would the speed be of a 3rd level fighter in Mithral Full Plate?

So, I'm starting to run a campaign and I wanted to clarify something.

If I have 3 PCs that are Witches, then the way that we're reading the Coven hex one of them can count as a hag for the purposes of forming a Coven, and the other 2 can join the Coven? Is that right?

I don't mind them having the higher level spells as there's a price to pay to get to use them, and most aren't "combat" spells.